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MaxCancer Blog

MaxCancer MMORPG Blog

Author: maxcancer

it's all here?

Posted by maxcancer Sunday November 6 2016 at 8:23AM
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for the first time in my gaming life, that exists since 1995, there is nothing to wait, there is nothing that attracts my curiosity, to inspire me, how can it be possible? there are no more ideas???? what happens?

Crowfall and Camelot Unchained will come out already old, painful graphic and old ideas, camelot perhaps could have some hope, but I'm not sure about that....

and Star Citizen? we are still here hoping release without problems... and wait.....and wait...........

i'm tired about black desert....ESO...WOW and all that games..... EQ Next was deleted... it is possible that we can only wait for some expansions set?? and nothing REALLY new??? it's all here??? the mmorpg future is that?????

Thanks You Mr. Nimoy

Posted by maxcancer Friday February 27 2015 at 2:31PM
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I look you in Star Trek since i was a little boy

You and your stories bring me for all my  childhood

Yopu was my hero, and will be forever

Tai nasha no karosha Ambassador SPOCK

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Different ip and BAN situation

Posted by maxcancer Thursday October 2 2014 at 3:25PM
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i don't want whine .... years who i living with this situation.

My work, bring me around the world....oh yes that is cool and pay well but..... the MMO SH don't know exist players can change country so fast...

and what happend? nothing good, just ban....

SOme years ago Ex LOTRO Codemaster company ban my account because my connection IP are different from my original conuntry IP, and think i give my account to a gold farmer.... so, i've send to codemaster all documents, fly tickets, hotels documents etc etc, but nothing care, he ban my lvl 50 account... so tnx.

i go in germany for work, TSW do not work and funcom send me a mail someone from a different country log in.....

Trion World with rift ban my account for 7 days because i log in with a spanish IP....and i've use my autenthicator......nothing care...

SO... PLEASE, i know the account security are important, but someone explain to this ppl in the planet exist PPL like MMO work again the world.... i'm tired to explain every week "i'm in other country for work"


Bury My pic, Bury it NOW !!

Posted by maxcancer Wednesday March 21 2012 at 4:45AM
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PPL come around the portal to Bury pictures, comments, posts and other stuffs, just for pleasure or bother without any comment.

I prefer if ppl comment and write WHY u Bury my pic, what u dont like? what do u want? so, just Bury and don't comment,  Very brave ppl.


BURY this comment too cowards, i don't damn care :)

POTBS Free too

Posted by maxcancer Monday October 25 2010 at 6:46PM
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Is that the way for the perfect mmorpg future? the F2P?

After Everquest POTBS become free too, and the next? SWG or Planetside?

EQ2 Become free, My God !!

Posted by maxcancer Monday October 18 2010 at 6:05AM
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I have really Loved EQ2, I have played a lot of time in Permafrost server. And now? After LOTRo, EQ2 become free....or...Semi-Free. Yes because with that restrictions, EQ2 become the wrost F2P ever.

I know i know, eq2 are the best pve mmorpg in commerce with Vanguard, lotro and MAYBE WoW ( i don't wanna talk about WoW). Everquest 2 Extended are a good and playable Demo of EQ2, just 8 class on 24, that is really a bad Restrinction, because a new class cost 750 points 500 points = 8$ really a lot of money for buy a single class. And if u have already a Char in a Normal EQ2 Server? No Problem u can copy your char in free server JUST for 35$ O_o

So, just in case, i love EQ2, but i love the Real EQ2, IMHO, that Demo don't worth my time and my money, and like ever, GJ SoE.