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The real problem with quests

Posted by mmogawd Tuesday April 19 2011 at 10:50PM
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We do NOT need less quests, we need MORE.  The next generation of games needs an absolute shitload of intense, long-term, meaniningful quests.  We need so many quests, so many options and possible paths that you can't even keep track of them, and you'll never be able to complete them all.  There will even be quests you'll never have the chance to complete because you weren't in the right place at the right time.  

There need to be so many quests that when you're talking with friends about what you've all been doing, you learn abou things you've never heard of, and you're able to brag and impress them with your own exploits.

We need guidance, we need things to do, but we also need choices.  We need consequences to our actions, things we can't take back.  If you fail a quest, suffer from it, knowing you're never going to get a second chance.  If two quests conflict with each other, you'd better make damn sure you pick the right one.

If we want realism, if we want a "life simulation", then quests have to be part of it.  They're a part of life. They just need to be more complex and well thought-out.  And there need to be TONS of them... like, seriously, an unholy amount of quests...

madeux writes:

The term "Sandbox" does seem to be overhyped around here...

Wed Apr 20 2011 7:57PM Report
Jumdor writes:

I agree with you on some things. Meaningful is a good thing for them to try to achieve with quests which then hooks into consequences to our actions, and things we can't take back.

What it sounds like you are wanting is immersion, and I think is not going to be possible for a long time. Only because devastating consequences and world changing events aren't possible when everyone else is playing in that same world. Least no one has an idea of how to achieve it in the multiplayer sense as of yet. Not to mention they are often to lazy or don't have the money to develop it.

These are only suggestions, but have you tried Never Winter Nights, Oblivion, Morrowind, Dragon Age Origins? These games provide immersion. They have consequences. 

Although the new Star Wars I think is kind of atempting what your wanting. Supposedly.

I hope some day we get what your wanting.

Wed Apr 20 2011 10:18PM Report
Ambre writes:

I don't like quests, at least I don't like the standard WoW's created with quest grinding, but I agree with you on several points.

- If we need to have quests, better to have alot than too few. It gives choices.

- We need meaningful quests, not just go kill 10 wolves, 10 gobelins or whatever for no other purpose than that.

- Many quests should involve choices, several paths, knowing that if you fail or take one you can't go backwards. That would immerse people more, make them read the texts and think.

Unfortunately quests have become : click on npc, dont read the text, click accept, go on the red dot on your radar, kill or gather stuff, come back, get your xp and bop gear... I hope TOR will bring something new on the table on this side.

Thu Apr 21 2011 12:59PM Report
whilan writes:

I like the choices part and the quest branching in ways, plus the part about not being able to take back your choices.

This way you see something new and perhaps something your friends didn't see, and your choices make sense instead of. go to town A pick up all the quests, do them turn in, go to town b rinse repeat.

I'm playing planescape torment and i noticed quite a few times, answering wrong caused me to A miss out on exp and potentional rewards and B changed what happens and what quests i could take or such.  One thing it made me do is think about my decisions a bit more.

I'm not so sure we need more quests.  we need them more indepth and make what you do in them more important.  I really love the idea you can fail a quests and your basically out of luck.  That makes you be very careful and think about how your going to do it.  It's not good for a finacial standpoint but i really like the idea.  You let the guy die and the quest fails and hes dead...that makes you want ot make sure you don't mess up.

Actually...i'll probably make a blog post about this later...about quests and new ideas for doing them.  But I agree with your blog.

Fri Apr 22 2011 2:12AM Report writes:
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