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i can haz it ?

a personal view on the world of mmo's

Author: mightyfc

in the beginning there was nothing..

Posted by mightyfc Tuesday June 15 2010 at 10:21AM
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So a short introduction to start off with. im a 32yo big-rig driver and former comp tech with too much sparetime :P.

i recently tried out APB, wich looked to be a very promising light on the current mmo scene.

first off im feeling a bit unsure if this should be called an mmo, districts are limited to 100 players before anotehr instance opens up. and thats pretty low with todays standards and theres basicly nothing mmo:ish over the game, more like a fps with alot of eye candy customization


mmo or not, its a fun game, infact very fun. the 5 hours ended so fast i couldnt believe it, so i got myself anotehr 2 accounts ;), with a good 15 hours on the game im starting to get a feel for it and the good vs the bad.


the game is very simple,  ull get missions(quests) on-the-fly either its pvp missions to hit the opposite faction (defense or offense) or its a pve mission (steal a car,bomb/burn a building and so on) while you are working on the pve mission you can have the law dispatched against you. wich means a player from the opposing faction will have to try and stop you from completing your pve mission in order for him to "win". and thats basicly it. you repeat this over and over, and ALL the missions are the same. run up to random objective and hit F (your key to use everything) and watch diffrent animations.  even if its to steal a car or set fire to some place you just hit F and wait for a little timer to finish.

by doing missions you gain ranks with your faction that opens up more powerful upgrades/weapons

im trying hard to figure out if theres more to say about the game but there really isnt, its very simple.


the good:

1.the combat is amazingly fun not sure why because its VERY basic, theres no active skills to use, just aim and shoot, very fast paced, good hitboxes and very smooth netcode.

2. driving feels really good too for an mmo, infact the best "mounts" ive ever had in an mmo and every type of car/truck handles/feels diffrent

3. the weapons are great, with alot of customization. ull unlock more powerful weapons based upon your rank, wich is determined by your win/loss ratio

4. the matchmaking system is bloody awesome, like i mentioned its determined on your win/loss ratio vs other ranks, and it works out really really good

5. the UI is simplistic and ull catch on very fast, its easy to use even in the most hectic situations and theres alot of those

6. graphics are not a big thing for me really but here APB really shines, the graphics are simply breathtaking, especially the char models, holy crap its the best char models ive ever seen in any game period.

7. char creation/char looks endless possibilitys to create whoever you want to create, and not just the run of the mill "mr bulky" most mmo char gens offer, but you can make mr "trailer park fatty" also

8. grouping system, automaticly puts you with even ranked players, fast and reliable. not much more to say about it because it just works really good so ull hardly notice it does its job, in a session of 5 hours ull be transfered between ALOT of groups because of the way the missions work



the bad:

cant do a list of this, its hard to explain but the bad is that its not a mmorpg.

the game could have been so much more than it is, and if they had implemented basic mmorpg stuff this would prolly have been the best mmo in 2010

missing anything that make s a mmo a mmo reallyno active skills/no drops/no attributes/limited gear/no pve/no resists/no skilltree's


its a fun game to log in and play for 5-6 hours but to play this month after month.. no it wont happen.

already after 15 hours its getting a bit tedious and ive been repeating missions like mad already. but its s fun way to waste a few hours.