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The real problem with quests

Posted by mmogawd Tuesday April 19 2011 at 11:50PM
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We do NOT need less quests, we need MORE.  The next generation of games needs an absolute shitload of intense, long-term, meaniningful quests.  We need so many quests, so many options and possible paths that you can't even keep track of them, and you'll never be able to complete them all.  There will even be quests you'll never have the chance to complete because you weren't in the right place at the right time.  

There need to be so many quests that when you're talking with friends about what you've all been doing, you learn abou things you've never heard of, and you're able to brag and impress them with your own exploits.

We need guidance, we need things to do, but we also need choices.  We need consequences to our actions, things we can't take back.  If you fail a quest, suffer from it, knowing you're never going to get a second chance.  If two quests conflict with each other, you'd better make damn sure you pick the right one.

If we want realism, if we want a "life simulation", then quests have to be part of it.  They're a part of life. They just need to be more complex and well thought-out.  And there need to be TONS of them... like, seriously, an unholy amount of quests...

I have discovered what is wrong with MMO's today...

Posted by mmogawd Friday April 15 2011 at 12:14PM
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It's not the developers.  Let's just get that out of the way way right from the beginning.

It's the players.  There seems to be something fundamentally wrong with a lot of mmo players, something that we don't see in gamers as a whole.

In a general gaming forum, FPS fans do not whine and cry like little girls because all of the hype is poing toward a new RPG as the Next Big Thing.  FPS players do not frequently troll RTS forums in order to 'educate' these fans as to how they are wasting their times and cannot possibly be having any fun, because RTS games obviously suck.  Fans of other genres seem to have a peculiar way of actually enjoing their genre of choice... MMO fans can't seem to manage this.

They're too quick to just shit on anything new, anything different, anything that doesn't perfectly cater to their particular playstyle.  90% of the threads on this site can be summed up as follows:

" does/doesn't have and is total fail!  Anyone who likes this game is .    They are ruinning mmo's forever!"

If a game has a feature you don't like... how about you just don't play it?  It turns out, there are plenty of other options out there for you.  Wouldn't that be more fun than all of the whining and crying?  I promise, it really won't hurt you if you just walk away and let others enjoy themselves.

Just because a company doesn't spend 100 million dollars to fulfil your every fantasy, does not mean the world is out to get you, nor does it mean that there is something wrong with the genre.  If it really bothers you that much, it's far more likely that there's something wrong with YOU.