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That One Blog.

Where that one guy attempts to explain the ideas that roam free in his head.

Author: musicalsoul

Imagine.. [Part One: Ships and Crew]

Posted by musicalsoul Monday February 25 2008 at 2:13AM
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This is an idea that has been running wild through my head for a while. An idea that would be complicated to incorporate into an MMORPG but IMO would be well worth it. This idea is the idea of player controlled and created ships. But my idea isnt in the style of EVE or any of the other ship based games. It could work for many ship style games, from ocean ships, to air ships, to space ships. I want you to imagine this for a second.

First of all, Ship creation. Players would have a piloting skill, where they learn how to pilot a ship. They go to the shipyard and have a ship built to their liking, probably based off of a particular model, but they choose what materials to use and what weapons. Of course, creating your own custom ship would cost more than buying a typical stock one, so they would be much harder to obtain. Anyways, ship customization would be very diverse, and also would affect how the ship worked. Certain metals and alloys used on the exterior would provide higher defences, or could be lighter to help you move faster. They also choose from many different slots on their ship to place weapons. The number of slots and where they are positioned is depending on the model of ship. The ships could also be customised on the interior aswell, adding security systems and whatnot. All the choices made when creating this ship will affect how well the ship operates.

Secondly, freedom of movement. This idea I don't think has been used yet. Instead of the game being wrapped around ship combat, its the other way around. Ship combat is a part of the game which comes later in the RP. Players can move from the rp world to their ship whenever they feel like it, and they can bring other people on board, most likely guildmates. The players can move around inside the ship, with all the freedom as the outside world. Also, the person controlling the ship will have the freedom to move the ship with as much control as they move their character. They will also have a skill bar when they take control of the ship, allowing them to use cannons and other weaponry. This presents a problem, with the freedom to move in and out of the ship as it is a part of the world, what would happen when you go offline? Do they just float there out in the open while you go offline to do whatever you do when you arent playing? I'm sure a good team would figure out how to do this.

Thirdly, an NPC crew. When you go to the shipyard there will be a building where you hire a crew. But this is a different thing entirely. You can choose to customize every character in your crew, with every detail you chose to customize your own character with. You can choose their race, class, all of that jazz. And when you hire them, they will work on your ship for either a one time down payment, or a working salary. While they work on your ship you can give them equipment and armor that you dont use anymore. Now, you may be asking "Why would we want this?". Well my idea is simple really. The crew you hire becomes your main ship defense. You can assign them to different positions like Guard, Captain Bodyguard, or any other position. If someone comes to attack your ship, the NPC's would retaliate and try to defend your ship by attacking the intruder. But this also presents a problem. How would the NPC's know who is friendly and who isnt? That is the biggest problem that I see with the idea.

Well, that is what I would like to see in an MMORPG, and this is my first post in this blog. Feedback on the idea is appreciated.