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madmaty's adventure to find the perfect mmorpg

Here I will chronicle my adventure though the vast world of mmorpgs in the ever elusive quest to find the perfect mmorpg.

Author: madmaty

Casting live today from Tera Online Korean Retail

Posted by madmaty Monday February 14 2011 at 5:44PM
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Casting again today live from Tera Online Korean retail. Stop by check out the game and chat :)

Edit - After a breif downtime due to software issues the cast has been sorted out and is now back online. The cast will be up for at least 1 hour as of 8:30 pm EST. After 1 hour I will revaluate based on viewers present.

Evony - The FTP browser game

Posted by madmaty Saturday August 22 2009 at 10:00AM
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So normally i dismiss browser games before I ever start them, however I seen their ads on every single site I went to so I said WTH and gave it a try.  Let me warn you Once you start playing you wont want to stop. It is a very easy game pick up and play. The game has great a quest system that helps even the biggest newbie become a seasoned player. At the very start of the game you are given a very basic city which only has a low level town hall. You may build one building at a time, and research one technology at a time. However as you level you will be able to make more cities you will be able to then build 1 building in each city at the same time as well as research 1 technology per city. Also the technology transfers between your cities meaning once its researched you get it in every city The newbie quests refund almost all the resources you use to build making it very fast to get your city up to par :) The is also and alliance syste which allows you to join a guild which will help you learn the game, provide you will the support and troupes that will usually prevent you from being wiped out after the 7 day beginer protection wares off. You do not need a alliance to enjoy the game but personally I could not play a social game without people to chat and joke with. There is also a daily quest which gives an amulet. The amulet provides you a random spin in which you can win the cash shop items, as well as resources. The game runs in real time even when you are away gathering your resources and running the clock down on your builds.  The entire game runs smoothly and there are very few bugs.


All in all I would say this game is a must play. It a great game to kill time with, or dare i say to play in the background at work :)


If you would like to play the game you can use the link below to join, this link is my referral link which will net me some cool prizes, My lords name is madmaty2 and I play on server 45 just drop me a whisper if you like and I can help you learn the ins and outs of the game and even invite you to my alliance that will provide you a power house of knowledge and military (no one will mess with you)

Watch and chat with me

Posted by madmaty Tuesday June 16 2009 at 5:25PM
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So here is your chance to see what I see and play what i play (if you want)  I will be live boradcasting my everything I do on my computer weather it is using   playing wow or another game   doing anything If I am on my computer and see it you will see it also even when i am away you can watch my desk top. I will be boradcasting for at least 1 week and then we will see after that depending on how many viewers I get and if there is a real intrest I may leave it up indefinatly.   I will also hold a 1 Day event where I play anything you want me to play I will take the top 2-3 games get them and play it along with you :)


Anyway enough about that the steam will go live at   6pm(EST) tonight (June 16, 2009)  and will stay live untill at least 6PM (est) June 23, 2009


The link to watch me live is


Hope to see you all around this week :) and my views on the matter

Posted by madmaty Tuesday December 30 2008 at 7:08PM
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I would once again like to break from my normal format and take a look at what could be the biggest story in gaming news in recent years. As many of you have heard a relatively unheard of company has come out of the wood work and decided to sue rather large company NCsoft maker of more then one great game in my opinion for infringement of their patient. When I heard this news I went to see who the heck was and could not even find a download to try their game, though from the looks of the screens I could find it looks like Second Life made by Linden Lads, which is shunned by most main stream gamers. This probably accounts for why I can't find a download to their game. Though from the looks and sounds of this company they are not to popular at all, and this move is going to make a lot of main stream gamers shun then further I am not here to knock or praise NCsoft since I would be here all day long. Instead I am here to state what I think of the possible outcomes to this situation could be and how they would affect the entire mmo world on a large scale.




Outcome #1 - They Win the suit

Given the smooth moves of their law firm this is a good possibly They picked a foreign company who based their North American office in Texas. A place which is notorious for favoring the American companies They have a patient in hand which is broad enough to encompass just about any game that has been, or ever could be created, not only MMO but any multiplayer game. How they managed to pull off getting patient I will never know, but that is neither here nor there. This first win is needed more then anything to set precedent for other cases and believe me if they manage to pull this off they will open the flood gates and sue every major or minor company they can find, no one would be safe from them. This would be the worst case scenario for games of all kinds, since the companies will not suck the legal costs up it will fall to US the players of thesis games to suck the cost up, in the form of price increases across the board. Which going into the hard times ahead is not something any of us is really willing to do. Meaning most small game companies will be lost leaving only the power house company who will also suffer heavy loses. Meaning the quality of gaming will go to $#!T with less competition the large game companies can force crappy cookie cutter games down our throat and thee is nothing we can do about it.



Outcome 2 - They lose

This is the best possible outcome for everyone ( not included) If they lose which is a smaller chance then the first outcome but better for us the end users of thesis games they will most likely attempt once more then failing to win will put this company out of the way for good. Now my first outcome was a bit jaded but I needed people to see the hard facts about what this could mean. Now what does NCsoft have on their side to help them, well that's simple they have the other large game companies behind then weather or not they will admit to it publicly or not there will be there by NCsoft's side. For the fact that this case will set precedent in the events that will unfold after. Do you think companies like Blizzard and Sony Interactive are going to sit idly by and let a case that will hurt then in the end go though? I don't that's for sure.



Now its time for me to drop all the niceties and talk straight out. I think that has a crappy product and a saver lack of players to populate their game so they need a way to make money and get their name out to draw people into their game. Win or lose there will be a few players who join their game. I would also say that is trying to start their own monopoly Their move is like Microsoft suing apple for making a system which did not run on DOS. I think that all the other MMO companies or any company which has had online multiplayer in their game needs to stand up and publicly pledge their support to NCsoft and back them unequivocally in this matter. Because if NCsoft loses there is nothing preventing from coming after them. I also think that WE the players need to stand up and make our voices heard because we will be the ones hurt in the end. Now is the time to prey to whatever god you believe in.




Thanks for reading along, If you just came for the display pic thanks for stopping by and no I will not give out my avatar in larger size so please don't ask. If you would like to discuss this matter further please leave a comment and I will do my best to respond.




Comment Responses


Madmaty = Mathew not some random kyle guy
I am not trying to be a spokesman for everyone I am just putting my thoughts out there. NCsoft has a lot of great game I personally have logged over 2000 hours in Guild wars, and probably another 1000 in City of Heroes and City of Villains. I also have their newest one Aion on preorder witch the other 6.5 million preorder people and the 98% trial to paid account turn over rate agree should be a good game. Put your hate of a single company aside.


We all need to feed the trolls sometime very well said :) and yes as I stated if senerio 1 wins they will have the legal precedent to go at anyone they want. Their law firm NEEDS to win this or they can not take on the larger companies, which is why they chose Texas as their first battle ground.

@all the haters
I don't care weather you agree with me or not these are my thoughts. If you don't like what I am saying stop reading its a simple thing to do. Write your own blog and see how many people you can please. I am not here to please anyone in fact I don't care if anyone reads this or not I just write my blog for something to do.

Also sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes English was not my strong suit in school it was barely a pass each year, I focused my studies in other areas.


Not a quest update more preaise for a company

Posted by madmaty Tuesday December 2 2008 at 3:28PM
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So recently I have been having some problems with my computer so I brought it in for a repair and had almost everything changed. After getting it home I started having problems with my RAM and decided to go out and get more. Though due to the overwhelming cost of it I only ended up with about half the ram I used to have, and all us gamers know when your RAM is lacking it hampers the gaming experience. I thought I was screwed, then a friend mentioned in passing the Kingston RAM all had life time warranty, and in all honesty I was shocked. So thinking it would get me nowhere I threw a letter into their Tec support this was on Monday evening. Come today (Tuesday morning) I already had a response from the tech department saying that I had to return it to them though being in Canada I could not do this online. I stated to have my doubts about getting new RAM but ready to see the process though I called the number. I was greeted within seconds by a very nice woman, who took my information and sent me shipping instructions and even offered me a way to ship the products back to them using FedEx for free. They did also offer another way which would require me to give a credit card # (only to make sure you stay honest, they would change it send out the parts today and when they received my defective parts they would then refund the money to my and) I could not take that option because my card is expired and I am waiting for my replacement. All in all I would have to say that this experience has taught me that using a reputable company in the end pays off. In an age of computer voices on the end of the line and a severe lack of customer support from most major companies I would have to say Kingston stands head and feet above every other company I have dealt with . This experience has also made me a life time customer of Kingston.


Thanks for reading and now that my computer is back together and ready for gaming look for my reviews to start again soon.

Quest Log - Status Update

Posted by madmaty Saturday November 1 2008 at 7:24AM
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Some of you may have noticed that my quest has hit a wall, or at least my reviews have, so I thought I would take a few minutes to update everyone as to why. As everyone knows a lot of new games have recently hit their BETA testing phase, and I am among the lucky people who receives nearly every beta invite. With all the new games coming out and not enough hours in the day I have been left recreating bugs in various games leaving little to no time to sit down and really enjoy a game. I have not even had time to enjoy Warhammer reaching only level 20 :( My review of Warhammer is currently being constructed and is planed to released after the two newest classes are released to the public. Have no fear my reviews will begin coming out again as soon as I get time to play a game focusing on the overall game rather then just bug finding.

On a side note I am also currently looking for other bloggers who would like to write along side me. Anyone who is interested please contact me though a private message.

All I ask is that you

1> Dedicate enough time each month to play at least 1 new game (minimum of 10 hours)

2> Write 1 review (15-30 minutes)

3> Use the English language fluently



Comment Replies

@ laserpointer

Thanks man tho I did not know I was a game. lol


@ Kuji-Kiri

Thanks very much man need something to make myself stand out :)



Quest Log - Gold Slam

Posted by madmaty Sunday July 13 2008 at 1:29PM
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No conformation link as there is no way to out put the number of hours played


Let me start by saying this is a quest to find the perfect mmorpg and this game is technically not an mmorpg rather it is a mmosg. Yet I am going to review it anyway. Let me also state for the record this game is currently in closed beta testing so any qualms I may have with the game could be fixed before the official release. This game is geared towards the casual gamer more then the hard core. So hard core gamers may not get very much out of this game. As a tennis player in real life I just had to try this game once I received the beta invite for it. Downloading was fairly fast took only about 15 mins to fully download and install. When first entering the game you are asked to do the tutorial like a lot of other games. The only problem I had with this part of the game was the lack of information provided. You are asked to preform a number of shots yet little info is given as to exactly how to preform the shots. After a bit of struggling i managed to figure out exactly how to play. The controls are rater easy  using  W A S D for different shots and up down left and right to move the toon. The graphics are decent enough for a free game, however some of the character animations are very unrealistic  like getting up after you have jumped for the ball. The game engine is also fairly decent reminding me a lot of the virtual tennis I enjoy on my home consoles. Some small lagg issues occur but not so much that they hamper your experience. The level system leaves something to be desired as you need to win 20 matches or earn about 3000GP to level. While this may not seem bad keep in mind that a  2 match game will only net you about 25 GP if you lose and 45 if you win while each match will take about 20 mins to complete. The characters you have to chose from are 2 males and 2 females. You will however notice a big difference depending on which gender you chose, Males gain more power and have less control over their shots as well as slower footwork. Women on the other hand have less power while gaining better control over their shots and have far superior foot work skills. After playing a few games and moving into the shop to purchase items you will find one of my major problems which is the fact that an item bought only lasts a certain number of days. When buying an item you are promoted to chose the number of days you would like to own the items, which is not to bad but when i am shelling out my hard earned money I want to keep the items as long as I need them. Last but not least is a lack of items, each sprite gets only about 20 items that they can use.




- Good pick up and play game

- Easy to learn controls

- Decent graphics




- Some spriting issues which takes some of the realism out of the game

- Lack of items means you can own everything very early

- timed items means you will have to continually shell out money to keep your items

- Some small lag issues



My finial word

If you are a tennis fan or just a fan of sports games then this game is perfectly suited to you. People who are not tennis fans or hard core gamers might not get a lot out of this. I can not hole heartedly recommend this game to everyone in its current state tho I am hoping most of the issues I have with it are worked out in the beta stages. It is a good game and I will most likely play it in my spare time. Lets also remember people that virtual tennis is just a glorified version on pong.


Finial Score

6 / 10




Comment Replies


Quest Log - Dungeon Runner

Posted by madmaty Saturday July 5 2008 at 3:07AM
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To save space I will place time confirmation as a direct link to photobuckt in my quest logs

Time verification link -

Total time played at review: 1 Day 19 hours 58 mins


Starting out in this game my expectations were low. I will admit that a parody of mmorpgs needed to be done. I started out in the newbie area and was soon laughing my butt off. The NPCs were some of the funnest I have ever heard, I found myself clicking on them just to see what they would say next. Moving on though the newbie quests finial put me into a combat area, where I learned how flawed their combat system is. Unlike many games witch give you the option to repeat attack this game dose not. For casual gamers this might not be as much of a problem as it will be for the more hard core gamer. I found that after a few hours my clicking finger began hurting from the continuous holding of the mouse button. To attack to can pretty much hold down the mouse click and switch targets without re clicking. After placing an topic in the suggestion forums I was told "that would make the game to normal" Personally I have never found "normal" to be such a bad thing.  After running the newbie quests and moving on to the first city  or so I thought, it turns out that the ever so creative minds decided only 1 city in the game was needed. Deciding that maybe the one city would be enough I decided to move into my first real dungeon. Running though the first level of that I found an option to change the difficulty though several modes making the places harder, witch was a great feature. However once again I found a flaw the the system. The difficulty level only changes the HP / Damage / Drops  and does give not experience bonus. After leveling a bit and getting some drops I decided to check out the merchant to sell off my vendor trash items and maybe get some new armors. This is when I discovered even more flaws to the game. The vendor system is quite unique as I have not played a game with it before.  The merchants do not have set items and run off a timer to display different items, witch in and of itself is not so bad if you have the spare time to sit there waiting for the merchant to spit out the armor you are looking for, however be quick if you and the guy standing next to you are waiting for the same item and clicks faster then you he gets the armor and you don't. It was about now I though to myself maybe I can buy the armors off anther player that had grown out of them. Well I though wrong it turns out that gold can only be used to buy from merchants and can not be used to buy stuff of other players, meaning the only way to get items off the player who has it is to have the item he wants. So if you finialy find a player who has the exact item you are looking for you had better hope that you have the exact item he is looking for. Pretty much the only good things I found in the game were the classes, tho their are only 3 main classes they do allow multi classing. You can learn every skill in the game on any class. Witch allows you to create the perfect class for you. The other great thing is the ability to use any weapon or armors.



- Funny as heck even the items are named so randomly you may find yourself leveling just to find the next funny item

- Great community  as a newer game the community is still growing and only getting better

- NPCs who say the most random stuff

- Multi classing and use of any item you want



- Highly flawed market system

- Highly flawed trade system

- Low quality graphics for such a new game however they are better then alot of other free games

- Pure hack and slash grind fest with not much else to do



My finial word on the subject


If you are looking for a game that requires no brains to play this may be the game for you. However if you expect your mmorpgs to be a little more then a hack and slash grind fest that witch could be found on every home console, this might not be the game for you. A highly flawed game that one day may be great but witch is still a very long way off.  I will not be recommending this game to any of my friends in its current state. Since this game is fairly new I hope that in the future they will fix all the flawed system.


Finial Score: 4 / 10





Comment Replies

 Directed to - HelMann and  axlezero

I was not expecting as much as I would normally expect from say a commercial subscription game. I agree the game is funny as hell however as stated some of the key systems are flawed. Also this is a quest to find the perfect mmorpg, and the perfect game would cater to the casual gamer as well as the hard core gamer providing elements of pick up and play with indepth stuff. I will also agree with you that it is good for wasting time when your main game is down. I would however not want to play it as a primary game or go telling all my firends to join it. Lastly yes in every game the best items are never bought from the merchant however at lower levels you still want decent armors and prob dont want to sped a ton getting them as you will quickly outgrow them, so a good market place is essential


Directed to - helmann

So what your saying is that a standard system of grading game should not alpply to games for the simple fact that they want to offer more then they do. When you go to school and offer the teacher the best job you can do, but only get 1 question right you will not get an A. I do not think that games should be rated by what they WANT to offer, but by what the DO offer. If people begain rating games by what they try to do every game would get a perfect rating and you would spend 99% of your time playing crap games.

A little bit about me

Posted by madmaty Friday July 4 2008 at 6:49AM
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Hi there and thanks for checking out my blog. Since you will all be along on this adventure with me I have decided to take just a few moments of your time so you can get to know me. My name as you may have guessed is madmaty (A.K.A  Mathew) I am a 24 year old computer programmer from Ontario Canada. I have been gaming as long I can remember. Since way back when I found a copy of pitfall laying on the floor of my living room. Since that day me and games just clicked and over time we have developed a great relationship. I would consider myself to be a "Hard Core" gamer, and after many years of let downs from games I have decided to embark on the ultimate quest to find the the perfect mmorpg. We have all heard rumors that one exists, but I have yet to locate it yet. Now that you know a little more about me let me make you a couple of promises,I will always give you my honest and unbiased opinion about games, and I will never review a game without first playing it for at lease 30 hours (we all know that the first 20 or so levels of every game sucks)

Now that thats all out of the way I hope you will all enjoy this quest along with me and I look forward to chatting with you all.


Comment Replies

Directed to Gishgeron

I stated that the first 20 levels or so suck for the simple fact the the first 20 levels are spent getting to know the mechanics of the game rather then enjoying yourself. Yes I agree that a lot of games start out good however are somewhat unenjoyable as you try to learn what to do, where to go, and what  the games more efficient ways of doing things is.



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