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My Take on Everything

My opinion on what is going on with MMOs. Released or not. This will not be a rant blog. It will be opinions on current status of MMOs.

Author: matraque

Star Wars Galaxies - What are we really missing? - Part 1

Posted by matraque Sunday September 16 2007 at 4:44PM
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Yes, we all loved SWG.  I started playing in beta 3.  I remember... I got my beta invite the day after i watched A New Hope (had not listened to a SW film in years!).  I was not actively playing an MMO back then so it was a welcomed gift.

What got me in SWG was the SW universe (like probably most of us).  I honestly did not care of the features and gameplay.  It was Star Wars FFS and that is all i needed to get hooked.  I was playing a SW game in a settings i liked.  The classic SW time line (EP IV V VI).  I did not care at all about the rest.  That was back in beta.

The game was, even like today's MMOs, launched unfinished (I can probably even mention broken).  We keep playing because of the community and our guild.  I don't think anyone can say they were playing the game because of the content (especially before JTL).  Raph vision was "Let em create the content".  It worked to a certain degree.

What went wrong?  The inability of the Devs to create content and fix the game.  Basically, the absence of wiliness IMO.  SW is one of the best IP on the world... how can you not find something to add to you game?  At first, they had the monthly story (brilliant idea).  It got scrapped after chapter II if i remember correctly.  Then, the started to add a couple dungeons here and there (Corvette, DWB and Geolab).  But, the worst part of SWG was the holocron (the one that let that stupid idea should have been fired on the spot).  IMO, the holocrons KILLED SWG.  That is where it started to go downhill.  Allowing Jedi in SWG was the biggest mistake ever.  If you wanted Jedi in SOE (or the people that kept whining and whining to get it) you should have created the game in using the "new" Star Wars or something ala KOTOR.

Thats the end of part 1, thanks for reading!

Is EQ2 picking up or going down

Posted by matraque Saturday August 25 2007 at 1:18PM
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Here`s the question: Is EQ2 picking up or going down?  It's the top game on, It's forum has a lot of activity.  Posts seems to indicate that people are going back or trying out EQ2.  Not a lot of negativity towards the game....


Is it time for SOE to launch a massive marketing spree for EQ2 again?  Are they willing to do it?  The game lacks visibility that is for sure.  It is polish, fun and has tons of content.  It can compete with WoW and LOTRO, no problem there...


Free Content

Posted by matraque Tuesday August 21 2007 at 5:41PM
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Free content in a MMOG?  That is a false statement in my opinion.  We pay a monthly fee (for the most part) for every single MMOG we play.  That is why devs prepare that content for us, because we are paying a monthly fee.  If we were not paying a monthly fee, you could forget about patches and updates all together.  Even a system like LOTRO lifetime sub could not provide the money needed for patches and content.

Yes it looks free, but in the end, it is not.  It is content we get because there is a fee attached to playing the game.

EQ2, The best MMO around at the moment

Posted by matraque Saturday August 4 2007 at 7:49PM
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It's true.  I just started EQ2 (for real.. had it for a while but never really played) and it's an amazing game!  Graphics are nice, gameplay is nice and there is too much stuff to do.  I was surprised to see that Antonica on most of the servers had 50 to 80 players in the zone.  Don't believe the people that are saying the old land is dead.  Not true.  I started on the old land to actually verify those claims.  EQ2 is in excellent shape.  Even the people on this site rate it no 1.  And we all know what kind of people visit this site :)


I'm really enjoying it and i kinda feel bad for not starting playing earlier.  Now that VG is on hiatus and that I'm not in any beta currently, i have time to devote to EQ2.


LOTRO?  WoW?  Forget those kids.... Give EQ2 a try.

Vanguard Milestone1 - Results

Posted by matraque Sunday July 8 2007 at 11:04AM
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Hasium posted the results of the first SOE milestone for Vanguard.  I personally feel it's a good plan.  I play VG and I'm happy to see the game getting patched and updated.  Is it too late?  Maybe.  Only time will tell.  Good games are coming out and turning VG around won't be an easy task.  What SOE needs to do is sell VG for what it has.  Housing, Boats and flying mounts.  It also needs to show off it's diplomacy system and where they want to go with it.  Personally, i would like diplomacy and adventuring together.  Diplomacy is a good concept and in my opinion, it is not correctly implemented in VG.  It needs to be closer to adventuring.  How about unlocking adventuring quests via diplomacy?  I always had the impression it would work like that.   Instead of killing 1000s of mobs for faction, could i do diplomacy missions to unlock content?

The milestone.  Raid content is coming.  That will please a good bunch of people I'm pretty sure.  Something cool on raid.  Raids will have riftways in them.  It is designed to skip part of the dungeon i think.  A raid and UI tools are also coming.  Performance and optimization increases.  We already had a taste with the last patch and I'm happy they are finally working on the BIGGEST VG issue.  Performance.  Finishing features that were almost completed before the SOE acquisition.  Wondering what's the meaning of that because there is not much details.  Brotherhood?  Caravan?  I hope so.  These are 2 "new" things in the genre and could be VG selling points.

A trial island is also in the work.  I really doubt it will be ready with the update attached with this milestone, but we will see.  It would be a nice surprize and something that people are waiting for to see if their machine is capable of running Vanguard.

I'm happy to finally see what is on the table for VG and i really hope it can be turned around.


Age of Conan new videos

Posted by matraque Saturday July 7 2007 at 10:46AM
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I have to say that i was really happy to see some good gameplay action.  I read an article on and it really impressed me.  The only thing that scares me are the following:

-The initial levels will be played "alone"

-The combat system

Some complained about the animations, but i think they are fine.  I'm sick of the super duper animations... i want to see more "realistic" stuff.

The combat system is a new take on MMORPG combat and it's scary.  It could basically kill AoC if it's bad.