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Why WOW is still the lead inovater in the MMO genre.

What most people don't understand why wow is more popular than most, is the fact that they took the time to think about the world and how you interact with it.

Author: maskmurda

Do you feel emersed?

Posted by maskmurda Tuesday September 23 2008 at 10:27AM
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I have played 90%r of all free games, and pretty much all P2P games.  The reason why wow is the 800 lb gorrilla of the MMO world is because they took the time to design a world that entices players and keeps them active. It's a world where your interactions are viewed by other players and feels fluid and natural when your playing.


The graphics? This is often debated by many people when it boils down to it, doesn't matter at all. Wow has great graphics in my oppinion and I love the visuals. The details to each character, how the tails movve on your tauren when you run,  the trees sway in the wind, it's the simple fact that they just don't have objects sitting there feeling processed and generated, but feel lifelike and animated. The world is huge and detailed. Wow doesn't feel like a generic program or have that bland lifeless feel, it feels like a game.


Now wow in my oppinion, has the best leveling system with constantly interacts with the world with unique quest and demanding chain quest that require people to treat this like a game instead of some random mmo which has you pretty much kill and repeat. In wow you do get those numbered kill quest, but atleast they have 100's of other quest that are truely unique to the game and keeps it balanced between questing and doing everything else that moves you.


And to continue on the questing. You can quest all the way to lv70. Uhh win? From what I've seen, games that force you to grind don't require much skill and or will to do so. You logon, kill 400 mobs, log off. Where is the fun in that? Now in all games you do get both types who do succeed at doing it,a dnt hose who fail as in wow, but I see it as, I would rather do a difficult quest requiring 5 people to do in 20 minutes then grind on mobs for 3 hours to get the same amount of exp. Loosing exp when you die? Last time I check, if  someone teaches you something, and you get shot in the leg,  when you get out of the hospital your going to forget that? Chances are no, so why when I die I loose exp when I die? To me, that is the greatest revolution in game not to be forced to regain exp when I die just to make me grind even more.


Class and skills are unique to wow and highlight each classes attributes and playing styles. Although they didn't really reinvent the classes, they did promote their skills. More balanced PvP then most games, rewards for pvp, and pvp games. To me thats a win because I've pvped in other games and tried there pvp deals and wow just has a great feel to it. AV being the only thing Alliance can win for some reason is my favorite because it gives a large scale group the ability to  play together.


Weapons, armor, and accessories can be sumed up in a few words. PvP, raid, or make it yourself. Simple as that. And not like other games where you can just buy it from someone else if you sold enough cash shop items, or farmed a boss that gives you drops you can sell for alot.  PvP rewards are great for those who don't like raiding but love pounding on people. Which is a good idea that just b/c you raid and I don't like to doesn't mean I shouldn't loose out on armor/weapons because you did something I didn't. Making it yourself is a great way to get yourself some really good armor and to make money.


Now wow isn't for everyone and this is just my oppinion. But I'd take wow over any other game because it feels like a real game to me. Idk if it's just me, but I'd love to see wow on next gen consoles with toons of next gen content. There are lots of things wow is still missing, but it's still got more than any other game I've seen. I'd love to see great things come to wow and me, I'm not even into the lore nor has ever played, read or viewed anything pertaining to warcraft before wow so that proves they can make a believer out of anyone. Lets hope in the future they keep it up, and would probably just need more cowbell.

ZtyX writes:

You're full of crap.. WoW is not innovative.

The examples you've mentioned are not revolutionary or innovative in any way. ..

WoW is nothing special.

Tue Sep 23 2008 10:46AM Report
Daedren writes:

It's spelled "immersed".

Thanks for my daily dose of insanity.

Tue Sep 23 2008 11:13AM Report
Uruktos writes:

wow is the 800 lb gorrilla of the MMO world because most of the wow players (like you) joined the game via cunning marketing (every gamer knows warcraft) and cunning use of copy-paste tool (you obviously never heard of everquest, nor know how mmo's work)

Thank you for the 5 minutes of amusement though, its really funny to read someone ignorent enough to convince themselves.

Tue Sep 23 2008 11:15AM Report
axlezero writes:

PvP is not balanced in this game either, not even close.  Some classes just dominate.  Mages for one are insane.

I could go on, but I really doubt you've played all p2p mmos and if you did, and came to the conclusion that wow is the best... As the first guy said, you are full of crap

Tue Sep 23 2008 5:45PM Report
BarakIII writes:

Hmph, I wasn't one who was sucked in by marketing. As a matter of fact I didn't want to play WoW at all, but a friend kept pestering me to play, so I did. With that said I have to say that WoW is the best...or should I say still the best...mmo going right now. Not that that's saying much.

Like it or not WoW is hugely successful, and it takes a heck of alot more than cunning marketing to keep people playing and keep them coming back for more, and WoW does that. Love it or hate it, it's still the the most successful,  mmo going right now. Denying the truth isn't going to make all those other mmo's more successful.

I do hope something better comes along, but what I've seen so far just isn't stacking up.

Tue Sep 23 2008 6:15PM Report
Bigtim writes:

The threads author could have said his whole speel simply as this:-

Wow is a polished product.

Wow brings together all the familiar rpg elements and makes them feel like they fit the universe.

Wow has strong/consistant production design.

Wow does what it does. And is for the most part successful.

[saved you five minutes]

I never played an mmorpg before Eve then WOW, then AOC - yuck.

Wow did what was already floating around, it just did it BIGGER and better. That isn't innovation. Wow truly innovates in their creative use of the word EXPANSION. Their 'expansions' add only slight more 'new' content than the content those 'expansions' make redundant. Eg something like 50% of dungeons were made utteerly redundant after the expansion. Same thing happens with PVP gear and will happen with the new expansion due out.

Boss fights just recombine previous fight tactics into a 'new' experience with different graphics. New PVP gear wipes the floor with t e previous generation making mass grinding of Wows boring PVP experience a necessity for all hardcores.

Blizzard's big 'innovation' is not it's gameplay or spectacular design but the corporate's ability to remarket the same slop to hungry consumers for the past 2+ years. I say 2 years because I still believe until the expansion people were playing and paying for geuninely new content, Blizzard hadn't resorted to the mass recycling and redundancy of their own content under the guise of expanding the ingame world.

Wed Sep 24 2008 7:25AM Report
maskmurda writes:

Lol why post if you read it and didn't like it? My god, it's like the world is filled with people who just look for reasons to say mean things because they fail in many other aspects.

Sure I might have highlighted things you have taken out of context, but compare to any other crappy mmo' out wow is better. I hope new games will take over, but only time will tell.  If you don't have nothing good to say, stfu please.

If you read it and didn't like it, sorry about that. You took the time to read it I didn't put a gun to your head and force you to read it.

I explained it how I wanted, and thats why it's called a "blog". Not a "reader tells me something he thinks I care about because he is some troll who's real life friends are still wrapped in plastic".

Think I care about a typo? As long as it's readable... I just wanna understand why there are loosers looking around to post negativity around. Spread the good vibes nub spread the good vibes.

Fri Sep 26 2008 7:29PM Report writes:
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