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Blog of Raid

Posts about my upcoming game Raid. Raid is a MMORPG based in a fantasy medieval time period on the planet Cardamon, the Seventh Realem of The Guardians. There are a total of 9 Realms. Each of which are explained and opened up through the storyline.

Author: max20078

Raid v1.3 Released

Posted by max20078 Saturday December 12 2009 at 4:36PM
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Here are the updates for the newest version of Raid which is online now.

Fixed - Guard Post
Changed - Roseton INN
Fixed - Quest NPCs wont talk to you
Added - Thievery Skillcards
Added - Item loss upon death
Added - PvP Mode
Added - Sandbox Mode
Changed - Revamped Tutorial
Removed - 16 Spiders from Spider Cove
Added - Entrence to Lydions Castle
Changed - Fishing Skill(Raw Fish Icon changes to Cooked Icon)
Added - Scribe in FayFox Bank
Added - Enemy NPC Green Slime
Added - Skill Minor Heal
Added - Skill Flare
Changed - Lowered Damage from Venomcasters
Changed - Guard Speed increased
Added - Race Merfolk
Changed - AI
Changed - Lag reduced majorly
Added - Global Saving
Fixed - Saving in Sandbox Mode
Fixed - Pickaxe has no equip icon
Fixed - Shops don't update
Changed - Spells give more experience

Raid Page(Hub):

Jump Straight into the action:

Be sure to report bugs/suggestions:



Posted by max20078 Monday October 26 2009 at 8:59PM
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Hey everybody,

 Today i'll be blogging about Quests in my upcomming MMORPG Raid. Each city/town will consist of a minimum of 5 quests, Two Type I, Two Type II, and one Type III. See chart below. Though they have a minumum of 5 doesn't mean there won't be more in larger scale cities.

This is the basic chart on Quests:
Type I- Reward: Money, Small Items, Small Payback. EXP: 5-20
 - Bring resources (iron to smith, etc.) to shopkeeper
 - Deliver message/item
 - Fight small monsters (in basement, attic, house, etc.)

Type II- Reward: Money, Strong Items, Medium Payback. EXP: 20-35
 - Rescue someone
 - Fight large monster (outside of town- in cave, forest, etc.)
 - Find lost item

Type III- Reward: Important Items. EXP: 35-50
 - Fight evil villain
 - Rescue several people

Quests Indicaters(!) can be found above a NPC(Non-Player Character). See the example below: