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my mmorpg experince

im almost to the lich king hurray

Author: madnessman13

not sure what to do now

Posted by madnessman13 Wednesday June 15 2011 at 1:50PM
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well iv been playing wow for some time now and enjoyed it so far but its coming to an end. i will do some raiding then mabey stop. i dont think i will play an mmorpg till tera. All my freinds are currently playing ps3 and xbox360 so i think i will go to that play some reach and blops. i would be playing halo 3 because its much much better then reach but no one is playing it so i think i will stay away from it. i might play MW2. i mean all my freinds are playing console games at the moment  and so this computer stuff is getting old fast with out them so i will be making another post if anyone is intrested in reading this i will be telling you my decision. this is more for my benefit though i want these so i can look back and see what my thoughts were 3-10 years down the road or mabey even longer and comment and rate if you want i also enjoy reading them helps my  posts be better and help me make decisions on what games i should play or check out thanks!

back to WoW once again

Posted by madnessman13 Monday May 23 2011 at 10:31PM
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Well i played minecraft for awhile with a freind but that got old fast. i kept my self busy not really playing any games but i knew it was not going to last very long. I ended up going to walmart and buying catacylsm. I brought it home put it in and downloaded it. The next thing i knew i was back to playing WoW. I also brought a freind with my to WoW which has been nice his name is nick. I now play wow avidly and like being back to raiding like i was in lich king. Summer is coming up and i will continue to play WoW until it gets old there is this other game i would like to try it is terraria i hope its worth it. Im also looking forward to diablo 3 and mabey tera as future games.

continuing my mmorpg experience

Posted by madnessman13 Thursday August 5 2010 at 4:47PM
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Well this is basically a update and something to look back on when im older and have forgotten what its like to be a teenager im currently playing :) :( im on ICC now with a good guild that im becoming a part of and we are working on are way to the lich king on 10 man. My ultimate goal is to kill the lich king and when i do that i think i will take a break for a little bit probly till the newest expansion. so thats that and i think thats about it thanx for viewing and commenting.

im trying to stop playing mmorpgs

Posted by madnessman13 Friday July 9 2010 at 8:12AM
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well i was playing runescape until my subscription ran out and i never resubscribed so i just stopped playing and i thought well why even continue playing its just wasteing my time. I could be doing other things i know iv had this thought many times and for some reason i always come back to the games. i dont know what it is but for now im gonna stop playing this summer and enjoy it the best i can. sooo this is number 4 i only write these when i remeber i have a blog sooo if anyone is reading these thanx for waiting i know there not intresting but owell #4!! i would also like to add that im against the real ID that blizzard is using in there forums i never use them but its still a bad idea as you can see the fourms are crazy with how many people dont like it sooo those are my thoughts on the matter.

my new game im going to play is runescape, why?

Posted by madnessman13 Friday May 21 2010 at 8:31AM
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well iv finally decided to stop playing WoW when summer comes around. Theres one last thing i want to do though before i leave. i want to do icc, im a big fan of the lore of WoW and i really want to kill the lich king i think it would be pretty cool. Anyways when i leave WoW im going to play runescape once again. I have played runescape in the past i think iv played at least 3 years. So that is what im going to be doing this summer for a mmorpg if any one is intrested which you probly are'nt which is ok i just like to blog about what im going to be doing.


thinking about trying a new game

Posted by madnessman13 Tuesday March 16 2010 at 9:55PM
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iv been playing wow for a while now i finally reached lvl 80 and im getting better gear now to do ICC cant wait to kill the lich king himself that will be epic iv been following the storyline of warcraft iv read the whole lore. but now that iv been playing for a few months i kinda want to try a new mmorpg that has more human like characteristics i looked at tera online and that looked pretty good from what i saw but im still not sure well thats whats happened i know its been a long time since i last posted but iv been busy and thats not all thats happened but the main idea next time i post i might have switched games

first blog

Posted by madnessman13 Thursday January 28 2010 at 9:42PM
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my first blog. im not very good at this so i think i will jus say that i currently play worldof warcraft and im almost lvl 80 i cant wait to finally do a raid because i havent been able to do one since nobody does the bc ones or classic ones :( which saddens me  i really want to try those. im a ex runescape player i played for about 3 years i had a great time i come back every now and then to play for a month to check new updates and what not very good game i reccommned it. well thats my first blog dont know how good i did so if you could rate it and give me some pointers that would be very nice and appreciated thanx :)