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My Synthetic World

Random thoughts and opinions as inspiration strikes.

Author: mklinic

ArcheAge - Day 3 - A Nui Day, More Questing...

Posted by mklinic Sunday September 7 2014 at 8:00AM
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The Experience:

Day 3 started much the same as the previous two. NPCs with quest markers, kill some monsters, and deliver some things to other NPCs. After some time, I finally found something that had been missing all this time: The escort quest! I had to escort a 'Lazy Guard' back to his post. My journey down themepark road was now complete!

Aside from the humor I found in getting an escort quest, I did see some other activities. I raised some potatoes on a "public farm" and was given the things I believe I need to create a "Scarecrow Garden" (or maybe it was called "Farm"), which sounds like a protected patch of land that you can grow things on. I also did a bit more crafting thought this was pretty limited due to LP running out. 

Being "Open Beta", the server I am on seems pretty populated, but I haven't had a queue since the first day. The community is, expectedly, a mixed bag but that seems par for the course in an Open Beta. As a result of so many people in the same level range, there is a lot of competition for quest mobs. Not so much the "Kill #" veriety, but the "Kill Vlad the Inhaler" type where there is one mob everyone needs. For the most part, people have been receptive to grouping up or have sent me a group invite without me having to ask so that was nice.

My Opinion:

Still not a fan of the LP system, but maybe it gets better at some point. Doesn't hurt to be optimistic right? As is, I find myself logging in and stepping away to do chores, play with the kids, or while LP builds up.

When I do use LP, I see a corresponding skill, like Larceny, go up a few points. I'm not really sure the benefits of leveling a skill like that as I don't see any real change in results or anything like that. I'm only around 150 or so though so I figure any change is just not really noticeable at this point.

While questing, I'm finding I enjoy melee combat a bit more then ranged which is a bit of a surprise for me. I've not tried any of the caster classes, so no opinion on those at the moment. As far as enjoying melee more: I have a pretty even split of ranged and melee moves on my taskbar and, while ranged gets the mob to about half health generally, the melee combat just "feels" like I'm doing some damage. I've only been using a two handed sword called a Nodachi, so will have to try some others out and see if it is melee in general or specifically the weapon I like.

I tried to keep a positive mindset going into Day 3. I've accepted that, for now, I am playing a themepark game and, as I said previously, it looks good and is enjoyable in that frame. I do see hints of freedom here and there so I'll continue leveling (currently 19) to see where things go.