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madmaty's adventure to find the perfect mmorpg

Here I will chronicle my adventure though the vast world of mmorpgs in the ever elusive quest to find the perfect mmorpg.

Author: madmaty

Quest Log - Gold Slam

Posted by madmaty Sunday July 13 2008 at 1:29PM
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No conformation link as there is no way to out put the number of hours played


Let me start by saying this is a quest to find the perfect mmorpg and this game is technically not an mmorpg rather it is a mmosg. Yet I am going to review it anyway. Let me also state for the record this game is currently in closed beta testing so any qualms I may have with the game could be fixed before the official release. This game is geared towards the casual gamer more then the hard core. So hard core gamers may not get very much out of this game. As a tennis player in real life I just had to try this game once I received the beta invite for it. Downloading was fairly fast took only about 15 mins to fully download and install. When first entering the game you are asked to do the tutorial like a lot of other games. The only problem I had with this part of the game was the lack of information provided. You are asked to preform a number of shots yet little info is given as to exactly how to preform the shots. After a bit of struggling i managed to figure out exactly how to play. The controls are rater easy  using  W A S D for different shots and up down left and right to move the toon. The graphics are decent enough for a free game, however some of the character animations are very unrealistic  like getting up after you have jumped for the ball. The game engine is also fairly decent reminding me a lot of the virtual tennis I enjoy on my home consoles. Some small lagg issues occur but not so much that they hamper your experience. The level system leaves something to be desired as you need to win 20 matches or earn about 3000GP to level. While this may not seem bad keep in mind that a  2 match game will only net you about 25 GP if you lose and 45 if you win while each match will take about 20 mins to complete. The characters you have to chose from are 2 males and 2 females. You will however notice a big difference depending on which gender you chose, Males gain more power and have less control over their shots as well as slower footwork. Women on the other hand have less power while gaining better control over their shots and have far superior foot work skills. After playing a few games and moving into the shop to purchase items you will find one of my major problems which is the fact that an item bought only lasts a certain number of days. When buying an item you are promoted to chose the number of days you would like to own the items, which is not to bad but when i am shelling out my hard earned money I want to keep the items as long as I need them. Last but not least is a lack of items, each sprite gets only about 20 items that they can use.




- Good pick up and play game

- Easy to learn controls

- Decent graphics




- Some spriting issues which takes some of the realism out of the game

- Lack of items means you can own everything very early

- timed items means you will have to continually shell out money to keep your items

- Some small lag issues



My finial word

If you are a tennis fan or just a fan of sports games then this game is perfectly suited to you. People who are not tennis fans or hard core gamers might not get a lot out of this. I can not hole heartedly recommend this game to everyone in its current state tho I am hoping most of the issues I have with it are worked out in the beta stages. It is a good game and I will most likely play it in my spare time. Lets also remember people that virtual tennis is just a glorified version on pong.


Finial Score

6 / 10




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