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madmaty's adventure to find the perfect mmorpg

Here I will chronicle my adventure though the vast world of mmorpgs in the ever elusive quest to find the perfect mmorpg.

Author: madmaty

A little bit about me

Posted by madmaty Friday July 4 2008 at 6:49AM
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Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog. Since you will all be along on this adventure with me I have decided to take just a few moments of your time so you can get to know me. My name as you may have guessed is madmaty (A.K.A  Mathew) I am a 24 year old computer programmer from Ontario Canada. I have been gaming as long I can remember. Since way back when I found a copy of pitfall laying on the floor of my living room. Since that day me and games just clicked and over time we have developed a great relationship. I would consider myself to be a "Hard Core" gamer, and after many years of let downs from games I have decided to embark on the ultimate quest to find the the perfect mmorpg. We have all heard rumors that one exists, but I have yet to locate it yet. Now that you know a little more about me let me make you a couple of promises,I will always give you my honest and unbiased opinion about games, and I will never review a game without first playing it for at lease 30 hours (we all know that the first 20 or so levels of every game sucks)

Now that thats all out of the way I hope you will all enjoy this quest along with me and I look forward to chatting with you all.


Comment Replies

Directed to Gishgeron

I stated that the first 20 levels or so suck for the simple fact the the first 20 levels are spent getting to know the mechanics of the game rather then enjoying yourself. Yes I agree that a lot of games start out good however are somewhat unenjoyable as you try to learn what to do, where to go, and what  the games more efficient ways of doing things is.



DaX.9 writes:

Hi Mat, good hunting and may light shine on your path.

Fri Jul 04 2008 8:55AM Report
Gishgeron writes:

(we all know that the first 20 or so levels of every game sucks)

Your criteria in this search only ensures you will never FIND the perfect MMO.

A "perfect" MMO wouldn't have 20 levels of suck.  The whole game would rock, correct?  If the whole game does not, in fact, rock....then it can't really be considered perfect now can it?

Stop accepting the trash we have been fed in the past.  Your search will be fruitless if you cannot even manage to expect something as simple as a great game from start to finish.

Fri Jul 04 2008 11:48AM Report
steelfrenzy writes:

ah gish its people like you which make the first 20 levels suck so badly. the first 20 levels may suck, but it weeds out the idiots for the most part. ill look forward to see your reviews mat! hope you know your stuff hehe gl :)

Fri Jul 04 2008 10:12PM Report
bufford writes:

Different perspectives on mmo's is always welcome. As far as finding the perfect mmo? We'll see the second coming of Christ before that happens. Too many people with their vision on what they would like to see in a mmo, its an impossible task. However I am looking forward to your reviews, show what you got Mat, the best of luck to you :)

Sat Jul 05 2008 1:31AM Report
Kinxz writes:

Nice reviews, but the simple fact is there really isn't a perfect mmorpg, and every mmorpg has some flaws, but anyways good luck on your search.

Sun Jul 13 2008 2:19PM Report
icyred writes:

I have too agree... there arent any perfect MMORPG. problem is updates.... some ppl want one thing and others want another. some ppl cheat the game and some use it too there advantage. So unless your online all the time and are as sneaky as they are... its hard too find a good MMORPG. Every game has its problems. like in FFXI i used too go on the auction and buy every piece of items i could that i knew would sell more at a dealer. so i would bring up the price of that item until it dropped and i would make money off of it. any item i made i would also make the price go up in the auction by buying them all so the price would go up then i would see it all. usually worked ect... so of course i got a good deal but then when i wanted certain items... others would do the same so i got screwed too. that was one example of problems and even though the game makers try hard too fix these cheats and problems. nothing is ever perfect :( but thats y its just a GAME :) try too enjoy it so it can become a great game and thats what counts... if you make the game part of your life so little things piss you off like ppl raising prices... then yes... your gonna hate playing these games and your not gonna have fun. so remember boys and girls... its all about making it fun for you. and your friends :)

Wed Dec 03 2008 8:22PM Report writes:
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