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Thoughts and views on current and upcoming mmorpgs and other online games.

Author: mmorpgrealm

HighStreet 5 to Hit Philippine Dance Floors

Posted by mmorpgrealm Monday July 7 2008 at 9:05PM
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(Manila, Philippines, July 04, 2008) – The World’s Hottest Dance Rave is hitting the Philippine Dance Floors! EagleGame International, a subsidiary of Singapore listed NeteLusion Limited, is going to have the Open Beta for the much-awaited online game HighStreet 5TM on July 22, 2008 with the latest content patch MetroCity!

HighStreet 5

“Social Networks and casual online games are very popular in the Philippines, in fact it is shaping the local online gaming market today,” said Marketing and Communications Manager Rio Encarnado. “We are bringing the industry even higher by bringing in an online game which combines Social Networking Service and Interactive Entertainment – HighStreet 5 to the Filipinos”.

Ms. Encarnado announced that HighStreet 5 Philippines has been available for download since Thursday, July 3, 2008. In line with this, a Premier Party will be held on Friday, July 11, 2008 to further welcome its coming. “On the 11th, we will have our Premier Party – players can start socializing and dancing in HighStreet 5. Those who party with us during this exciting time will receive freebies that they will truly enjoy.”

“HighStreet 5 is about building your social network and making new friends in a new dimension,” said JC John Sese Cuneta, Community Manager. “Imagine a virtual world where you can meet and chat with people while having fun, and by fun, we mean lots of fun! You can dance, you can compete, and you can buy the latest fashion clothes, and even challenge your newfound friends to an IQ battle! And that’s just the beginning of your social adventure.”

Once a player logs-in HighStreet 5, they can immediately create their Avatar. Unlike other Q-style or Cartoon-type casual games, users can render realistic characters and adjust the face and any parts of the avatar in order to create a matching character for themselves – truly immersing them. Immediately after the creation, players will be greeted with a refreshing and magnificent 3D view of HighStreet 5’s MetroCity!

From there, players can meet new friends and socialize; they can even visit stores like those that they do in the real world to buy the latest fashion, go to the salon to get a new hairstyle. Players can also go to the dance school to learn new moves and stunts from our Dance Masters – Sanjay for Locking, Catherine for Hip-Hop, Hugo for Popping, and Monica for Reggae.

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NavyField Europe, New Server launching and joining in the GNGWC

Posted by mmorpgrealm Wednesday July 2 2008 at 9:23PM
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NavyField Europe (Company: eFusion MMOG) announced today they will add a 2nd server at the end of July. The 2nd server will be an English server and many events will be started on server launch day.


They also announced they are joining the GNGWC (Game&Game World Championship) and they will start a European local league in the middle of July. NavyField Europe fleets will join in the local league finals and 2 teams will join in the final in Korea in November with one representative of each team on location for the prize of 10,000 $ and many other presents. European local finals will be held at Games Convention in Leipzig on 21st of August.

For more information, you can check, the official site of NavyField Europe. [...continue reading New Server launching and joining in the GNGWC]

Ragnabot… errr, I mean Ragnarok

Posted by mmorpgrealm Sunday June 29 2008 at 4:58AM
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One of the few blogs I regularly monitor is by the famous Wauks or Waukeen of pRO. I don’t know him personally but I’ve read his name mentioned many times in various gaming and even non-gaming forums because of some issues that happened to his character back in the early days of Ragnarok Online Philippines.

Robot! Robot!

Back then, the game was plagued with all kinds of issues like cheating by the GMs, GMs favoring certain players, internal hacking and deleting of characters and guilds, etc. but the one issue that made me quit Ragnarok Online forever was the failure of the publisher to put an end to botting or the use of third party programs by other players. That was four years ago! Today, the game is still infested with bots. I wouldn’t be surprise if its the only thing that’s keeping the game alive.

You know what’s worst about Ragnarok and botting? The publisher admitted that they’re helpless against it. They openly admitted defeat in public. I guess they’re just being honest about it but saying something like that is almost like welcoming them with open arms, if you know what I mean. O_o

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Win 2 Million

Posted by mmorpgrealm Thursday June 26 2008 at 10:58AM
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I was watching an anime with my kids when during the break an Ad about GetAmped’s 2 Million Pesos Tournament was played. I was like, what the hell is GetAmped? Curious, I went to my computer and typed in the URL,

GetAmped 2 Million Pesos Tournament

It seems that GetAmped is an online 3D casual fighting game with a cartoonish or anime look and feel. It is brought here in the Philippines by who also publishes Tantra, WarRock and Cronous.

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Posted by mmorpgrealm Friday May 30 2008 at 4:02PM
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Want to know what I’m getting myself busy with these past few days? Well, I am just spending most of my FREE time on Cabal Online.


I have characters in both servers, Mercury and Venus, but decided to stay in Venus because someone else was already using my favorite in-game name which is Kabalyero.

Cabal Online Philippines went Open Beta this past Sunday, May 24, 2008, at around 6:00pm. The launch was met with login and sign-up difficulties but those issues were eventually resolved. I was able to enter the game a few hours later. If I remember it correctly, I signed up for the game like four times (could be more) and, until now, I have yet to receive the validation e-mails from them.

Anyway, I’ve been playing for almost six days now and on my fourth day, I was able to reach level 43. What! Only level 43? Well, like I’ve said I’m only playing with my FREE time. LOL!

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Rocky Open Beta Launch

Posted by mmorpgrealm Saturday May 24 2008 at 10:34AM
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Today’s Open Beta Launch of Cabal Online Philippines by e-Games Philippines was marred with technical problems which is really testing the very short patience of most Pinoy online gamers. LOL!

At exactly 6:00PM, I launched Cabal Online PH only to be greeted by an account blocked message. I waited a few minutes and then I tried again only to get the same result. The worst part of it was when my computer suddenly re-started. O_o

Cabal Online Philippines

At e-Games’ Cabal Online Forum, complaints and rants from angry players were stacking up. Most of them wanted to know why their accounts were blocked. The question was answered by Cabal Online PH’s Community Manager (CM). It seems that they had some trouble with their registration and had to reset it which rendered all previous registrations invalid so you’ll have to re-register again. The only problem now is that the e-mail you used on your initial registration was already stored in the database which means you’ll need to use a new e-mail address to re-register.

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Are You Ready For Cabal Online?

Posted by mmorpgrealm Friday May 23 2008 at 2:09PM
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Heads up Philippines, as of this writing we are just one day away from the Open Beta launch of Cabal Online Philippines. The question now is, “are you ready?” If not then what are you still waiting for? Register an account, if you still don’t have one, and download the client now and tomorrow we will all see each other in Cabal Online.

Cabal Online Countdown

From what I’ve read from various MMORPG sites, Cabal Online is set on Navareth which is a land torn by war and natural forces. In this chaotic world, players will find themselves faced with adventures that will even challenge the more experienced players.


Premium Access to Azria

Posted by mmorpgrealm Friday May 16 2008 at 7:59PM
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GM Tristan of Level Up Games announced in his blog today the launched of Flyff Version 11: Destination Azria. Flyff is originally a game published by NetGames (together with Khan Online) but became part of LUG when ePLDT (parent company of NetGames) acquired major shares of LUG and merged it with NetGames but retained the name, Level Up Games.

Anyway, the story of Azria is very much inspired by the story of Atlantis which is an advance civilization who got lost in history but Azria didn’t sink in the bottom of the ocean like Atlantis did, it was destroyed by Shade. The Mistress of Shadows and Desire decided that mortals are not worthy to possess such power, power that would almost equal those of the Gods. The wrath of Shade spared no one and thus the once mighty continent became lost in obscurity forever.

Destination Azria features a new continent with new monsters and new items. Also new to Azria are the Collector System, Jewelry Upgrades, the Awakening System, Piercing Removal, Guild vs. Guild Sieges and some Guild War changes. (Visit the official Destination Azria page to learn more)

Destination Azria

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Dragonica is Coming!

Posted by mmorpgrealm Thursday May 15 2008 at 4:51PM
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Dragonica is one of IAHGames coming titles. By the way, IAHGames is the company that publishes/distributes Granado Espada, Hellgate: London, GTA 4, Emil Chronicles Online and other games in the region.

Dragonica is a mmorpg that follows the cute avatars/characters formula used by other more recent mmorpgs. You don’t believe me? Just check out the screenshots which I pulled from CM Kaye’s Dragonica Blog (IAHGames did send access to their media kit but it’s too big for my bandwidth).

Dragonica Screenshot

See how cute the characters or avatars are. Wouldn’t you like to have one of those cute things? You know, dress them up with cute clothes and accessories and parade them for all to see. LOL! What am I saying? Don’t get me wrong this is not Barbie Online. LOL!

Dragonica Screenshot

I will assume that this little cute thing is CM Kaye but what’s with the 02 in the name? LOL! Either she created two characters or someone got the name first. You can also see in the photo that she is really happy for being a cute little thing. LOL!

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