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Author: mmosana

Hybrid Force Blader Gears In Cabal

Posted by mmosana Tuesday June 16 2009 at 9:20PM
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 Generic PvP Gears:
-Amulet of Pain+5/+6/+7
-Deathblow Helm - Crit Damage16%, highest number of slot and the highest form of armor as possible.
-Deathblow Weapons - Crit Damage16%, highest number of slot and the highest form of armor as possible.
-Earring of Force Regen +4/+5/+6/+7
-1 piece of Ring of Luck +1/+2
Magic Style comes with Magic Gears:
-Magic Amp Suit, Gloves and Boots
-Bracelet of Sage +4/+5/+6/+7
-Crit Ring +1/+2 or Ring of Sage+10
Sword Style comes with Sword Gears:
-Sword Amp Suit, Gloves and Boots
-Bracelet of Fighter +4/+5/+6/+7
-Crit Ring +1/+2 or Ring of Fighter+10
Anti Mana Freeze Gears (Versus FB only)
To gain the upper hand vs. a co-Force Blader.
In order to gain the upper hand, one must have anti MF gears, but remember that the more “only MP” gears you have the weaker you are, so to compensate the possible weakness that you could gain that

Therefore the most effective gear that you should wear is either:
Epaulet of Vampire (400 Mana) and Amulet of Battler +8 (120 Mana). This cost real money for having an EoV.
Or you might to the Hard Way if you are short or won’t spend real cabal money, the way where Alz and stocks are involved,
Amu of Battler+8(120 mana), 2 slot helm of Will (perfect will 140 mp and 20% CDI), Boots of Will1slot (140+50mp) and Suit 2 slot (7% amp and 50 MP. Or something like that.
Remember if you go the cabal gold and Stock way then you must at least attain 1700 Mana or else you will have your might have your Combo CUT and you don’t like that, Believe me ^^.
And of course with the least (most minimum as possible) number of Gears to retain as much damage as you can to maintain your damage crispy.
When to wear it?
-Of course “only” when you are facing an FB.
When and what are the gears I should switch back during Battle after MF ended?
-If you go with EoV and Amulet of Battler +8, then maybe you could just switch your EoV to your preferred Epaulet or maybe you don’t need to.
-If you are using purely cabal Alz gears the only Gears that you must switch are your Boots and Suit, Nothing more Nothing less. Why? Because you need the quickest solution possible, while in combo you could easily switch on those 2 gears in that way in the quickest time you could put back “Almost” your prefer Damage Capacity, problem solved.

Aion Balancing issues

Posted by mmosana Wednesday May 27 2009 at 2:22AM
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There are some real class balancing issues in Aion . The following information was posted by Jehuty , please read it on ...
1. High Level Rangers have not enough DPS overall. If you have luck you can place an acceptable amount of damage on your target. But just if you have luck. If not you will do lesser damage then any other class in this game. The random factor is not balanced aswell.
2. High Level Clerics are almost unbeatable and godlike. They don't care about 10 ppl hitting them. Every other class would be dead in 10 seconds, Clericsstill have full HP. Especally in "Gate Caming" Situations Clerics are overpowered. They have incredible tanking abilities because of their instant heals and they do a lot of DPS too !
3. The Templar need more snare and stun skills for mass pvp situations. the most of his skills are only available if he/she becomes you need more aion kina !But because nobody will hit a Tank in a mass pvp (not until there is any other target available) the templar is not able to activate his best skills. So until this is fixed, the Templar ist just a "Pulling Machine" in PvP. 4. The Sorcerer have a greater Skill range then the other ranged class - the ranger. why ? they do a lot more DPS anyway why they need more range then too ? But byside this factor, the DPS/Tanking ratio is ok.

ROM secondary class: Weapon and Armor skills

Posted by mmosana Wednesday May 27 2009 at 2:18AM
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Opens up the weapon and armor skill window (armor is only shown as one abstract value, "physical defense"), just default the "v" key.

Pure warriors will have no problem maxxing their weapon skills for each level(ROM powerleveling, Rumes of Magic gold), but casters tend to fall back since when progressing in level, they advance more and more into killing by casting spells.

Araise 2 problems here:
1. mages by default don't use their staffs too much and squishy as they are they will not ever come close to maxing that "physical defense". But already being low on the food chain for survival, neglecting weapon and armor skills might prove catastrophic.
2. Raising two different weapon skills like 2-handed sword plus dagger for those Knights/Rogues out there is about as difficult.

Here is the suggestion:
You will want those skills to be maxed out to help you surviving the game, but you cannot achieve this goal by doing quest after quest alone.
Build up on your crucial skills by actually training them, spend that night not advancing in level but to prepare yourself for - the endgame.
I just hope this mini guide could help you some. If any question else, just post here, we will try our best to solve it for you.