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Item malls

Please read! Its important

Author: mmorpgdude10

Why Item malls are bad

Posted by mmorpgdude10 Sunday May 4 2008 at 12:40PM
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Now Ive told everyone why item malls are good, evryone needs to know why there bad.  Item malls put a bad reputation on the game. They make people think the game makers want people to become obssed with there game. Why do people think this? Because the game makers do . Item malls sell stuff to people for real money. And this stuff is for the game! Im not talking about expansion packs and membership fees. Im talking about stuff such as, amour, wepons, special items, money, cheats ect. It makes people start spending ther money untill there broke. It also give them so much rare stuff that people start doing nothing else but the game. Item malls also alow people to cheat. Im sure alot of poeple dont like cheaters. Because there getting all this free stuff. So then you get mad and you start using the item mall, and the entire thing starts over again.

Please state if you agree or not   

Why Item Malls are good

Posted by mmorpgdude10 Saturday May 3 2008 at 8:59PM
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I've been looking through some reviews about games and I have seen that people are classifying item malls as "bad". Now I agree with you all about how item malls are stupid and stuff, but I have foung a good side to them. You see, item malls alow the game makers to earn money  which somtimes elinimates membership fees. So overall item malls are good unlees they  dont elinimate membership fees. 

Also people are saying that only game obssesed freaks use item malls. A bit of advice is not to say that. Because people who are reading your reviews migt get offened and stop using item malls. Which could lead to the downfall of item malls and  membership fees on IGG games ect.

And to express my point some more, if games like WoW  start using item malls you could say goodbye to $15 per month. I even know a person who is willing to pay $50 on stuff for WoW