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The Morgue

A collection of thoughts that are probably better off being left in a cold dark room...

Author: Morgaren

Man oh man, the time is getting near.

Posted by Morgaren Wednesday June 30 2010 at 9:46PM
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We are getting close now, Cataclysm has gone into Beta, a release date has been announced for FF14, SWTOR won't be too much longer now. We got WAR 40K on the horizon. I think the drought might be over, but what I'm worried about is what happens when you get too much rain after a drought. You get mudslides.

What I'm talking about here is I really can't justify playing more than one game a month. sometimes I buy a game card when i got extra cash, but mostly its just one. So what am I going to do when there is the new WoW Xpac, SWTOR, WAR 40K, LEGO Universe (I hope that games cool), and so many other games that will catch my eye as time moves on.

I think what I might have to force myself to do is not buy any of the new games at launch, and wait and see how they do, and stick with wow for now, cause at least I know I like it. and i wonder how many other people are going to have to make the same decision, hopefully not enough to really hurt box sales. Cause I know these developers deserve to get some money for the work they have done.

I just think (hope) that this batch of games coming out won't be like the previous years, tons of box sales with a mass exodus. I hope these new games coming out keep a good deal of players, and help move the genre forward.

Been jumping around

Posted by Morgaren Sunday May 16 2010 at 10:45PM
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I've been jumping from game to game lately, I've been teetering on that edge of mmo burnout for quite a while now. I got a refreshing jump when my wife started playing mmo's with me, but the first one we played is wow,  and aafter we got to level cap and got all our badge gear and raided for a bit, we got bored. mostly cause i had been bored for a long long time.

tried Aion, anyone who was with me when that game came out, you know the story there.

LOTRO, not going to say its a bad, not for me though, just can't get into it.

Runes of magic, good game, best F2P I've seen, Allods, it has a big drop off in interest level after lvl 5,

so I came back around to EQ2, MMO I was playing when me and my wife first started dating. I remember the time I spent trying to get her to play....she never would. but anyways, to get to the point, we realized its just unfair to compare games to WoW. say whatever you want about the game, it has loads of content, but it doesn't have so much that you can play for two years and not see all of it. So eq2 has been a good thing for us. Its alot different when your exploring around an area, and you both run into a group of heroic mobs that neither one of you knew was there. (she thought I was going to hold them off while she got away.... but she didn't know I had feign death, almost slept on the couch)

so for me the cure for my burnout has been to experience this new stuff with someone I care about. and that makes me wonder, is boredom of the mechanics what really makes us burnt out? How many people who are going from game to game in that state of burn out play solo? solo play is on the rise, it seems to be the popular way of doing things, but so is the amount of burn out post you see on forums. Well, I'm cured for now at least, anyone else find a cure?

Gave Darkfall a try

Posted by Morgaren Tuesday November 24 2009 at 12:06AM
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I've given Darkfall a try and I have to say that I am pretty impressed with the game thus far. Its not the overwhelming gankfest that some people have made it out to be, at least not for me. It does require you to play smart, and avoid people when your vulnerable. For instance, if your in next to no armor, and out collecting materials for craft, when you see someone coming for you, Run, Run like a little girl, run till your muscles are on fire and your heart pumps battery acid, then run some more.

Joining a clan is also crucial, cause the game is pretty brutal, and people will kill you, so its good to have freinds. But to the good stuff,

I like to explore in a game, if the land isn't stale, which the land isn't, mobs aren't everywhere, and they tend to gather near certain land mark areas. The AI for mobs is impressive, and you rarely have the exact same fight. although some people will be turned off by the idea, when you have a sword equipped the only thing you can really do is swing it....

However, go pick up a sword, and let me know how many spectacular feats you do, that doesn't invlove swinging it.

I like the skill system, skills for everything, running, sprinting, jumping swimming, swords, spells, crafts, the list goes on, and I like having to do said skill to improve, I was unfortunate to miss out on UO, and I find this concept great.

Plus its nice to play an unforgiving game every now and then. Let me say something to the people that get turned off by the idea of the whole full loot thing. When you die, yes, you drop everything, but at the same time, I have about 15-20 sets of low grade armor, with tons, TONS, of weapons, they aren't too great, but I just started, so its not like you work for 10 hours to get this epic sword, then you loose it right away, not to say all gear is bad, and that some of it doesn't take time to get, but your not going to be using stuff like that unless you are on purposly bringing your A game.

Somethings i don't like, I don't see any non aggresive mobs, like wildlife, ect. that would be nice for emersion, and easier chat system, but UI things are something that can wait, its a small company doing this after all. Animations get clunky, but most of this is surface stuff.

What the game needs really is a free trial, I think people will be happy with the cahracter progression, and pvp, is really fun when your at someone your own level, and when you get ganked, it records it, so you can remember that name....

Tables turn eventually, its all cyclical.


Sometimes it's just fate

Posted by Morgaren Wednesday September 9 2009 at 8:49PM
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Okay, my WoW account got hacked last friday, talked with blizzard, and they said that my account would be restored no problem. Thats cool, except that it's five days later, and still nothing, now its not that I'm impatient, I realize it was a holiday, its just as long as my toons have no armor and bags, and such, I'm not going to play. I know I could go grind the stuff I can kill at my level naked, and work my way back into some gear, but nah, I'm lazy I already did that stuff once.

So it gave me reason to update and participate in the Open Beta for Aion. Which has turned out to be a spectacular game. It has alot of the elements from wow that i liked, Which is good cause its the same elements I liked in EQ2.

It really isn't the next innovation in MMO's, but in a way too, it is. The game is being released in excellent condition, you know from the beginning its not half done. I Think NCSoft new they needed to release it and let it run for a while overseas, cause that audience probably has more leanience for bugs and such than the western audience does.

That would be a really nice trend, for MMO's to come out with the games fully ready to go, busting with content.  I can, and we should, be fairly patient with lag and latency issues for up to about when our free month for buying the game has run out. After that, if I experience too much lag, I simply won't pay for another month. as should most people. Luckily I haven't experienced any lag thus far, with the exception of the last 30 minutes before the maintenence on monday.

I guess the only thing left to say about it is this, If you went to Age of Conan, cause you wanted some PvP, and then decided your not paying for a half finished game. Then you went to Warhammer online, cause you wanted some PvP, but decided your not going to play a game that is run by people who's answer to server balance is to make the lower populated factions classes OP.  So you went back to WoW, cause at least it runs good, Give Aion a shot, worst thing that happens, you go back to your previous MMO to wait out till the next thing comes along. But if you play it, and like it, and stay, you will make the game much more enjoyable, cause for games like this to live, you need people, to play with and against.

So I found a new home at least for a while, and to think, I never would have tried if Blizzard would have done like they said they would do over the phone, and resore my account after talking to a GM in game. (which I did, Saturday morning, as soon as my account was unfroze after the Hack)

Sometimes, things happen cause it's fate.

Othertimes its just a coincidence, cause I really doubt the wheels of fate actually turned at this particualr time to point me into the game that will define the destiny of my next few months. but then again, who knows what comes from this, If, IF I become a millionaire, I'll make sure to let you guys know.

Bring down the hammer

Posted by Morgaren Saturday September 5 2009 at 2:08PM
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Being hacked recently in World of Warcraft, It made me realize the little amount that is really done in terms of punishing the gold farmers. They were able to look onto my character logs and see what was taken, and gave me back those items. but surely they can go a little further, and punish the wicked right?

If they can look onto my logs and see how much gold was mailed away, surely they can see the account it was mailed to right? then they can see if that character just mailed the gold again, or put it in a guild bank.

I say ban the account that recieved the gold, and disband the guild, and ban all members of the guild. Even investigate other characters guilds if they are in different ones, spread it out like fire, and see if you can find where all the gold is going. I doubt very seriously that guilds full of hackers and gold farmers allow straight members into their guild, and even more so I don't think you could be in one for any length of time and not realize it. Maybe thats a little harsh, cause some people may get banned when they are innocent, they can go through the process of just proving they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

Of course I could just be angry and not thinking clearly, but part of me thinks that the real problem is th companies that just ban the one account know that that one account will be bought again, and thats more revenue for them. Like so many other matters of justice, I think that the almighty dollar interferes too much with doing whats right. If you took away multiple accounts and the stockpile of gold they have hoarded for selling, that would hit them where they hurt, and make it a risky venture. one not really worth investing the time needed to start making money.  Also some of the cost associated with that much investigating would be fairly high, so I know its not gonna happen.

But I can dream can't I?