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Author: mmoandrpg

Soul of Guardian

Posted by mmoandrpg Saturday March 31 2012 at 7:03PM
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Soul of the Guardian is a browser game RPG developed by WSgames. Just like in Call of Gods, Soul of the Guardian is also located in a fantasy world where we have four classes to choose from so that we can wage the fight against other players PVP and PVE mode which mobs beat, walking on different types of instances.

The game also includes systems like - Recast Equipment, Fishing System, Dragonslay System and Relic System.

Delve into the game and fight any opponent who dares to stand in your way. Is it the huge pack of wolves, or bandits horde, you always have your weapon at the hand...

In the game Soul of Guardian, you will enter a  3D world packed with dangerous tasks to perform, you can confront alone or joining a guild with other players. For sure they will be useful, when you come to defend the village from bandits wreak terror, or when you are asked to find the woodcutter attacked by a pack of angry wolves. Without a lumberjack can not build a bridge after all, to go into further areas of this troubled land.

Select your hero for one of seven classes in the game and take the challenge. You can play the role of the Shaman, Druid or Warrior. Each of them is characterized by other properties in the battle. At each step, waiting for a task to fulfill, which you can cope with alone, or combining with other players to stand together to fight the increasingly powerful monsters. Your character you can shape it rebuy or additional equipment in the shop soul. Each defeated enemy leaves behind valuable items, do not forget to collect them and add to your inventory, you'll still be useful to you in the later stages browser game soul of guardian.

In the browser game Soul of Guardian waiting for you battles against monsters or other players. To pass you over 100 quests, and rewards for each task included undoubtedly accelerate thy journey through the dark land. In the dungeon, search for hidden treasures, certainly worth a look to them, even though that cause goose bumps

eDragon Open Beta launched

Posted by mmoandrpg Sunday June 19 2011 at 9:18PM
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Klickgame just launched the open beta for eDragon, a browser-based game set in the fantasy world. has the web browser's most fun and free online Games:

eDragon is a new 2D browser MMORPG that is set in the fantasy world. You role play as an adventurer to explore the magical land. Experience the PVP, Engage in the duels and challgenes in Arena, Slay monsters and creatures, join or create a powerful guild.

Klick Game announces browser RPG eDragon

Posted by mmoandrpg Monday June 13 2011 at 7:19AM
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Klick Game, a global publisher of browser online games, today announced the closed beta for its new browser MMORPG game titled eDragon . The game boats a perfect mix of in-depth RPG elements with fantasy-inspired visuals to deliver an epic gaming experience on the web browser.

"Klick Game is our first browser web gaming platform that is dedicated to publishing browser games. Our gamers will be able to extend their gaming and social experiences to web browser with no download," said Lee QingXiao, CEO of Klick Games. "We also have an impressive line-up of browser games coming this year and currently players can play our first browser RPG eDragon.It blends many gameplays, which have traditionally been used in MMOs, including weapon crafting, attribute allocation, pet raising, arena challenge, and fame of hall, etc. "

Set in fantasy virtual world, eDragon is a free to play browser web MMORPG. Players can experience an auto-Questing, turn-based combat, battle replay and hero growth. Create your character from one of three races - Elf, Human, or Barbarian and explore the game world by teaming up with your allies and friends. While it is a browser game, eDragon has many of the features found in traditional MMORPGs including quests, stores, guilds, trade, and PvP.

Klick Game’s first game eDragon is now just in closed beta, and players who join eDragon will receive prizes and Gold when the closed beta is over.

For more information, you can go to or check out eDragon at

a new game called Maegica

Posted by mmoandrpg Monday April 18 2011 at 12:36AM
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I got a new email alert, suggesting a new browser game called Maegica coming soon


My name is Joanna, and I'm writing to you for a new game submission since i did not find a column for that on your site. I work for a browser game platform named R2Games, and mainly responsible for media contact. 


The name of this game is Maegica, and currently this game is under close beta. If you are going to put this game on your site, the following information might be useful:  Maegica is a next-generation browser game which combines elements of both the strategy and role-playing genres. In Maegica, players must work to develop their cities while progressing through increasingly tough battles against NPC enemies. Players take control of heroes who command troop forces with unique special abilities.


By upgrading structures, researching new technologies, acquiring and enhancing equipment, and leveling up heroes, players will need to constantly work on improving themselves and their forces.


More about Maegica

New MMO Blog Goes Live

Posted by mmoandrpg Wednesday April 6 2011 at 10:36PM
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Hi MMORPG members,

I just opened a new MMO blog called dot mmo, which mainly covers latest MMOs. Unlike, Dot MMo is focused on World of Warcraft, RIFT, and DCUO, but some niche mmo games.

Also, Dot MMO will bring you some browser games, which is pretty popular these days.

New MMO Blog Goes Live

Posted by mmoandrpg Wednesday April 6 2011 at 10:35PM
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Hi MMORPG members,

I just opened a new MMO blog called dot mmo, which mainly covers latest MMOs. Unlike, Dot MMo is focused on World of Warcraft, RIFT, and DCUO, but some niche mmo games.

Also, Dot MMO will bring you some browser games, which is pretty popular these days.

Pockie Ninja

Posted by mmoandrpg Tuesday March 29 2011 at 8:42PM
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Pockie Ninja is an anime-themed browser game. You’ll play the role of a ninja who is entrusted with a mission to defeat the most vicious and destructive evil forces. As the last hope of the world and the Chosen One, you need to protect Angel City, rescue sealed animals and restore natural balance by means of constant efforts and extraordinary ninja skills. By exploring the Demon City, some untold secrets are gradually unveiled as well.

Behind the mist of Angel City and deep in the thorn forest hides a wasted land — Demon City. It used to be evil warrior’s shelter, but now is very closely guarded. No one can step into the city without permission.

300 years ago, evil warriors were sealed in Demon City. The evil warriors were led by world’s most wicked demon, who was notorious for his formidable power and ruthlessness. At his command, the vicious army attacked affluent villages, trying to control the whole world. Disasters befell all villages and residents. They were finally defeated by the Master of Ninja, the supreme leader of Angel City and five villages. A mystic ninjutsu and a secret plot were buried together with the demons at that time.

However, happiness seemed to be short-lived…
Restless souls in Demon City wake up form the seal and escaped the city.

By using forbidden ninjutsu on innocent animals, turning them into puppet warriors, the evils planed to invade Angel City, release their leader and rule the world again. The abuse of forbidden ninjutsu have caused rapid environment deterioration. Tsunami and earthquake began to erode this once blissful land.

Danger’s looming to Angel City once again. The Master noticed a number of ominous signs, but couldn’t find out the truth. Hence, the Five Elders were asked to start an investigation.

The Elders then sent ninja and samurai to the bramble forest. However, none of them returned…

As time went by, there were not much powerful ninja left in the village, except some youngsters. They were regarded as the last hope to complete this task. Likewise, the destiny of the world was in their hands…

Free Online Games, browser games, and computer games

Posted by mmoandrpg Wednesday February 16 2011 at 1:19AM
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It gives you an increasingly handy and also cost-effective way of pleasurable. The majority of kids, young adults and in many cases older people expend high of their own period participating in before their own desktops. But not a person guilt these people?

On-line computer mmorpg games are usually enjoyable, specially given that you will discover many free of charge down loadable online games in several video gaming internet sites. This will make that far more attracting because you can enjoy several online flash games as you would like without cost. Undoubtedly it has an massive variety of online games from which to choose. You would possibly look at firing online games, battle, challenge, pool, texas holdem and there are others. This frustrating result of folks while using recent tendency associated with on the web video gaming depends upon several aspects. On-line online games tend to be active in a fashion that that lets people to speak although participating in. The majority of video gaming internet sites supply forums and also discussion boards wherever gamers can certainly talk about their own landscapes in regards to the sport. They're also pleasantly attracting on account of far better artwork and have absolutely an increasingly intelligent philosophy that may make sure highest pleasure on the list of gamers.

Instead of the existing belief in which on-line online games get negative outcomes for the person, they will really offer you mind-puzzling techniques and also barriers that may boost oneís thoughts. Filming online games, as an example, advances the personís mind-vision-and-hand co-ordination. This permits the gamer to consentrate and turn into mindful of the objectives. Different online games similar to mentally stimulating games, pool and also texas holdem promote vital imagining and also thinking on the gamers. Online flash games moreover create friendship between gamers in numerous areas of the planet through video gaming rivalry and also events.

Web video gaming can be an readily available kind of activity. You can certainly discover the newest online games at a large choice associated with video gaming internet sites making use of their free of charge down loadable online games. Development of the child types you can certainly on auto-pilot deploy with your personal computer without the problem associated with putting a unique electronics. Web video gaming features without a doubt transformed the eye associated with activity currently. Just remember, they just don't merely entertain a person but improve your reasonable imagining. Filming online games, on-line mentally stimulating games, Tetris and also questions are usually vintage types of these kinds of mind-tickling online games.

Participating in online flash games must be presented a good wisdom. This doesnít often produce negative outcomes in kids, young adults and also older people. Confident itís hard to kick, although on-line video gaming has results. Itís a relatively inexpensive method of expending sparetime for the luxuries of your house. You may also get good quality period using your spouse and children simply by messing around with these people. Amusement needn't be costly. Through the web, it is possible to very easily gain access to these kinds of online games. You can find plenty of free of charge down loadable online games on the net in which range between sole person for example firing online games into a multiplayer online games similar to texas holdem, battle and also sporting activities. And so no matter whether you determine to use your as well as with internet online games lovers, free of charge down loadable online games are invariably readily available for a person.

On the internet video gaming is unquestionably among the finest choices associated with studying and also activity. What's more , it delivers path for any bigger societal discussion and a person along with method to relieve tension. It's really simple, participating in browser-based games is utterly valuable, when executed without excess.

Free-to-play Champions Online to Launch on January 25

Posted by mmoandrpg Wednesday January 12 2011 at 3:00AM
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Cryptic today announced that the launch date of their free-to-play title Champions Online will be January 25th. The previously subscription-based superhero MMORPG now officially named Champions Online: Free For All. January is for superhero game fans since they can choose from the P2P DCUO and the F2P Champions online.

Currently the F2P client hasn't be released but you can register a Cryptic account in advance. Free For All just offers you the basic Champions Online contents and if you want to play the Adventure Packs you have to purchase them in C-store. And if you are still playing under the subscription mode you will be automatically granted the access to all contents. You can learn more about free-to-play Champions Online

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