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My Take on Everything

My opinion on what is going on with MMOs. Released or not. This will not be a rant blog. It will be opinions on current status of MMOs.

Author: matraque

Is EQ2 picking up or going down

Posted by matraque Saturday August 25 2007 at 1:18PM
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Here`s the question: Is EQ2 picking up or going down?  It's the top game on, It's forum has a lot of activity.  Posts seems to indicate that people are going back or trying out EQ2.  Not a lot of negativity towards the game....


Is it time for SOE to launch a massive marketing spree for EQ2 again?  Are they willing to do it?  The game lacks visibility that is for sure.  It is polish, fun and has tons of content.  It can compete with WoW and LOTRO, no problem there...


Hrica writes:

I believe with the release of Rise of Kunark on November 13th, EQ2 will see a good amount of olers players returning and new players how have not played the game.

Sat Aug 25 2007 1:57PM Report
Robbgobb writes:

It helps also that the RoK site says that all the previous expansions are included in the retail version.

Sat Aug 25 2007 2:40PM Report
neschria writes:

I think EQ2 is on the rise. It has improved very much since the first time I tried it. I have been in and out of the game a bit, and I seemed to regularly meet people playing for the first time. I think RoK will bring players back and bring new people in. It will be a good time to join with a new race coming in.


Sat Aug 25 2007 3:19PM Report
Valgar1 writes:

I must agree,

Having left WoW last month after playing for over 2 years, i recently activated my old EQ2 account and i must say what a surprise. Havent had this much fun in a long long time. The graphics to the realism is just fantastic. Playing WoW was like playing a fantasy cartoon. EQ2  is like living a real adventure.  There are so many class's to choose from and the skill tree's are a huge improvment. I would say if all the WoW r's gave it a try for about 2 weeks they wouldnt be returning to it for a while. I thought WoW was as good as it got but now EQ2 is the game IMO.

Sat Aug 25 2007 6:13PM Report
lledoen writes:

I played eq2 for the first month and a half after it's release, and i must say that the graphics requirements and the rediculous systems for achievement and tradeskills were horrible to deal with and i couldnt get my head around them. Now, however, EQ2 has gone through a revitalization period in which they have simplified and perfected the obvious flaws that were apparent to even the least trained eye. It is now an amazingly fun and interesting game to play, with an easy tradeskill system and tons of content to delve into. After 2 years of that infantile game of WoW, it is nice to be back in a deeper game with a more interesting (older, less retarted) player base. Overall, i give EQ2 a check plus. Now when WAR comes out, goodbye EQ, but i will be faithful untill then, for sure.

Sat Aug 25 2007 9:46PM Report
Knappy writes:

Well the servers have been consolidated, and at any given time the server populations reach at best medium. Think the rp servers and pvp server reach full on the weekends.

That isnt necessarily a bad thing, the number of people playing might not be what it once was but the people that remain are a solid gaming community.

Wether Eq2 makes a come back in subscriptions or not isnt a big deal for me, Id rather have a population of quality players. The days of multiple instances and having to compete for mobs are gone, and to be honest I really dont miss them.

Sun Aug 26 2007 9:33AM Report
Ferrox writes:

I Its seems to hang on by its fingernails by releasing a new expansion, like the last expansion boredom set in for me after a month. There is just nothing to keep you playing. I suspect RoK will also have the same effect, a month of new exploration and quests then back to wandering what the hell to do now.

Sun Aug 26 2007 1:05PM Report
matraque writes:

Thanks for all the comments guys!

Sun Aug 26 2007 5:16PM Report
smartkidz writes:

The graphics are so top notch that it can compete. They should i mean come on an All In One Pack, increasing population, low amount of haters, and to top it off the games kicks you-know-what now. But that might just be me. :)

Tue Aug 28 2007 11:36PM Report
healz4u writes:

I am completely convinced that EQ 2 is a superior game to WoW and LotR combined on every level. The problem is that the game had a bad start and continues to be held back from it.  I agree that, particularly with the launch of Rise of Kunark, SOE would be wise to market this great game more effectively.


I played nearly every MMORPG out there from UO to text-based RPGS to Neverwinter Nights, and in many respects Everquest 2 is my favorite MMORPG above all of them.  It has the features I enjoy in a game:  a vast world; soloability; a sound crafting system;  a collection system;  interesting roleplay aspects;  great lore; raids that are fun and accessible;  very deep, complex, and challenging dungeons for solo, small group, and full group; and much more.

Tue Sep 04 2007 12:24AM Report
openedge1 writes:

I agree with all the above...I have tried EQ2 since it's inception...always returning to try a demo when I got bored of GW, WoW, then LOTRO...the last time was the about major changes...I played longer, wanted to learn more, found the UI friendly and easy to work with. Helpful community, good performance now (with a killer computer...and way better than LOTRO)

I think EQ2 is the Gornw Ups Version of an everything speaks volumes in gameplay and fun..

SOE needs to REALLY push RoK bigtime...

Thu Oct 11 2007 1:36PM Report writes:
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