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madmaty's adventure to find the perfect mmorpg

Here I will chronicle my adventure though the vast world of mmorpgs in the ever elusive quest to find the perfect mmorpg.

Author: madmaty

Quest Log - Dungeon Runner

Posted by madmaty Saturday July 5 2008 at 3:07AM
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To save space I will place time confirmation as a direct link to photobuckt in my quest logs

Time verification link -

Total time played at review: 1 Day 19 hours 58 mins


Starting out in this game my expectations were low. I will admit that a parody of mmorpgs needed to be done. I started out in the newbie area and was soon laughing my butt off. The NPCs were some of the funnest I have ever heard, I found myself clicking on them just to see what they would say next. Moving on though the newbie quests finial put me into a combat area, where I learned how flawed their combat system is. Unlike many games witch give you the option to repeat attack this game dose not. For casual gamers this might not be as much of a problem as it will be for the more hard core gamer. I found that after a few hours my clicking finger began hurting from the continuous holding of the mouse button. To attack to can pretty much hold down the mouse click and switch targets without re clicking. After placing an topic in the suggestion forums I was told "that would make the game to normal" Personally I have never found "normal" to be such a bad thing.  After running the newbie quests and moving on to the first city  or so I thought, it turns out that the ever so creative minds decided only 1 city in the game was needed. Deciding that maybe the one city would be enough I decided to move into my first real dungeon. Running though the first level of that I found an option to change the difficulty though several modes making the places harder, witch was a great feature. However once again I found a flaw the the system. The difficulty level only changes the HP / Damage / Drops  and does give not experience bonus. After leveling a bit and getting some drops I decided to check out the merchant to sell off my vendor trash items and maybe get some new armors. This is when I discovered even more flaws to the game. The vendor system is quite unique as I have not played a game with it before.  The merchants do not have set items and run off a timer to display different items, witch in and of itself is not so bad if you have the spare time to sit there waiting for the merchant to spit out the armor you are looking for, however be quick if you and the guy standing next to you are waiting for the same item and clicks faster then you he gets the armor and you don't. It was about now I though to myself maybe I can buy the armors off anther player that had grown out of them. Well I though wrong it turns out that gold can only be used to buy from merchants and can not be used to buy stuff of other players, meaning the only way to get items off the player who has it is to have the item he wants. So if you finialy find a player who has the exact item you are looking for you had better hope that you have the exact item he is looking for. Pretty much the only good things I found in the game were the classes, tho their are only 3 main classes they do allow multi classing. You can learn every skill in the game on any class. Witch allows you to create the perfect class for you. The other great thing is the ability to use any weapon or armors.



- Funny as heck even the items are named so randomly you may find yourself leveling just to find the next funny item

- Great community  as a newer game the community is still growing and only getting better

- NPCs who say the most random stuff

- Multi classing and use of any item you want



- Highly flawed market system

- Highly flawed trade system

- Low quality graphics for such a new game however they are better then alot of other free games

- Pure hack and slash grind fest with not much else to do



My finial word on the subject


If you are looking for a game that requires no brains to play this may be the game for you. However if you expect your mmorpgs to be a little more then a hack and slash grind fest that witch could be found on every home console, this might not be the game for you. A highly flawed game that one day may be great but witch is still a very long way off.  I will not be recommending this game to any of my friends in its current state. Since this game is fairly new I hope that in the future they will fix all the flawed system.


Finial Score: 4 / 10





Comment Replies

 Directed to - HelMann and  axlezero

I was not expecting as much as I would normally expect from say a commercial subscription game. I agree the game is funny as hell however as stated some of the key systems are flawed. Also this is a quest to find the perfect mmorpg, and the perfect game would cater to the casual gamer as well as the hard core gamer providing elements of pick up and play with indepth stuff. I will also agree with you that it is good for wasting time when your main game is down. I would however not want to play it as a primary game or go telling all my firends to join it. Lastly yes in every game the best items are never bought from the merchant however at lower levels you still want decent armors and prob dont want to sped a ton getting them as you will quickly outgrow them, so a good market place is essential


Directed to - helmann

So what your saying is that a standard system of grading game should not alpply to games for the simple fact that they want to offer more then they do. When you go to school and offer the teacher the best job you can do, but only get 1 question right you will not get an A. I do not think that games should be rated by what they WANT to offer, but by what the DO offer. If people begain rating games by what they try to do every game would get a perfect rating and you would spend 99% of your time playing crap games.

HelMann writes:


I really don't know if i agree with you..

First of all, the combat system, which you find very flawed because it hurts your finger? Well i have played alot of dungeon runners, and my finger never hurts (maybe its from all that Diablo i played which is pretty much working the same way.)

And the merchant system? Well it have never been the point of this game to buy stuff from merchants. The loot is all that matters, that is where you get the best items, especially if you are playing on a higher difficulty..

I agree with you that the trading system is bad.. But NC, has stated that they don't want gold trading because they are afraid of gold abuse (which is seen on a lot of other games)

I think Dungeon runner is a funny timebreaker, it is not deep, but then again it does not attend to be deep, or hardcore..

I think your expectations to this game was a little high, even though you stated otherwise!


Sat Jul 05 2008 5:15AM Report
axlezero writes:

As far as free mmos go, this is one of the best out there imo.  Its easy to pick up, the dungeon runs are fun, its definitely not something you play all the time, but its good for that occasional break from your favorite mmo.

As far as gear goes, as HelMann said, it was never really meant to be bought.  Each dungeon has bosses, and on high difficulty increases the chance for super rare items.  (Rainbow gear lol, well the text of the items are rainbow, kind of funny)

I've kept this game in my list of mmo's for some time now, as I said its fun and a quick time killer without needing to immerse yourself into a big mmo.

Sat Jul 05 2008 11:35AM Report
steelfrenzy writes:

axle try perfect world, 2 moons, cabal or archlord just to name a few I kind of doubt dungeon runners is really matching up with those F2P. dungeon runners always seemed like a bad idea for me more or less like NCsoft's bastard child, but mat here confirmed it thanks for the review -.o

Sat Jul 05 2008 6:29PM Report
axlezero writes:

i've played all the games you are suggesting, they are the same game different name.  I enjoyed DR much more then all those, the only one of those free cookie cutter games I did like was Silkroad Online.

Archlord just plain sucked.  2 moons was ok.  As I said though, DR is imo great for that free mmo, because I only play those kinds of games when I'm taking a break from a real mmo, and DR i can just jump right in, start killing stuff mindlessly and log out when I'm done.

Sat Jul 05 2008 9:17PM Report
HelMann writes:

It's not because i want to defend dungeon runners with all of my heart!

I just think, when you make a review, you need to make it, not from a set standard but from what the game wants to offer! You can give "mario kart" a bad review if the POV you as reviewer has is with the wrong standard. As with mario kart it would be totaly whaco if you gave it a bad review because of lack of realism or depth! never been the point of the game..

Just think what dungeon runners wants to do they do it great. And yeah they are NC's bastard child. But a well raised one in my eyes!

Sat Jul 05 2008 11:34PM Report
Thradar writes:

 Terrible game.  About as deep as a puddle sitting on a mirror that's about 1 Newton ring deep.  (ie. on the order of a wavelength of visible light).

Wed Dec 31 2008 1:34AM Report writes:
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