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Evony, a new users review

After playing Evony for the last month, I would like to share my experience and opinions with others.

Author: MikeL456

Review of Evony

Posted by MikeL456 Sunday March 28 2010 at 5:53PM
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Several months ago, I was looking for a new game to play. That is when I came across Evony, and ever since have been known as Lord Lockden in the world of Evony.

Evony is a real time strategy game, focused around survival and growth. A game that you can play for free, or spend a bit of money to help out in a pinch.


The goal of Evony is to grow. Your growth is measured by you Prestige. You can grow your prestige several ways. Winning battle, completing quests, growing your army, ect.
At the beginning of the game, you are given a city, and you need to grow it in order to defend yourself, attack non player characters (NPCs) and (when you are ready) attacking others. As you grow, you can get more cities and continue to grow.
To help new players get started, there is a series of quests that help guide you through the basics of playing Evony.


One of the basic survival keys is joining a good alliance who can help you “fend off the wolfs” as you are growing. There are a lot of alliance, and picking the correct one can really help. As you get bigger, you can help your alliance defend some of the new players.


City management is critical to growing. Managing a city can be broken down into several key areas; Resources, construction, population, and technology. Balancing your resource usage will control the rate at which you can grow, how big you can grow, and how well you can attack and defend. As you grow, you can expand the number of cities you have. Growing the number of cities you have will greatly increase your fighting ability.


Troops take technology to know how to build them, resources and population to build, and food to keep. If you build too many, they will starve. If you do not have enough, then you will not be able to defend yourself or attack large targets.
It takes troops to attack. You can target an attack against other players or valleys. A valley can do several things. You can plunder a valley for resources, capture a valley to grow how many resources your city produces, or you can capture a valley to build a new city.


A city contains heroes that you can hire. Once you hire them, they can help you attack or defend. They can also help you build faster, gain resources faster, and research technology faster. How much they help depends on their level. To grow their level, a hero needs to see some combat.


The number of cities you can have is based on you Rank. To grow your rank, you need to collect medals. To collect medals, you need to attack valleys. My experience has shown that you get more medals when you lose troops in battle. The rate at which you can grow new troops is based on your resources, population, your technology level and your hero. Getting medals can take some time and seems to be where most of my focus has been.

Free play verses buying items

Let there be no doubt, this game can be played completely for free. By spending money you can buy items that will help you out in various areas. While you do not need to spend money, it can help out when you get in a bind. If you do not spend money on items, you can get some for free, but you have little control over what you get.
There are two easy ways to get items without spending money. At the start of the game, you get quite a wide assortment of items. In addition, every day you play you get a free amulet that you may trade in for a random item. In addition, on a very rare occasion, you can win one in combat. I never have, but I have read that on many web sites.

In conclusion

This is a fun game that I recommend to everyone. It seems to have a good balance for beginner and experienced players. But beware, once you start it is hard to stop; my wife can testify to that.


Lord Lockden

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