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The First Test

Posted by myselfsky Saturday October 11 2008 at 2:06AM
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You know what it "does for me?" It makes me feel a little better about the effing 50 bucks I wasted. That's what it does. But that set aside....the only reason I posted on this particular thread is because there were numerous people blaming the OP for population balance issues that should not be the PLAYERS' responsibility to fix. THAT is a problem with the developer's game design.

Fanbois, like you, that want to blame the PLAYERS for a bad game design issue, are delusional.

Oh, and on the "troll" comment.....note MY date of membership and compare it to yours. lol You might also note that I don't have just a FEW posts and that not all of my posts are "trashing" your "pet game." I love the WoW and WAR fanbois that cry "troll" when they're unable to defend their positions on something. Just toss out the word "troll" and it justifies YOUR opinion as more "valid" than the so-called "troll's." Pffft.

I find is comical that you say, "I disagree with your opinion. You are a troll." Yeah, that's usually the case with fanbois of whatever game is in question. Someone disagrees with you, therefore....they are a troll. I love how the entire concept of what a forum troll IS gets re-defined because "Oooooo waaaaaa" they don't agree with me....they MUST be a troll. Do you even know what a forum troll IS? No, I didn't think so.

myselfsky writes:

wow, it ok.

Sat Oct 11 2008 2:07AM Report
commi3 writes:

Umm ok, you realize a lot of use who play WAR, know that it is a bad design concept. I mean first off, during the pod casts they bragged about Destruction a lot. Second Destruction just looks cooler and to many the 2 classes that were left out for order were the classes they wanted to play. I myself am still pist I wont get to play the Blazing Sun Knight.

I agree with you on how people will throw out troll on a moments notice, when they themselves are often more likely trolls then you are. But alas, that the things with forum arguement, 99% of the time nobody wins.

Sat Oct 11 2008 6:04AM Report
just1opinion writes:

Hmm.  This "blog" of yours sounds oddly familiar.  As a matter of fact....I don't see that you "blogged" at all.  Looks to me like you took someone else's thread comment out of context and posted it as your own blog.  Do you know what plagiarism means?  Why did you not simply post your comment in response to the original thread IN the original thread, rather than pasting someone else's comment in a blog and calling it yours?  Oh yeah....and you left out a good chunk of the original post, as well. 

Sun Oct 12 2008 10:04AM Report writes:
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