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Trials and tribulations of a mmorpg enthousiast.

In this blog I will talk about everything that makes me love, hate and play mmorpg's.

Author: mobdestroyer

My love and hate relationship with a little game called world of warcraft

Posted by mobdestroyer Monday March 23 2009 at 8:15AM
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WoW wasn’t my first mmo but it was the first one I had to pay to play. The first mmo I ever played was mu in retrospective it wasn’t that great. It was a major grind at any lvl and if u where a bit masochistic you could play it till lvl 350(I only got to 60 before I quit) and when u finally got to the highest lvl u could start all over again it with the same gear and stats. This was also my first experience with a guild but that's material for another blog. The next mmo I played was guild wars, at the time it was the most beautiful games I had ever played and was amazed at how good it could run on my old and crappy computer. This game had it all a good story, huge amount of missions and quests to complete but I was still missing something. I completed the first campaign but after that there wasn’t much to do except pvp and running the same dungeons over and over again. I never completed the expansions and trying to find a good party of to do a single mission became increasingly more difficult even with the addition of heroes and the help of henchmen so I quit and moved on to WoW.

I first started playing the WoW almost 3 years ago. I absolutely fell in love with the game. It was so massive, there was so much to do so many things to discover and learn. It also helped that I started on a new server only 7 days old so every zone and dungeon had a enough players to make it interesting. Before I could even bought the game I did some research on what class I wanted to play and I really liked the idea of being able to shape shift into animals so I chose to be a druid on which I still sometimes play to this day. With this char it took about one and a half years to finally get to 70(by the time I was 50 the burning crusade was already released). And that was because I wasn’t able to buy game time every two months. I did have a job as a newspaper boy but that just wasn’t enough to actually buy the 60 days game time. So I did have a few breaks in between lvling.

So I never got to play endgame at 60. To move things along I got to 70 and started doing the normal endgame stuff, grind the normal dungeons till you had all 6 heroic keys. Then do heroics until you had a few epics and could start raiding karazan and that when everything just went sour. I just couldn’t raid every week I couldn’t because I had to work, I didn’t own my own computer so my family had to work on the same com as me. So playing wow got really boring really fast. There where no more goals for me to complete I was revered or exalted with almost every endgame faction. I had nothing to look forward to so I left. And didn’t look back for a few months. I tried a few other mmo’s like lotro, eq2, maple story lineage and loads more. But none of them could hold me like wow did. So I resubscribed every few months, would play a week or 2 and then leave again.

Then blizzard announced that they where releasing another expansion. And I got exited again. I created a new account a new druid on a new server and started playing again. I joined a nice guild which I’m still a part off. And lvled my way back up to 70 and started lvling another toon, to try and leave endgame alone till the expansion hit and I could lvl in northernd. When I finally entered northern I really loved the new quests, the new races, the new experiences and the sometimes absolutely stunning visuals blizzard created for the new continent. So I started lvling to 80 took a few breaks in between lvled my death knight for a bit, transferred my old druid to the new account (one was horde the other alliance) started lvling him to.

I forgot about all the re-used models the pretty boring endgame and the endless grinding for rep. But by the time I had my first 80 and did almost every dungeon on heroic, done wintersgrasp a few times, tried pvp again, did a few raids(voa, voa hc and naxx hc) every boring memory of playing at lvl 70 came back and now I’m bored again. And still looking for the same experience I had when I first played wow.

let me introduce myself

Posted by mobdestroyer Sunday March 22 2009 at 5:37PM
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First of all I would like to introduce myself to you all. Secondly let me apoligies for my name, it's a leftover from a not so creative 13 year old but i have grown atached to it and use it in every game I play. Thirdly I'm an 18 year old that just can't stop playing mmorpg's.I have played almost every single pay to play game that has come out in recent years. but I have also played a number of free to play games. I have also been a member of the community for about 2 years now but have never posted here before.

Wich games am I playing now? well recently i subbed AoC, tCoS, WAR and WoW. but i stopped playing them except WoW they just couldn't keep me interested.

I also have never blogged or wrote before in my life but there has to be a first time for everything. So this is going to be a challenge. And I hope u can all forgive my somewhat awkward english cause it's not my native language.

this was it for tonight I hope to do a real blog soon (still need to think of a interesting subject to write about).