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Games are Life

Just a personal blog for everyday gaming. Playing various MMO's and always looking for the up and coming title.

Author: Mcdrecan

Rethinking my gaming past Part 2

Posted by Mcdrecan Friday June 24 2011 at 8:21PM
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So like I said in my last post I had a lot of experience with FFXI, some good, some bad and something’s that you just can’t escape from no matter what game you’re playing. If you’re reading this post than you probably know what I’m talking about ‘bots’. They were at almost every rare spawn point in the game that was even worth camping out for a couple of hours (some had an 8 to 16 hour window between spawns). I’ll admit it I tried out botting but it was only for fishing and mainly for my own cooking skill not to throw on the auction house to make money from it (I had my BCNM fights to thank for my funds).
I loved that fact that in FFXI after about level 10 (you could try earlier if you were bored enough) you had to get into a group to actually level your class up. It gave you more playtime to get the feel for a class, write macros and overall figure out what works for you. Unless you were playing one of the few classes that could solo level (beastmaster, pupper master, and blue mage were the ones in the game when I last played). Granted most of the time at level 10 you were grouping with people that didn’t have a lot of experience with the game, had no sub class support and was entirely under geared for the fights, but you pressed on and survived the dunes. Fun times going after the sub class item that only skeletons at night dropped, unless you got some help from a higher up and they took you into the mines were the skeletons were always up.
Also the one thing that FFXI had better then any mmo that I’ve played is the story line. Right from the start you were thrown into this huge story line that ended up taking you into huge fights that you needed to complete before being able to go to the next chapter in that story. You also didn’t have to finish one story just to get into another story from a new expansion.  There was more to do within the game itself then there was “end game” material, yeah there was fights like the tornberry you had to kill just to get your “Carbuncle Mitts”, or the tornberry that you had to run in circles for fear of death while 17 other people chased after it to try and kill it from behind (best time for this fight was almost 3 hours). But you had a lot of classes that you could level on one character and you could reuse some of the gear that you have gathered while playing another class to use.
Macros for me were the best as well, because you could make a macro to change gear at any given moment and while fighting to give you a certain edge. While playing a thief I had a macro to change gear for range attack and let me group know when and what I was pulling, and then switching to another set of gear entirely (except weapons cause that would reset TP) to give me a better attributes for melee attacks. The same went for any class that had the ability to pull and do melee damage even with my red mage and black mage class (had to do the same set up for my wife’s red mage as well) I had to change elemental staffs according to what I was casting at that given moment.
Next week will have a longer post due to my deployment coming to an end then I’ll be able to get back into gaming as soon as I get my hands on my new laptop, or actually setup my desktop again. Until next time thanks for reading.