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Holy mackerel

This is going to be gay as hell!

Author: narcolepticPolkadot

Scarlet Blade- 1st view

Posted by narcolepticPolkadot Saturday June 8 2013 at 12:54PM
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Scarlet Blade is a completely free-to-play sci-fi/fantasy MMORPG. It was developed by LivePlex and is being published in North America by Aeria Games. It features strong PvP elements, a uniquely detailed world, and an engaging, well-crafted story set in a dystopian future.

But wait... It got an enormous amount of haters even before they launched it.

But why?

Ok I can understand that lots of people are  strict and such,but go play hello kitty online if you don´t like it.

I got to the game 1 week ago (I think) And the graphic amazed me...

But when I got to actualy read the comments about this game it pretty much suprised me.

"  seems entirely focused on women with extra-sexualized, impractical clothing and further "enhancing" it with ludicrous physics as they pertain to breasts"  

story by
Conrad Zimmerman


Cool story bro...

Well let me tell you something . (global to all haters)


1st it´s NSFW what the hell did you wanted? A powerpuff girls with tentacles dressed as nuns?

2nd graphic is stunning skill tree is ok /mech and cyber skins are great features.

3rd if you don´t like tits nobody is forcing you to play it , I mean it´s not like I am pointing at your crotch with a colt.

The pvp strongly reminds me of aion , but still there is no reason to call it sexists... To be honest I  have met more girl players there than I could imagine ( counting myself into this I have a cute medic and It´s fun to play) and sexist? Rly? I have seen armors that looked more like a tissue and not like a defending armor.

Thing is people are disgusted by game , it´s not like the game is bad... people are wrong, still living in 60´s or something.

Wake up ! you have sex in nearly every freaking comercial and you freak out because of a game?

another pearl :


"Scarlet Blade is a disgusting step backwards in the march of women towards acceptance as more than just boothbabes in the gaming world." 


Yeah right ...go choke with hashtags or something.



You haven´t played it for a long time tho.

let me tell you the positives 



+ THE COMUNITY IS NOT EVEN RACIST (atleast I didn´t noticed .Mostly polite and teasing funny people can be found there.Bu every game has THOSE kind of people.)

I have played tons of mmorpg´s and I can say that in this game , they don´t even give a damn flying plankton to the chars as others are thinking.

The game got alot of female players, which are not offended by characters , but they find them cute. Because normal people actualy enjoy the gameplay.

Only one thing I got as complain, that you cannot display head and knee gear.

- No rage or something but face the truth that SEX is no more TABU.

-Even my grandmother watched me playing it and she finds the characters cute.

- I have seen videos from WOW And I was disgusted!! 

- Including custom patches like -


Little kids are plaing this game too and someone is b****ing at it? NOPE 

And now try to have balls to say that Scarlet Blade is Nasty and all that hate crap again , you are just ashamed , because you want to play it  but your kid or mother is in your room. Well too bad for you.





This is just my opinion.No need to insta rage. 100 people 100 kind of taste.




With all my Medic love NarcolepticPolkadot

*English is not my main language so I apologize for grammar,spelling and my comma*


Tera f2p - non -founder player feelings.

Posted by narcolepticPolkadot Thursday February 14 2013 at 6:08AM
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As non-founder (no elite status-player) I can say, that tera has a massive playing abilities including graphic,guilds,pvp,quests,mobs and exp.

However Tera f2p has a big negative for GM staff. The non-founder players are feeling disciminated since there is no controll at all over the chat.

Since the game became f2p  I got a feeling that Gm´s don´t give a flying plankton about the society in the game.

Sadly Tera is not the first or the last MMORPG  which stopped to care about players when it was forced to become f2p.


+ and -  in sort for non -founders

+ Even though you  did not have paid for VIP status, you have quite many possibilities open.

+ Free mount ( perma)

+ The price for armor/weapon  in broker are quite balanced (wonder for how long).

+ Open chat options.

+  "Great combat System" ( adding  from @Purutzil)

+ "Great Graphcis"  ( adding  from @Purutzil)


-  Rude behavior of players mostly racism, discrimination expecially at non elite status players or players from Brazil or Europeans.(Focus on USA server)

(thiefs, nasty slurs and calling them by words I can´t publish here).

- GM´s are not online for controlling ingame society.( I am not even suprised)

-  Some instances are limited.

- With no life status too fast leveling. Max lvl is 60 and to my friend it took not even  2 weeks to reach 50+ with regular plaing time 5-7 h/ day

- Engame gets boring if you are not on pvp server.

- If you hate plaing  on low graphic don´t even DL it.

- Long dl / patch (mostly unstabile).



This is just my opinion of this game. I can´t deny that Tera has a beautifull graphic, however the society and GM ignorance discust me .


With love- NPD

 (?°?°??? ???