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SS Fail Boat

To hell with Eve for a while. I'm playing Rift. Deal with it.

Author: ndodge

It's not a bug, it's a feature.

Posted by ndodge Saturday April 17 2010 at 10:44PM
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And now the continuation..

Well most of Eve today consisted of randomly losing connection to the server. Unfortunately, it wasn't an ISP problem. Fortunately, Eve isn't one of those games where you'll wake up dead if you disconnect.


We've headed back in to our wormhole now that there's been a good number of respawns. Lots of Grav and Radar sites this round, which was nice. I could go without visiting a gas site for a good while.

Our exit today was in Ane, so we shipped out a good pile of blues, boosters and salv. two jumps of lowesec is easy enough when you have cranes hauling the loot, and more gank-fit pilots in your fleet than remaining folk in local. Sadly, no poor bastards wanted to pick a fight. Perhaps next time.

This shipment brought payday to the corp. We spent what we needed on fuel and mods, and back in we went with a tidy sum in our wallets. Out of the last week+ that we've been accumulating the wealth, I was only around for short intervals, but it was still a good 720m payout for my share. Always fun.

Other than that, today was kinda stale. We've still been getting solid lowsec holes so not much in the way of visitors.  I spent a little time playing with EFT designing a team for the S.I. Radio PVP tournament coming up, but nothing really struck me as what I was looking for.

Anyway, that was my day in Eve. Enjoy the typos.



It's been a while

Posted by ndodge Saturday April 17 2010 at 2:30AM
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I don't care how navy your Osprey is, it's still ugly.


Hello and welcome back to Leinmiune's Blog, more commonly known as whatever the hell I titled it as.

I realize it's been a while since my last post, but that's mainly because this is my third day off work in the last three weeks, and as such i've been short on time. I'll try to post more, but worst case scenario it may take up to a week.

Also, as per ususal, the spellcheck isn't working, so please bear with me or write angry letters to

Let's just jump right in today.


Random Eve facts of the day!

- Webbing a Freighter allows it to jump quicker.

- The inter-corporation pvp mechanics don't work in NPC corps. Suicide ganking, however, does.

- A hauler alone in a lowsec belt is likely not the easy target you think it is, but rather me waiting for you to shoot. Please shoot.

- Ganking the ninja salvager is always the wrong choice.


CSM info!

Cadidate applications are now closed! Voting on candidates will begin on May 5th and will continue until May 19th, which also happens to be the birthdays of both girls I am currently seeing. I realize the odds of them having the same birthday are 1 in 365.25, but hey, one thinks I'm working and the other is hot, so it works out just fine.

But yeah, CSM 5! The applicants have yet to be published, but in this dev blog dated tomorrow (?) you can get a run down of what's new. Stay tuned for more info!

Or don't!


Someone else's more entertaining blog!

Today I bring before you the blog of one of Eve's most well-known self-perpetuated drama queens. The Mittani. While he hasn't posted much since he accidentally dismantled his own alliance, it is a very well done blog, and quite informative. A great read for all things Eve with a Goon twist.


As per my intro, I haven't had much luck or time in Eve with anything, so I don't have much to throw down in the personal section. I'll do a follow up on this in the near future though, as I plan to waste all of tomorrow in New Eden.

Until then,



Reheating the leftovers.

Posted by ndodge Monday April 12 2010 at 12:12AM
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Wouldn't you know it, this level 4 agent that's quality 18 gives twice the cash and LP as the -7... I should have travelled these 3 jumps long ago.

Welcome to another flatulating episode of whatever it was I named this blog. Also, another potentially typo-filled post thanks to the spellcheck still not working.

Since I skimmed so much yesterday, I'll do a full post today.


And to start... Random Eve facts of the day!

- (For new players sick of level 1 mission grinding) If you train connections to around level 3, you'll have almost immediate access to various level 2 missions. This will save you a LOT of time.

- You can not tank CONCORD anymore, but they can take up to 15 seconds to show up in highsec. With enough Catalysts, you could make those faction-flying folk have a really bad day.

- Those crumby highsec anomalies that you have turned off? They can pay off. With obscene luck, a faction spawn may just show up and yield a 200m implant. It can be worth a look, at least for clearing while you're busy scanning down other sites.


Next, CSM info!

Since candidates have not yet been chosen, I can't really offer much info on the subject yet. However, I can inform you of the changes that are taking place with CSM 5. They are as follows:

· The CSM will move from six month terms to twelve month terms. CSM5 will sit for only 10 months in order to move the election periods to better coincide with the development process of EVE (March).

· Each CSM will visit the CCP headquarters in Reykjavik, Iceland twice during their term.

· Term limits will be removed, and all people who have previously used up their term limits are ‘reset' - anyone can run again, and can be elected as many times as the voters see fit.

Thanks to these term resets, we may see old favorites coming back, perhaps as well as a certain CSM member that was promptly booted for insider trading based on unannounced changes. I'm sure War Childe would be happy with that. For full details, feel free to check out the Dev Blog regarding CSM 5. Once I know more, I'll add it to the roster here.


Someone else's more entertaining blog!

Today I thought I'd throw in Mynxee's Blog, since I talked her up a couple posts ago and all. I figure I should give you some info on the subject. Looks like Noir. is having some fun out in CVA territory. Always fun. Either way, a pretty good read if you're a fan of pvp or pirating.



And... I can't remember the other sections I had in mind for this blog. Damn. It'll come back to me eventually. Or, if you'd like, feel free to leave a comment with a suggestion. That's always fun, and less thinking for me.

But in other news, here's the personal info section thingy.

We've cleared every site in our WH. Now, most of us are back out blitzing level 4's for the new folk, and dabbling in lowsec pvp. Tonight was also a big corp mining op, though again I failed in getting there thanks to work. Hopefully I can be there next time, as I haven't contributed much lately. Although I'm not one to care about how others view me, I'd rather not get kicked for inactivity.

Last night was more notable than tonight. I fit my Battlebadger to go bait pirates, and semi-luckily I got a group of tech 1 frigates. Two Rifters, a Griffin, a Condor, a Kestrel, and a Punisher. This was going to be too easy, as we were expecting high EHP tech 2 frigs and maybe cruisers. As such, pretty much all it took was the smartbomb Scorpion to take out half of the fleet. Our Wolf got the Kestrel and Griffin, but the Condor got away. Hopefully we didn't scare the newcomers away from pvp completely, as that's never fun, but we weren't just going to sacrifice the bait for them. Oh yeah, and our tackling Merlin fails. Way to go, 0ryan.

Tonight didn't even really take place for me since after work came this post, and now, sleep. Perhaps I shall have something more fruitful tomorrow than just playing in the research POS.



I swear I only get views for being on the front page.

Posted by ndodge Sunday April 11 2010 at 12:41AM
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Right off the bat I must say the blog's spell checker isn't working, so my appologies for whatever mistakes I've made. And now, on with the show.


It has come to my attention that talk about my day in Eve is bland. Tough, deal with it.


Though I will be adding more generalized Eve news and information in order to not kill you all with boredom. I'd hate to have to deal with the aftermath of mass murder charges. I'm just lazy like that.

I heard back from Chad of Fly Reckless today. He didn't say anything about this needing to be exclusively audio, despite his distaste of the mic, so maybe this will make the cut one day.

I've also been toying with the idea of Frapsing some Eve and putting commentary on that, but that may have to wait for when I'm more proficient with the editing process. And more beer, as it fuels the brain in wonderful ways, and I am out.


So, First-ish off: Random Eve facts of the day!

- You can not mine moons in a WH.

- Training a T3 Cruiser is just about as easy as and T2 cruiser. Don't let it's tier daunt you.

- Caldari/Guristas Ships are worth less in salv than any other faction's ships.


Second: CSM info!

Truthfully, I was going to actually do some research, but it's late, I worked another 10 hour shift today, so I'm not doing shit. I'll fill this section tomorrow.


Third unless you can't count that high: Someone else's more interesting blog!

For a while I've been following  Genocide Machine's Blog and it has been quite entertaining. Alas, it's been a while since he's had much time for updates, but it is still a good read for anyone wanting to see the good, the bad, and the fail in regards to Stealth Bombers. I fly one of those too, though nobody cares about that.


As for other additions and anything that might not be totally boring, as well as my ignorable ramblings of recent occurences in game, that shall wait for when I have more time to make a post. I'm off to bed.

Oh yeah, and Crovan has done a new Drone Bay. Check it out.



We are the rust upon Eve Gate's gears.

Posted by ndodge Friday April 9 2010 at 10:30PM
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Looks like it's time for CSM v5.0. I wonder who all will be running this time. I may actually vote for once, but probably not. As great as it would be to see some nice UI changes or fuller tutorials, I just don't think that there's enough I care about in Eve to want it to realistically be changed.

So vote Mynxee, as we have nothing better to do, and of everyone I know who is running, she's the only one.

Plus, she's a chick. A pirate chick. Who used to run a corp of pirate ladyfolk. Sounds good to me.

Though in all fairness, from the looks of her blog she will be pulling her weight tenfold. And if you've listened to the Podded Podcast, she's pretty down to earth and fun loving and all that respectable crap.

Perhaps I should do a post on more CSM candidates if I ever decide to look in to them.


Yeah, right.

As for in game happenings, not much is new in the corp. We've been blitzing 4's for the new members to help them get jump clones, mods and funds for pvp ships and such. Always fun. I've also been trying to talk these new folk out of buying BC's or BS's before they're ready to fit them well. So far, I can't convince them. I guess they'll just have to learn the hard way when I randomly scramble the terribad ship and kill it with a Rifter. Hey, better me than some pirate. Or worse, some npc rat.

The wormhole's been good to us. Several days straight of lowsec exits, leaving us with little to no visitors as we clear the hole. We've built a couple Rokhs inside as miners, as they are less prone to being one-shot. Made a few other BS's too for the veterans to gear up and run around with. Ideally, this will not only make the sites easier, but give us an edge as only BC's can enter the hole. And we're not about to build a capital to get stuck in a WH. That just one hell of a waste of time in a class 1, even if it does mean we could overfarm all the sites with the BS waves that would show up.

On a side note, get well Luminus Aardokay so that we can get another Planet Risk show out of you. I wouldn't mind hearing the progress of your new hole or more about the pvp tournament.

That's all for tonight. Pardon the wait for an update.



Well, I said I'd do a follow-up...

Posted by ndodge Tuesday April 6 2010 at 11:58PM
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.. And we carebeared.

Ironically the exit for out wormhole was in Exit (the solar system) today. While it was fun to go poke at the eve gate, for the most part we just sat in our little hole and played like it was highsec; farming plexes, gas, skipped the gravs today but did the mags and radars. If we get this loot out, looks like about 600m or so for a few hours work. That's a big 'if' though, as it's a lot of gas. Also, that leaves us with little to do, since WH sites take a while to spawn.

Rather than do nothing, I figured some exploring was in order. This was swiftly cut short when I ran in to everyone's favorite pirates, Hellfleet. And here I thought they would be quiet with Mynxee in Noir and doing the CSM thing now. Guess not.

Other than that, the night was pretty bland. Maybe next time I won't promise a follow-up to bore you with.





Posted by ndodge Tuesday April 6 2010 at 2:37PM
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99% of the time, I hate the RNG. ~30% invention success more often feels like 10%. Though today, probably because I did not ruin your day yesterday with another blog post, I was 4/4 on Falcon and Rook bp's. Thank you Eve gods.

Which reminds me of a great deity known as Mineral Jesus, who watches over the leftover minerals in your mining lasers that disappear and go to mineral heaven when you are out of cargo room. He also eats can flippers.

So, we went to our wormhole yesterday. It was wonderful, aside from the exit being 30 jumps away from our home system. Albeit the exit was pretty deep in lowsec so we didn't have any visitors as we got set up, which was nice.

I had a dream that a WH opened 42km from our pos, and many unfortunate visitors jumped in and met our turrets. Yes, I know I have messed up dreams and need to go out and see real life and all that crap. Back to the real happenings though..

After a wonderful filtering through of all 82 moons, we picked a nice spot and set up our tower. As the industrial folk anchored up the death star which was promptly named Bob's Autos, I went about mapping enough ill-named safe spots to get the average player lost, while scanning down signatures so that we could get underway. All I had time for myself was moving in the last of my supplies, and a handful of plexes that yielded terribly unlucky salvaging, only averaging 20m a site or so. Afterwards I logged off, headed out for some belated Easter dinner, drinking, and other fun that isn't often posted in a blog about Eve.

It's morning now after finding my way home, and I'm pouring some caffeine in to my veins right this minute as i start scanning again today. I think this wormhole may eat up a lot of my time.

Oh yeah, cheers to the noob pirate Enverse, with only about 100k sp, and his first ransom of a massive 5m while piloting only a rookie ship. There's a shout-out for you, now go buy a damn Rifter.

I'm not awake enough to continue, so I'll do a follow-up tonight.



This hole is my hole.

Posted by ndodge Sunday April 4 2010 at 10:32PM
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Still the most recent blog eh? Fun stuff.

Well, the lowsec roam was fail. Surprisingly it was a quiet night for a Saturday, and the only folk we could smoke out were the local pirates' training corp. We've had a few good bouts with them, trading the odd ship as both groups are primarily t2 frigs/cruisers. However we weren't interested in ruining the days of the new recruits, as we enjoy the company of the Black Rabbits. Thus, we headed home and called it a night.

And ten minutes later, I found 'our' wormhole. She's a class 1, with a tight group of inner planets with few moons for easy scanning, then an outer planet 48 au. away with 26 moons. And it was unpopulated, which is always a plus. I took the liberty of running a couple anomalies for fast cash as I moved Leinmiune in to camp the place.

I took a quick check of the system too as I looked around, revealing more signatures than I would have thought. There were 27 complexes, 7 ladar sites, 3 radar, 1 magnetometric and 2 gravimetric sites full of fancy plump roids. Tomorrow, we move in, set up the death star and make the place home.

As of now I have moved a Drake and Myrmidon in and have them logged at obscure safe spots, and have a hauler ready to go packed full of assault and covert frigs, mods, ammo, and other supplies. My corpmates are also getting ready, though my last battlecruiser closed the hole so I'm in the process of scanning down the new exit.

Oh hell. I have yet to have a beer. What am I thinking? Back in a sec.


... That's better. This can't be enjoyable if I'm fully coherent.

Anywho, enough about wormholes tonight. If you care to hear more about them, feel free to look up the Planet Risk Show. They do awesome segments on wormholes, and have taught me a fair bit. Quite the couple of Greeks.

As for other Eve-ish news, I think I'll send this blog over to the new host of Fly Reckless. Some guy named Chad I think. Not too sure, but whatever. He needs more material for his show, and lately he's been looking for blogs or so he says, and perhaps this one won't be total fail.

Then again I could just disappear and never post again...




There seems to be little blog activity here.

Posted by ndodge Saturday April 3 2010 at 7:18PM
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Oddly I only see one new post after my one from yesterday. must not be big on the blogs or something. Well, as much as I am not keen on being on the front page, I figure I should add content if for no other reason than to chew up free space on the servers.

So, hi.

Right off the bat I'd like to thank the Flying While Intoxicated corp for rejecting my alt's application almost immediately. Apparently they don't let people join that aren't 2 weeks old. Bloody trial screening. Oh well, it was likely a good decision. I guess the NPC flag will fly high for a while yet.

Wormhole PVP! While looking for a suitable home last night I found a nice one with the RR anomaly. Unfortunately, it was populated. Fortunately, they must've just found the same highsec exit that I came in from, and were moving their assets out to sell. This is why you always scan in a SB. Four volleys later I had successfully ruined their day and left with a Myrmidon chasing me. All's well as I got away and left them in their little anomalized system. The search shall continue at a later date.

As I'm typing this I'm getting set for a romp through lowsec with the corp, ready to bait the poor pirate who thinks a Badger Mk.II is an easy target. Honestly though, it's sitting on 40k EHP and a massive 10.6 DPS. a handy Falcon, Hound, and Manticore may be present as well. Good fun.

Well, off to beer up and go get shot.


I don't have the attention span for this.

Posted by ndodge Friday April 2 2010 at 11:33PM
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You have got to be shitting me. I just wrote a huge chunk and noscript deleted the whole bloody thing. Bollocks.

Round two!

Welcome to my blog. You may wish to stop reading now and run away with or without screaming. For those of you who didn't, huzzah. This will still be a pretty big waste of your time. I'll do what I can to keep it interesting though.

First off, I'd like to thank the folks from Podded Podcast, Dillon Arklight and War Childe. This blog I partially blame on them for showing me the joy of piloting and posting under the influence. Hats off to you blokes. I'd also like to thank my corpmates, whom shall remain nameless to avoid wardecs from any disgruntled readers. .... I wonder. if disgruntled means you are unhappy, does that mean that gruntled means happy? Sure why not, I'll go with that. It's probably not even a word. But yeah, back to the corp thing. Thanks guys for backing my random escapades within eve, no matter how odd. Which brings me to the next subject.

Don't piss off your friendly neighborhood pirates. Only piss on them. That is all.

Third... I don't remember what was third. As such, I'll just add in here that I would recommend you all use obscure and unorthodox words regularly in your sentence structure. It is useful in confounding yourself and those who listen to you. Also, wildly varying degrees of cursewords is fun

Oh yeah, Eve. This is supposed to be about Eve.

I'm in the market for a wormhole, My corp is quite carebearish, and as such I figure I'll look for one in a class 1 or with a fixed class 1 joined to it. Need to keep the highsec folk happy. Maybe with a pulsar or something to make all those caldari pilots gruntled. Either way, if you wish to sell me an empty one, or just take my money and pod me when I'm in there, send an evemail to my shiny new alt, Leinmiune.

Other than that, I've lost my train of thought, and need a beer.