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Honest. Miserable. Nonconformist. Natural rebel.

Author: Germaximus_S

Being A Cheap Gamer (New Game Sales, Not Used)

Posted by Germaximus_S Sunday May 26 2013 at 11:22AM
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love video games so much so that i want them all, seriously. I've been that way since i was five years old (i'm thirty-five now) and played my first video game ever. I was hooked the second i saw a friend of my mom's playing one. They let me play and i didn't ever want to stop and i pretty much haven't since.

Video games are expensive tho, especially now. $40 was expensive, $60 is just insane, then you top that off with DLC and the normal push of Season Passes now that brings a game to a bare minimum of $90. Don't buy three to five games and you can buy a whole new console, that's pretty ridiculous and that's of course if you can even afford that $90 per game.

This brings up used games. I don't trust used games anymore, times are of course different and systems can read scratched up discs better than they could twenty years ago but i still don't trust buying them. That aside, even used game prices aren't that great. $35-$40 for a used game? You could wait a month for that same price of a new one on sale. Of course that's hard to do when you want to jump right into the game when the multiplayer is most popular. I tend to wait a year for games to drop in price to $20 and that really sucks if i want to play a multiplayer game. Some big name titles like CoD and Battlefield's multiplayer are still quite lively after a year but smaller titles don't last much longer than its first month which is very sad. I know that not all used games sell for $35-$40, let's not pretend that isn't the normal used price for newer games tho.

Move to PC gaming. New games tend to be about the same price as console games for PC but the sales are incredibly better, there's a huge noticeable difference. For several months now you can buy a game like Batman Arkham City for $7.50 on PC, not only that but you get the GOTY version which includes all DLC. This is something i didn't even know about until about two years ago. Mostly because i spent several years playing MMORPG's and not bothering with single player games as a result of having to choose one game but also because i loved playing them and love playing online.

The average price drop for console games is $20 which is fine, it's not bad or anything. It's rare for a console game to be spotted anywhere from $10-$15 so if you see a game you wanted that cheap you should probably pick it up.

PC game sales are all "new" games. Of course it isn't exactly the same, you can't get scratched discs or anything and there's no packaging required. Buying games anywhere from $2.50-$15 is amazing for sure, those prices are hard to pass up for any game.

A problem i have seen is that some gamers seem to think the low price of the game reflects the quality. For example the new Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. I've seen tons of posts by people asking why it's so cheap, insinuating that it's not worth it which blows my mind and i want to slap them. People are judging the "worth" of a game by its price? No wonder publishers have such an easy time pushing them around. If you are this type of gamer you have no idea what you're missing out on. You should be watching gameplay videos and judging it off that, or even play demo's. I think it's absolutely ridiculous to judge a game based on its price.

That said, i do seem to be different than most gamers, i love all games for different reasons, i just can't help it. I end up in arguments with people over almost every video game because i enjoy them all.

I don't want to be cheap, i have to be. I want every game tho so that makes it much harder to even be able to look at games on release day. I want to give these developers as much money as they deserve, i do, i just simply cant. So every time i see a game i want on some super cheap sale i snag it up and then i go send a message to them hoping they'll even have a chance to see it thanking them for allowing me to experience their incredible product for such a cheap price. And i do apologize that i couldn't spend more on it. Sometimes i get a response and it's nice, most times i don't which is fine. Again, i'm not cheap because i want to be, i really am grateful every single time i see a $60 game go on sale for $5-$15 months later. Even tho these price drops are regular and expected i still appreciate them.

Could i choose to be more picky with my video games? It's possible but i am so incredibly passionate about the genre that it's not something i want to do. Could i buy used games? Yes. But since i follow sales relentlessly i usually don't see the point of buying used when i can just buy new for the same price.

There have been a few times where i played a single game for three to six years, Diablo 1 and 2, Everquest, and of course World of Warcraft. It is possible to play a single game for so long but that doesn't stop me from wanting to play others also. Thinking about it that way it suddenly became hard for me to make this argument. lol Yeah, i can pick one game and stick to it, but do i want to? Of course not. Also if i were to pick one game and stick to it that would just mean even at super cheap prices the devs wouldn't be getting my money for those other games. Do i think that's a valid argument? No, but i do think it's a valid point.

When i look at it from the point of view of the poor person that i am, sticking to one game makes sense and i have been happily forced through it. It's not like i hated playing Diablo 2 for five years or World of Warcraft for six years, i loved them. It's just that when i finally saw that i could get games at a much more affordable price it plopped me right back into the wider world of which i love, the world of gaming.

The Darkness 1 & 2 Awesome Games

Posted by Germaximus_S Friday May 17 2013 at 3:35PM
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Really cool and different shooters with a very nice style. I'm going to start off with my thoughts on the first game since i did just complete it.

I really like the story, it's not super deep or anything but it offers a whole different world, there aren't many shooter games like it. You're Jackie Estacado, part of a mafia and your blood-line has been under control of a demon called The Darkness or just Darkness. I never did read the comic book, i wanted to but like video games i simply can't afford to buy all the comics i want and keep up with them too.

I still haven't learned exactly why you have the Darkness inside of you, because of this game i finally know it's part of Jackie's family but i never did find out why or how. There are quite a lot of side missions available tho that possibly add to that.

Since the game is old the graphics didn't really help. The game has its own style but playing it now was kind of hard. The graphics aren't ugly but they're noticeably old. There are some really cool scenes. It does hold the game back a bit when it comes to the interaction with your Darkness powers in which you shred up your enemies with a big tentacle arm. So the idea is there, lots of crazy violent stunts but the graphics don't really give you a good visualization of it.

The reason i decided to rent the game was because i really wanted to see how it started. I love the crap out of 2 and i was curious how it started. I had played the demo awhile back and i wasn't impressed. At the time tho i was insanely sick and tired of playing shooter games. Now that i was in the mood for it i did notice it had a lot of the same feel and style that 2 has so i thought that was cool.

Alright let's get down to the cool combat mechanics! You get to do a ton of duel wielding which is fun and cool looking. In order to use the Darkness you have to "equip" it which is really just natural and no big deal. When you equip it you get two pretty big snake looking arms added to ya on the side of the screen. You get special abilities related to the Darkness. While you have it equipped you can still use your guns which is pretty cool and still necessary.

One of the abilities is to actually take control of one of your demon arms, apparently it detaches lol and move through some areas that you can't reach as Jackie. This doesn't happen too often. You can also use it to perform stealth kills but i never did that. You're supposed to be able to impale enemies on your tentacle demon arms also but for some reason i couldn't pull it off. Quite a bit later in the game you get some super crazy demon guns and a portal that you can throw that sucks in enemies and blows them up.

All of these abilities drain darkness power which was hard to tell how much i had but it was no big deal, it regenerated quickly as long as i was in darkness. That's a cool element of the game, in order to use your Darkness powers you literally have to be in dark parts of the game. The way they use that element up is allowing you to shoot out any nearby lights that are illuminating the area.

One of my favorite things were the gun fatalities! If you were close enough to your enemy Jackie pulls off different stunts with his guns in which he grabs them and shoves his gun down their throat or puts it to their head and pulls off violent fatalities. It's crazy! Kind of like a knife move or melee kill in your typical shooter but far better.

You also get these little demon goblin-like helpers that join your crew, four different types that you can only use one at a time. The first one likes to melee your enemies or open doors for you that you can't get to, this didn't happen often either, much like using your shadow form to slither into smaller areas. Another suicide bombs himself at your enemies. One whips out a machine gun and blasts at anybody in sight and the final one goes around turning off lights or powering key machines that don't have power. The suicide and machine guns were the ones i used most. You gradually "earn" them as you play through the game. They die pretty quick but that doesn't make them completely useless.

There are some pretty epic scenes ideally, like i said it's an old game so the graphics don't get to impress with them. At some point you end up in the past, i guess it's one of the world war's or something like that. You fight off some really old fighter planes with a tank's gun. You don't get to do it for very long but it is cool.

There's something that isn't explained in part 2 and i'm not going to spoil it but it made me really, really freakin hate The Darkness. I was surprised that it's relationship didn't reflect much on what happened in 1 in 2's story. They push the blame elsewhere and i'm like wait, what?!?!?! screw that! lol I want to see The Darkness die!

There was a really cool but far too simple fight with the demon towards the end of the game. I was surprised at how oversimplified it was, but it was mostly just to play a key part in the story itself rather than have you actually fight it. I'm not trying to spoil anything, more just get you intrigued into maybe checking it out. There are some really cool things that happen and the ending was beautiful.

I was annoyed at some of the game, it has you running back and forth repeatedly throughout the entire thing. It wasn't horrible but it also wasn't very cool you know? The city you go through is kind of neat, you travel through subways and it's not so big that you get lost, it's just the whole back and forth thing drives me nuts.


Ok so now i'll talk a little bit about part 2. It has been quite awhile since i've played it but it's very similar to 1 except for the graphics are insanely better and a lot of the elements are of course improved upon. I have almost forty hours played on it just from several repeated play-through's and a bit of co-op games. I believe i spent at least nine hours playing 1 to completion and i skipped almost every side mission which there are lots of. Part 2 is much shorter, the campaign itself is about five hours long but the replay value is definitely there and the co-op is pretty cool and even offers an end boss that isn't in the campaign and is totally freakin awesome. A very cool thing about the co-op missions is that you can also play them solo and experience how they play out if you can't get any friends or find anyone online. It's also drop in/drop out! very nice. =)

Part 2 has almost all of the same elements as 1 with a few changes. In 2 you don't get the assistance of four different goblin demon dudes, you get one and he's pretty funny and cool. Also, instead of ordering your little goblin around you can pick him up and throw him at your enemies in which he tears their face apart. A big difference i noticed was the demon portal you can summon to suck your enemies into it and tear them to shreds. In part 1 while you do get it very late in the game you can basically use it whenever you feel like it. In 2 you get it through your talent tree which is a new addition and offers a great amount of replay value if you enjoy the style of the game which i do! The way the portal works is with the talent it becomes a random "drop" from enemies, only when it randomly drops can you use it. It's really freakin cool and super devastating so i can understand why they nerfed it up. =p The melee kills were also enhanced greatly.

I really liked the way the story played out. The graphics, story and game-play all made it really easy for me to want to keep replaying. It has a new game plus so you keep all your talents and you actually cant fill out your talent tree completely without playing through multiple times anyways.

I haven't played in quite awhile so i cant remember how all the different talent's work out but i can say they are very cool! Stuff like adding bullet damage which is basic, but others that add new abilities or new effects to your abilities, basically just making you a total badass.

The games are brutal, 2 especially since it's newer with far more enhanced graphics. I really love the art style, it's beautiful and very detailed. The story gets really crazy and both games endings are pretty awesome, 2's is of course way better, every single thing about 2 is better. lol Your control over the tentacles is much better making melee attacks super fun, and the gun shot to the face fatalities are still there and much more brutal and awesome.

The games are worth checking out if you like shooters, if you like fantastic settings rather than realistic, or both, like me. I prefer my games to be unrealistic, i'm always impressed by realistic graphics but i love my fantasy stuff. =) These are really great games, somewhat unique in their style, still basically shooters but 2 is definitely a huge step up.

Like i said i only played 1 because i was curious how it all started and i am completely in love with 2 so since i finally rent games again through Gamefly i figured i might as well get it. Being a big fan of 2 i'm glad i played 1 now. I really hope they make a part 3, the ending of 2 was freakin great but they did leave it wide open for more.

"Luck isn't just luck, it's preparation meets opportunity." -Jackie

"Rose Colored Glasses"

Posted by Germaximus_S Sunday May 12 2013 at 4:03PM
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I've been accused of "wearing" these many times simply because i enjoy games that aren't very popular or simply get bad reviews. It's pretty frustrating and annoying especially because the arguments used against me are always out of context. Even when i admit the faults of a video game i love in the same post i'm ecstatically raving about it i get accused of wearing them, basically what i consider being trolled.

I love video games, i've loved playing them for almost thirty-one years now. I enjoy them for what they are even if they aren't as good as another. I usually don't tend to look at Indie games because i am a "graphics whore." That doesn't stop me from actually giving them a glimpse to see if i'm interested in them tho. I prefer my Indies with good graphics like Zeno Clash, Anomaly, Sanctum, Bastion, Deadlight, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams and many others i could name.

I recently wrote a review of the game Far Cry 3 and at the end of that review; in which i raved as much as i could about the game and even had to hold myself back from raving more in an effort to keep it short; i wrote what i hated about the game. There were very many frustrating issues i had with it. They certainly didn't stop me from enjoying the game and getting completely immersed in it. It's still one of the best games i have ever played.

I understand "debating" (arguing) over aspects of gameplay and i understand why people insist i'm wearing rose-colored glasses but they are not validated in any way when they miss the point every single time. If i can make a post or review saying what i loved about a game and what problems there were with it obviously i am not simply deluded about it. I can admit the faults, i just simply focus on the good when it's easy to. If Far Cry 3's story and gameplay and world was not fun or enjoyable then all the bugs that existed would have destroyed the game for me and i would not love it like i do.

A lot of terms are highly over-used and usually completely out of context and simply to degrade people. This is definitely one of those terms. I think it's an extremely silly phrase that people use under the strong assumption that a "fan" is ignorant of faults. To me it's just as stupid as using the term "fan boy" in a negative manner. That's another discussion tho. =p

My Thoughts On Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Posted by Germaximus_S Sunday May 12 2013 at 1:51AM
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So the combat is pretty cool. You cut up a bunch of human and robot enemies. During your combination attacks you can get a slow-mo spot and aim to chop up different parts of your enemies bodies, it's pretty crazy and gorey. The thing that sucks is the forced camera angles. They are really weird since the camera doesn't automatically get behind your character to face the enemies you're attacking. It goes off to the side. Of course you can manually turn the camera to face your enemies but the camera likes to move off on it's own as the action plays out. I thought it was pretty frustrating and damn ridiculous. It didn't make the game harder, it was just silly and annoying.

The bosses were all really cool! I loved their characters, they were interesting looking and had some pretty neat moves. I didn't really care for their personalities and i'll explain that a little more shortly. The fights themselves were pretty neat tho. The game offered several "wholly crap" moments of action scenes. The final boss was really cool except there were too many quick-time events involved that were just simple and boring. I love quick-time events in games, they offer us interaction with combat scenes that we would not be able to experience otherwise. That said, not all quick-time events are done very well in most games. So, while the QTE scenes were really cool they just didn't offer any real interaction for the player. Also, button mashing in QTE's has really got to stop in my opinion. =p

I was insanely bored with the story. The dialogue and the way it was set up was just so bland and horrible to me. The deeper meaning of the story was fine and it could have been really good, it just wasn't interesting to play through.

Also the personalities were either dull or just not fleshed out enough for me to care about any of the characters including our main hero Raiden. Your enemies were really cool looking, they had some interesting messages with deeper meaning but it was just not presented well. It's like they basically gutted the story and made it insanely simplistic just to keep it as an action game. The action is great but i just did not care at all about any of the games story progression.

It's extra disappointing because the combat system is pretty good and there is a neat upgrade system in which you can make your weapons more powerful, you can get newer moves, change your outfits. I loved playing as Raiden wearing a sombrero. The game simply isn't long enough or deep enough for any of that to matter. With all the available upgrades all i did was improve the damage on my weapon, i didn't even buy any extra moves at all. So it has a deeper system available that just isn't necessary making it practically invisible. I do think the duration of the game didn't help with that tho. I imagine it's cool if you want to play through the game again.

The graphics are really nice, they aren't impressive but they are very nice, some visuals at certain parts are "meh" but overall it's a good looking game. It also has a beautiful anime style to it. The music and sound effects were great!

I do love how Raiden is a male ninja wearing high heels. I'm sure there's a technicality there and when i say "i love how he wore them" what i mean is i found it extremely entertaining. In the end, because of the boring plot and characters i did not like the game. I beat the game on Easy in just under four hours.

Panzar: First Impression NA / EU beta

Posted by Germaximus_S Tuesday May 7 2013 at 5:02AM
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This is another PvP game with action combat. It will be free to play and is currently in Beta for Europe but also playable from the U.S. I was hoping there would be more games like this after playing Archeblade and Forge. As i suspected they seem to be "coming out of the woodwork" now. =p

I've only played for about an hour and a half so far but i liked the game so much i wanted to recommend at least trying it and telling you how it plays out and such. The first thing i noticed was the graphics. They are really freakin impressive for a free to play title. I mean they're seriously "AAA" quality in my opinion. It's beautiful.

The combat is very simplistic which makes it fun and easy to jump into. Your left mouse button is your basic and very low damage attack. The right button performs a strong attack which is slow and requires Energy to perform. Energy regens over time and is also drained while sprinting. Then you have special abilities you can use on the 1-0 buttons. Health potions, mana potions and energy potions are on the F1, F2, F3 keys.

I played the Sapper class to start off, it just sounded neat. He can teleport, lay traps, put up a totem that buffs your teammates within its radius. The thing is if you want to lay down a totem you can't lay traps so it's based on your playstyle and what you want to use at the time. To start off i'm leveling up my trap ability. Oh did i forget to mention you can level up your skills and make them more powerful? =p

You can also upgrade your weapons and armor through the Forge system which is similar to crafting in your typical MMORPG's but more simplistic. Although, i haven't put a single second of time into the Forge so that's just the impression i got from the tutorial.

The combat is chaotic! which to me is a ton of fun. Being chaotic as it is would normally make it very hard to tell your enemies from your allies but these guys did something really cool to make it pretty obvious and helpful. The enemies have a flag behind their backs, your allies do not. It works very well and while the screen can still get very messy from so many players kickin butt all over it, i found it very easy to tell where i was and who i was attacking.

The maps i played so far were all objective based which i was happy about because my favorite mode in mulitplayer games are where you capture and hold bases or flags and such. So of course the issue here will be if you're on a team of players that are just simply running around trying to get kills and not helping you actually win the game. The game is very much focused on the objective itself and working together to hold that point and kill your enemies! Basically you wont miss out on any awesome fun PvP action if you play the game properly which is go for the capture point. I mean the whole system is set up to bring all players into one spot for all out warfare.

The scoreboard at the end of the game only shows how much XP each player got. I thought that was a little strange. I expected to see kills and deaths and such. Hopefully they'll add a bit more statistics to the scoreboard. When i first saw that my initial reaction was "i'd like to see how i actually contributed." But then you get another screen after the game is over and you exit the scoreboard showing you your own personal stats: how much damage you did, how many kills you got, how many times you died, and how much damage you took. It's pretty neat.

There are several classes to choose from and they all seemed interesting but i haven't played them yet. I read a few of their descriptions and it looked like there was a lot of variety in their styles, pretty neat.

If you're in Europe or America go sign up and i believe you get instant access just for signing up to the beta right now.

Main site/sign up at

Facebook at:

I wouldn't have made this long post about it if i wasn't impressed. This game rocks!

For a beta i didn't even encounter any bugs yet after playing 3 different maps, the controls were solid, the game is just really damn polished up.


Far Cry 3 Review

Posted by Germaximus_S Tuesday May 7 2013 at 4:59AM
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The most incredible open world experience i've had in a game. You start off on a vacation, with a couple of your brothers, your girlfriend and a couple other friends having a super awesome time gliding and riding jet ski's and dancing at the club. It's pretty sweet stuff until you get kidnapped to be sold. Made me think of the Hostel movies, scary stuff!

After escaping your kidnapper's you begin your journey to rescue your friends. I don't remember how exactly it all started because i spent around twenty hours of the game just doing random awesome exploring and killing of bad guys.I felt there was a nice experience of playing this kid who starts off scared, has no idea what is going on but is forced into a situation that makes him either decide to be a stronger person and fight back or run like hell. Of course being the protagonist he decides to be a super badass.

The amount of content in the game is impressive. I was amazed at how much stuff in the game there was that i actually wanted to do. I also never felt forced into it, but i know other gamers did. You have hunting missions where you're assigned to kill specific rare animals with a specific weapon. The rare animals are just alternate's of the normal ones you run across on the island but for that specific mission they have different colors or traits for you to hunt. I thought it was pretty neat. In one case one of the animals i had to hunt simply had one horn instead of two, that made me laugh. You're rewarded with special skins of the rare animal that you need in order to craft the highest quality of your upgrade-able items.

Besides hunting missions there are outposts full of bad dudes that you can either go gunning in for or kill silently and take it over. The outposts become your rebel friends base's making it also yours where you can resupply on ammo, sell your loots, buy new weapons and even open new missions to perform. There are also stealth kill man-hunt missions and all mission types are plentiful!

I really liked the crafting system because i didn't feel like it was forced on me. Sure it's definitely convenient and there are a couple things you'll want right away like a bigger wallet and inventory space but it's completely unnecessary leaving it wide open for you to do at any time. Of course the further you get in the game the more you're gonna want to start upgrading your equipment through the crafting system. The progression of the game felt natural to me.

You make bigger wallets to carry more money, slings to carry more weapons on your body. You can only carry one gun at a time when you first start out. There's several things to upgrade but honestly i didn't feel a huge need to get most of them right away. Guns are plentiful from all the bad guys you kill so i didn't care about having the ability to carry four guns on me at one time. You also need to make bags in order to carry more items. All of these upgrades you craft are made with animal skins so you have to go hunting. I haven't hunted sharks in the game in a long time but that was pretty freakin cool!

Due to the island being so huge and there being so many things to do i actually got lost in it and i really enjoyed it. The setting is what made it perfect. An island full of beautiful scenery that always rewarded exploration. If there weren't so many different outposts of enemies, so many wild animals to come across, caves, radio towers to climb it would have been boring. To top all that off there's treasures to find, mysterious letters (that were really cool!) and relics spread out all over the place. Just having an island that is pretty wouldn't have kept me entertained without the amount of content it offers. There was always something to do, and i didn't have to if i didn't want to. That actually encouraged me to do random things. I love a few different open world games but this one is definitely my favorite when it comes to the openness itself.

I found myself just going for a joy ride on jet ski's and boats and taking gliders for a fly just because it was really freakin cool. That's not usually something i care to do in a game but this one just made it so much more fun. Gorgeous scenery and an abundant amount of optional content made this a truly wonderful experience. The day and night cycle made it that much more amazing. Sunsets and rises are so beautiful, night sky's full of thousands of stars. It is glorious. One of my favorite things about exploring was randomly coming across tigers and bears eating my enemies, it was quite entertaining. One time i was just driving along and got to watch a bear tear up three dudes.

I thought there was a nice amount of different enemy types. Of course you run into the same ones over and over but it was some good fun. The big dudes with super heavy armor always gave me some entertainment and laughs. I loved throwing grenades at their feet because they were so slow. Stealth kills and chain kills, as usual Ubisoft has their own style and flare. The action was really great. I'm doing my best to keep this review short and it hasn't worked. lol So i'm not going into anymore specifics on the combat, it kicks ass.

I have a bad memory and i took my time going through the game so i don't remember how the story played out exactly from start to finish. The only reason i rushed to beat it now was because Raptr is doing a giveaway sweepstakes thing for each specific game you beat on their list this month. I probably would have put twenty more hours into this game before beating it if it wasn't for that. I have thirty-two wonderful hours invested into it. =p What i do remember of the story is really freakin good. There are very many emotional driven parts in it. It was really beautiful and the music really set a great tone for it. Also it gets really trippy sometimes. It is one dang cool, very interesting story.

Far Cry 3 is like putting the Tomb Raider reboot in an open world making it a much better game. I mean no offense by that, Tomb Raider blew my mind so when i started playing this game imagine how i felt! If you have experienced the new Tomb Raider and loved it as much as i did and you have not experienced Far Cry 3 trust me you want to. Far Cry 3 is a masterpiece.

The graphics are absolutely gorgeous even on medium to high settings. I had to customize my settings up quite a bit. If you're interested, i took a bunch of screenshots throughout my adventure. =)

Let me finish this off by saying what i hated about it lol because of course there were some issues. I am not exaggerating when i say pretty much every single staircase, every single platform that's barely a touch above the ground was impossible to just walk onto. I had to jump in order to move up staircases, jump to move onto platforms because i kept getting stuck on some invisible nonsense. It was maddening. Looting bodies was also sometimes a pain, standing right over them and having to adjust position to be able to loot them, even more annoying when their guns are in the way which can end up in an accidental weapon swap.

The game was incredible tho, it really was, the issues i had with it drove me up the wall but the game is just so damn excellent. It would have been perfect if Ubisoft's testers hadn't failed them so miserably. It is shameful how much they let slip through.