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MMO and Me

My interesting delve into being a casual gamer in the world of MMORPG's

Author: mosiac

What Do You Do During Raid Downtime?

Posted by mosiac Monday February 4 2008 at 2:08AM
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    Molten Core.  At one point it was the definitive raid in World of Warcraft, now its merely a memory and some data that rarely gets accessed.  One of the forty man raids, that with work and time invested could yield some of the best gear the game had to offer (at the time). 

    Kara and Black Temple are now the raids of champions, and no one would really even think of going to MC unless they just felt like killing time.  There was a lot of time to be killed when I was in a raid doing one of the old forty man runs.  Most of the guilds I was with were casual guilds, and raiding was something we did perhaps once or twice a month at most.  From what I hear guilds will run and completely farm runs every three days or so.  Needless to say, we lacked that certain level of experience to make a run like Molten Core take less than five hours for half the bosses. 

    I had been used to dying in game, ghost and run back to where ever I had left my body, in a raid, sometimes running was not the fastest option, there were, of course, healers that could bring us back to life after the fight, but when there were forty people in the group, and all but one person had died or all had died, it was unlikely you were going to get a "rez" any time soon. 

    Ghost races were not uncommon with my friends but sometimes we were dead more often in a raid than we were killing things in an instance, and while you are waiting for all those other people to get back, what is a person to do? 

    I spent a lot of that time watching television while listening to vent for an "Everyone back yet." comment of one type or another.  Surely that isn't the only form of entertainment one is able to dig up while waiting for others.  Healers probably focus on making sure their character is drinking water, healing, and getting everyone buffed up for the next attempt.  Warriors, Rogues, Hunters, theres not much we can do while waiting for everyone to get ready, so what do you do? 

D00D R U A GIRL??..... sigh

Posted by mosiac Tuesday January 29 2008 at 3:39AM
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    A topic passed around time and time again is men who play female characters and even women who play male characters in mmo's.  Some people just despise the evil that is a 'crossdresser' of sorts.  Others seem to have no care either way, and others (those who do it) think its perfectly fine.

    I like to play female characters when I play mmorpgs.  The only exception to this is City of Heroes, for some reason I could never get a female character that looked the way I wanted.  Otherwise I am always female. 

    Many people ask me why I would want to do something such as play a female character, I'm not a girl so why would I want to be one, questions like "Are you gay?" or "Are you a crossdresser in RL?" have come up before.  The answers are really a bit different and to some people may seem shocking or rude, but true.

    One reason I play female characters in mmorpgs, and I am sure this is also a reason for other people is that usually the male character designs don't look good, or just aren't worth looking at all the time.  This is a character you have to play for many hours over many days, over many weeks, over many months, etc.  You want something you can be proud to show off, and something you can enjoy looking at.  I don't buy just any car when I go shopping I buy the car I like to look at.  I don't just buy any food I see, I buy food that looks good.  So basically I like looking at female characters more often than male so I make female characters.

    Please don't get this confused with some "oh he finds digital women hot" ideal.  It's a bit different.

    Another reason I play female characters is a bit sexist but it seems to work.  Most players are generally nicer to female characters over male characters.  If I need help with quests and what not, people are usually more willing to help me than a male character.  If I have a question and ask in general chat, if my name looks feminine I am more likely to get a nice answer as opposed to "RTFM" or something similar.  I would rather play a game where people are nice to me, thus allowing me to enjoy the game.

    Also, putting females in a power role is fun for me for some reason.  This may be where I need some sort of psycological help but hey who doesn't like to see a female night elf hauling around an axe twice her own size by one hand.  It just looks cool. 

    There do come the downsides though.  First you get your internet daters.  The guys that want you on their friends list because they think you're a real girl and constantly harass you.  I feel bad for real female gamers because they have to put up with stuff like this, where as I just find it funny that these guys are trying to hit on me and have yet to ask me if I am even a real girl.  Second, are the pessimists that assume that all female toons are in actuality guys playing them, and therefore assume the worst about the player.  It's rude and usually there are a few rude tells about it, but thats why they made /ignore.  Lastly, there are the people that are a little mix of both.  At first they are the dater asking you all about yourself wanting to be on your friends list, seeing if you have a myspace etc.  its annoying, but then they ask if you are a real girl, and obviously honesty is the best policy and once they find out the truth they become group two, berating you and even making themselves look like more of an idiot by yelling in towns about your trickery as if you were purposely in game just to make them look bad.

    All in all though it matters about the player, not who they are on the screen.  If its someone that you have fun playing with then who cares if its a guy or a girl or a three toed sloth, just enjoy the game and play the way you wanna play. 

Druid, Anything Else is Just One Class (part one of ??)

Posted by mosiac Tuesday January 29 2008 at 2:18AM
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    I'm a warrior by heart.  I have no problem with running right into the middle of battle like a complete fool, killing a few people then dying by the blade.  I think its fun, its quick, and sometimes it actually acomplishes something.  My friends always tried to get me to play druid, he told me it was the best of all the other classes rolled in to one class.  I had never been much for hybrids so I had been reluctant to really give it a try for a while.

    I had gotten a druid alt into the twenties and given up on her for a new server and a new warrior.  This time has been different though.  I am leveling a new druid, and through a series of posts I will give my thoughts on the class and what I like and dislike about it. 

    PvP was boring me to tears after burning out on a weekend binge of Alterac Valley and my guild was telling me that perhaps I should really give Druid a try.  As I said my friend had tried to talk me into it before but it had never really stuck.  I decided that I would really give it a try this time.  I created my Night Elf and went out into the world ready to face what may come by way. 

    For those that may not know a druid has many forms, standard form is a caster decent desctructive and regenative powers.  Bear form is their tank form, you get bonuses for your armor and weapon, you taunt, and you cut and you can take a beating.  Cat form is basically Rogue; sneak, kill, repeat.  Around the middle you get some transport forms, water, air, land.  They almost keep you from ever needing a mount which is nice.  Near the end there are the possibilities to get Moonkin and Tree form, both for casting but one for damage and one for healing. 

    I am currently level 13 with my new druid.  I achieved bear form and ten and I am constantly ripping things apart.  If I wasn't writing this right now I would be ripping things apart.  With warrior I seemed a bit faster, but I couldn't heal myself whenever I wanted unless I felt like sitting down and eating.  As a druid I can pop a heal, shift back to bear, and keep going.  It is almost too easy. 

    So far I think druid is probably the coolest thing since sliced bread or until I get the craving to play another class, so if anyone has any tips to help keep druid interesting let me know, also any tips on making leveling faster that maybe isn't in all those guides shoot me a comment.

State of PvP in WoW (according to me)

Posted by mosiac Tuesday January 29 2008 at 2:06AM
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    So I came back to a game I thought I would probably never come back to, or at least not come back to until the latest expansion hit shelves.  I orinigally stopped playing WoW because I moved to a very different time zone than my friends and never got to see them play.  The craving was too strong though and I have come back again and again.  This time some things had actually changed that surprised me.

    First I noticed a lot of people wearing Arena gear.  I didn't know that you could collect season one arena gear with honor points nor that there were even different seasons of gear.  I had always wanted the stuff but couldn't get to it because I didn't have a team and I didn't spend enough time playing.  So I was pretty excited to say the least that I could get those awesome items by just burning a couple of hours in battle grounds every day for a few weeks. 

    Second, my favorite battle ground has changed once again.  Alterac Valley has gone through a lot of changes throughout its life in WoW.  It used to last for hours upon hours.  I used to go into that battle ground slay horde for hours and then leave, with no one ever winning the thing.  I leveled up off the harpees in the ice caverns and I did most all the quests that were in there.  Now, to speed things up, hardly anyone plays defense, and there is a reinforcement limit, so after there are 600 deaths, or capped towers, graveyards, etc. resources go down and one team wins.  A game that used to take up to hours now takes a matter of minutes(and when it doesn't boy do people get pissed). 

    So where does all this put me as a casual gamer.  Well, since I have started back most of my gear is green compared to all the purples which I am told are the new green, which means my gear is practically gray by everyone else's standards.  I still tough it out though because for me it isn't always about having the best gear(as much as I love it) its about having fun and killing horde(yeah I'm alliance).  On my first day back I spent a whole Saturday doing AV after AV grinding out a bit of honor and killing a million horde, along with being killed plenty times in return. 

    I am by no means a great PvP'er but I have fun with it (even got me a purple helm), and to all those that poo poo on WoW PvP I really don't know what they are looking for, you can kill people in the world, in the battle grounds, in the arena's.  The sky's the limit.