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madmaty's adventure to find the perfect mmorpg

Here I will chronicle my adventure though the vast world of mmorpgs in the ever elusive quest to find the perfect mmorpg.

Author: madmaty and my views on the matter

Posted by madmaty Tuesday December 30 2008 at 7:08PM
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I would once again like to break from my normal format and take a look at what could be the biggest story in gaming news in recent years. As many of you have heard a relatively unheard of company has come out of the wood work and decided to sue rather large company NCsoft maker of more then one great game in my opinion for infringement of their patient. When I heard this news I went to see who the heck was and could not even find a download to try their game, though from the looks of the screens I could find it looks like Second Life made by Linden Lads, which is shunned by most main stream gamers. This probably accounts for why I can't find a download to their game. Though from the looks and sounds of this company they are not to popular at all, and this move is going to make a lot of main stream gamers shun then further I am not here to knock or praise NCsoft since I would be here all day long. Instead I am here to state what I think of the possible outcomes to this situation could be and how they would affect the entire mmo world on a large scale.




Outcome #1 - They Win the suit

Given the smooth moves of their law firm this is a good possibly They picked a foreign company who based their North American office in Texas. A place which is notorious for favoring the American companies They have a patient in hand which is broad enough to encompass just about any game that has been, or ever could be created, not only MMO but any multiplayer game. How they managed to pull off getting patient I will never know, but that is neither here nor there. This first win is needed more then anything to set precedent for other cases and believe me if they manage to pull this off they will open the flood gates and sue every major or minor company they can find, no one would be safe from them. This would be the worst case scenario for games of all kinds, since the companies will not suck the legal costs up it will fall to US the players of thesis games to suck the cost up, in the form of price increases across the board. Which going into the hard times ahead is not something any of us is really willing to do. Meaning most small game companies will be lost leaving only the power house company who will also suffer heavy loses. Meaning the quality of gaming will go to $#!T with less competition the large game companies can force crappy cookie cutter games down our throat and thee is nothing we can do about it.



Outcome 2 - They lose

This is the best possible outcome for everyone ( not included) If they lose which is a smaller chance then the first outcome but better for us the end users of thesis games they will most likely attempt once more then failing to win will put this company out of the way for good. Now my first outcome was a bit jaded but I needed people to see the hard facts about what this could mean. Now what does NCsoft have on their side to help them, well that's simple they have the other large game companies behind then weather or not they will admit to it publicly or not there will be there by NCsoft's side. For the fact that this case will set precedent in the events that will unfold after. Do you think companies like Blizzard and Sony Interactive are going to sit idly by and let a case that will hurt then in the end go though? I don't that's for sure.



Now its time for me to drop all the niceties and talk straight out. I think that has a crappy product and a saver lack of players to populate their game so they need a way to make money and get their name out to draw people into their game. Win or lose there will be a few players who join their game. I would also say that is trying to start their own monopoly Their move is like Microsoft suing apple for making a system which did not run on DOS. I think that all the other MMO companies or any company which has had online multiplayer in their game needs to stand up and publicly pledge their support to NCsoft and back them unequivocally in this matter. Because if NCsoft loses there is nothing preventing from coming after them. I also think that WE the players need to stand up and make our voices heard because we will be the ones hurt in the end. Now is the time to prey to whatever god you believe in.




Thanks for reading along, If you just came for the display pic thanks for stopping by and no I will not give out my avatar in larger size so please don't ask. If you would like to discuss this matter further please leave a comment and I will do my best to respond.




Comment Responses


Madmaty = Mathew not some random kyle guy
I am not trying to be a spokesman for everyone I am just putting my thoughts out there. NCsoft has a lot of great game I personally have logged over 2000 hours in Guild wars, and probably another 1000 in City of Heroes and City of Villains. I also have their newest one Aion on preorder witch the other 6.5 million preorder people and the 98% trial to paid account turn over rate agree should be a good game. Put your hate of a single company aside.


We all need to feed the trolls sometime very well said :) and yes as I stated if senerio 1 wins they will have the legal precedent to go at anyone they want. Their law firm NEEDS to win this or they can not take on the larger companies, which is why they chose Texas as their first battle ground.

@all the haters
I don't care weather you agree with me or not these are my thoughts. If you don't like what I am saying stop reading its a simple thing to do. Write your own blog and see how many people you can please. I am not here to please anyone in fact I don't care if anyone reads this or not I just write my blog for something to do.

Also sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes English was not my strong suit in school it was barely a pass each year, I focused my studies in other areas.