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The Dusk Walker

The Dusk Walker is a blog about my thoughts and such on games that I'm playing such as World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Harvest Moon (yes, I like the cows... >.>;) and various other things! : D

Author: mentepazza

The Death Knight RP Dilemma

Posted by mentepazza Thursday December 4 2008 at 9:02AM
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I find that studying abroad has many educational uses and overall it is a great experience! I mean, it isn't every day that I get to hop on a plane, fly to China, and then stay there for an entire fall semester. I've explored a great deal and have come across a vast amount of interesting experiences. However, there has been a serious lack of internet capability, which has made some "stay in the room" days (or  nights) a bit, "BLAH." You see, most of China's educational facilities use proxy servers and ALAS they, to be quite honest, suck big time. It means I cannot play World of Warcraft or access many sites. Not to mention the internet is as slow as a snail.

However, it HAS allowed me to think of WotLK and my hobby as a RPer. Yes, I'm one of those girls that leaps into RP servers with glee. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE raiding and all the things that come with WoW, but I find in thoroughly enjoying to RP from time to time! I also do text based Rps and have since I was a wee middle schooler... and old habits die hard.


So, to get to the point! I've been thinking of what kind of Death Knight I want to create and how to role play them, and it has led me to two ideas. I'd greatly appreciate comments and imput, as right now I've only acquired three "so-so" opinions. Please, no flaming or negative comments as I'm not looking for those things and would appreciate if they weren't expressed. I'm  just here to have fun and share my ideas and get some helpful imput so I can make a DECISION. Arrgh! I can't decide!

Oh and I'm being brief in my DK ideas (there are details thrown in each bio, but I'm trying to spare you the parts that don't matter a whole lot). I'm also not including much of their previous background, as what I'm more concerned about is the bit that surrounds the idea of a Death Knight. (I hope that makes sense!)

DEATH KNIGHT IDEA #1: Evanoire Silverwind

Evanoire Silverwind is a female Night Elf, sister to my main character  named Gyvien Silverwind.

Evanoire was a free spirit, much like her elder sister Gyvien. She was skilled like her three elder brothers with the blade and seemed to be walking down the path of a warrior, much to the delight of the Silverwind family. Eventually however, Evanoire's spirited nature caused her to leave her Elven homeland and explore the Eastern Kingdom so that she could further her skills of the blade and satiate her craving for travel.

Years passed and through a series of unimportant events, Evanoire became a sort of 'mercenary' although the jobs that she took always were screened by her morals, so the sometimes "negative" connotation of a mercenary perhaps did not fit her quite accurately.

She was exploring the areas around Lordaeron about the time when Arthas, Uther and Jaina were dealing with the soon-to-be-undead townspeople of Stratholme. When Arthas went marching up to Northrend to deal with Mal'Ganis was when Evanoire was hired by [insert some person's name here, haven't really figured out if I should make it a nosey Lordaeron inhabitant or what. I don't want to make it an important figure, as that would make Evanoire seem more important than she really was.] So yes, as I was saying, Evanoire was hired to follow Arthas and to keep track of his where abouts, so that Terenas and Uther could find and deliver a message to him swiftly.

Her task having been completed, she left.

Long story short, eventually when Arthas shattered the Frozen Throne and joined with Ner'zhul to become the Lich King was where Evanoire made a wrong turn. Eager to stop the plague of undeath, she joined with a band of paladins to guide them into Northrend. Along the way the group fell into hardship and many died (details left out), so by the time they reached the Lich King, they were tired, defeated and changed. Evanoire, weak in spirit and mind, was drawn by the growing whispers that had grown in her mind. Promises of strength, of immorality, of freedom from her feeling of helplessness (along with other things, yadaya.) The seduction of the dark power of the Lich King won over her weakened heart and mind, and thus Evanoire became a Death Knight.

[She willed herself against the Lich King like the others... blah]

PHEW, sorry. This next idea is more... unique, which is why I'm having troubles deciding if I should try it or not.  My character Lavielle is my other main who is a priest and I've developed her a lot with RP and such. I've already given her an inner "persona" that has caused her nothing but trouble, but it was never labeled and sort left on a cliff hanger when I went to China. So I thought maybe making that person a DK would be a nice tie-in. Bah! Read on! ****

DEATH KNIGHT IDEA #2: Lavielle DeFairore & Mathias Sortland

Mathias Sortland was a fallen paladin who sought out the Lich King willingly and became a Death Knight. In the battles that the Death Knights endured however, Mathias was slain, his body destroyed. However, much like the original Death Knights before him, his soul was still intact.

The Lich King, in his thirst for power, could be presumed to have tried many dealings with the creation of Death Knights and the like. And so, the Lich King took the essence or 'soul' of Mathias, still corrupted and in service to the Lich King, and bade him to find a suitable body in which to harness and take over for service of the Lich King. Perhaps for experimental purposes and/or reasons up for guess, Mathias was to find a current, living host.

So Mathias's soul wandered, trying to find a suitable host (and man, did he have bad luck in finding others). Some of the travelers he came across were too weak, while others were too strong for him to weasel his way in. Eventually however, he came upon a Draenei priest. The priest (my Lavielle) had been dabbling in the harnessing of darkness or shadow, trying her earnest to learn from it so that she could learn perhaps new ways in curing or aiding others that were bound by plagues or other curious ailments. She was brimming with potential but yet had not become strong enough to resist, let alone realize, the intrusion of Mathias.

Eventually as time progressed, Lavielle learned of Mathias and the two were at a constant power struggle. The more Lavielle learned and progressed, the strong Mathias grew as well. It was his desire and goal to strengthen Lavielle to the point at which she would be suitable for the Lich King, in which he would use all of his will to completely control her body and serve his King.

Lavielle sought the help of others to try to remove Mathias, but there was little to be done. He had melded to be apart of her to a point where separation was not only risky, but deemed impossible. So Lavielle believed strengthening herself mentally would allow herself to keep him from gaining control. She had yet to realize however, who or even what Mathias really was. To her, he was merely a dark presence- perhaps an old part of the Burning Legion or some unexplained creature of Azeroth.

So Lavielle grew and aided those who had become her friends and when they were to journey into Northrend, she agreed to go with them- unknowing that such an act would enable Mathias the strength to fully gain control.
At this point, I planned on Mathias slowly reverting against the Lich King. Having inhabited Lavielle's body, I assumed that her personality and relationships would have rubbed off on him and had a part in shaking him loose from the dark seduction. Through some sort of RP (Lavielle is a character I've RPed extensively, so I have some fun RPs already for me when I get back to WotLK with muh friends!) I was thinking eventually he'd agree to some sort of 'pact' or deal in which to share Lavielle's body.



So those are my ideas. As of right now, I'm more partial to the second idea because I think it is a little more creative and it'd be adding a little bit of 'oomph' to an already well-developed character of mine. However, that COULD be the plotting RPer of me. :3 I'd appreciate comments and your thoughts! Thanks so much in advance!


Boneflower writes:

The second idea is far more interesting, original, and fun to play IMO. But if it was me, I would maintain the struggle between them rather than resort to a pact of body sharing. Conflict is the root of great roleplay, expecially inner conflict with onesself. Allow Lavielle to be stronger than she thinks she is. She holds mathias in check, even though she feels she is always losing or her hold slipping. he remains loyal to Arthas, but lavielle's influence prevents him from acting on such desires. Has a huge amount of potential. :3

Thu Dec 04 2008 9:36AM Report
BenGellor writes:

First one would not work as there were no Night Elfs running around when the events with arthas were going on in Warcraft III , they were all waiting to be woken up .

Thu Dec 04 2008 10:44AM Report
BarakIII writes:

They weren't asleep, they were basically hidden from the world. That said the point is the same, night elves weren't abroad in the world at that time. Humans didn't even know they existed.

Thu Dec 04 2008 11:27AM Report
mentepazza writes:

They weren't asleep, well, not all of them - the Druids were. And the timeline of Arthas and Battle of Mt. Hyjal are a bit mixed, so the Elves never officially met the humans until Mt. Hyjal (which happens before ARthas became the Lich King). However, that doesn't mean there couldn't have been times that a human met an Elf. Especially given Dalaran's scholars and etc. My point being, it isn't a big stretch to say while the majority of the Night Elves were keeping to themselves, that a few journeyed out anyway.

Never does everyone do exactly as the masses do.  Thanks for responding though! ^_^ Special thanks to Bone to giving me some good RP feedback and telling me why he liked the second one better.


thanks again! I appreciate it you three. *sagenod*

Thu Dec 04 2008 1:29PM Report
Death1942 writes:

aside from the elf thing i'd say both are good ideas.  The idea that near (or full?) immortal races can become undead is beyond stupid.  Same with creatures that are close to Nature (Taurens, Night Elves) and highly honourable races (Dwarves).  Basically Death knights really should only be human, Orc (a stretch though, how many orcs are knights?), Blood elf and of course undead.

Thu Dec 04 2008 11:55PM Report
Loke666 writes:

Actually I kinda like the first one better. I am a old timer RPG player and i like that part of seduction of power... And fallen palladin is something I seen a lot. i also like Evanoire peronality better and think she would be funnier to play.

Anyways, both are very welll written :)

Fri Dec 05 2008 12:00AM Report
Midori86 writes:

As long as you're not a Mary-Sue, you can do whatever you want really.  So I'd say the second option, as the first one smells a bit Sue-ish.  No offense.

Fri Dec 05 2008 1:15AM Report
mentepazza writes:

Actually, death, the first Death Knights were orcs. The first Death Knights were created differently though... they took souls and put them in dead bodies, basically. Poor warlock dead souls... but thanks for your imput! :D

Loke- Heh, you should hear about her sister, Gyvien if you want personality - so it makes sense that Evanoire wouldn't fall too far from the tree. Thanks for responding!

Midori - No offense taken! I actually take pride in making characters that aren't Sue-ish and ... I'm such a nerd... but I take a few Mary Sue online tests when sometimes I'm not too sure. Sometimes it is a bit difficult- especially on a game like WoW where so many people are playing and they're bound to step on eachother's toes. But *puts mark on the chalkboard* Another for the second option! Thanks for your response as well!

Fri Dec 05 2008 6:02AM Report
Wikidex writes:

The first one would be more fun if you rp'd while having followed the litch king and watching him from afar you had become infatuated and then one night revealed to him what youhad been told to do and that you loved him and blah blah blah and then he turned you away but you vowed to stay by his side and became an dk(not realizing what horrible  things they would ask of you) but it would leave lots of fun moments of you lamenting your lost arthas, as well as it  coming to a particularly entertaining climax when you are finally fighting the litch king and screaming that you still love him and that its for his own good, you could finish it off by leaping from a citadel or cliff immediately following his death....

As for the second one i would say you could perhaps say that the entity that inhabited you was infact a wholely good entity almost completely destroyed in a battle with the litch king, and by spurning him yourpaladin falls into the grasp of the litch king becoming a dk, and (for htis part you have to go unholy) realizing what she has done hse uses her last remainging holy  power to bind the good entity into a dead body ( his ghoul) and fows that he will see her work through in the hops of becoming  favoured in the light once again.

just some ideas, take care and feel free to PM me if you want more.




Fri Dec 05 2008 7:07AM Report writes:
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