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Nefarious Means

I'm up to no good. I want to get that out of the way right from the beginning, just so there are no questions later.

Author: madeux

Ask not, what your mmo can do for you...

Posted by madeux Sunday May 31 2009 at 7:28PM
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Everyone here knows what the MM in MMORPG stands for, but I think there are a lot of players who do not really understand it.  Without putting much thought into it, they underestimate the role that the community plays in the success or failure of a given game.

I began a thread soliciting some specific reasons that players hated a game that seemed to me to be receiving a lot of aggresively negative comments.  One common complaint was the inevitable gankfest that would be inflicted upon all newcomers.

Now, I'm all for some serious PvP action, it's a core component in an MMO that will not play without.  But after hearing from player after player who quit after the free trial for this reason, I couldn't help but wonder how many really great players would never end up fully giving the game of chance.  The MMO is struggling, it's subscription base never reaching it's potential.  Besides the developer, who else is going to lose out here?  That's right.

The "hardcore" players out there need take some time to think about their community as a whole.  Beware the elitism that will only thin out the subscription base.  Think about the positive impact you could have by actually welcoming new players, offering them helps and assistance.  Not calling them noobs.

There is a lot of complaining about MMO developers, and I've got a long list of my own complaints there, but in reality there's only so much we can do about that.  But what can you, as a player, do to actually make a difference in the virtual world you are chosing to make your home?

Eindrachen writes:

Very good thoughts, and something every "hardcore" gamer, of any stripe (PVP, raiding, etc.) needs to think about.

If you exclude one type of player from your game after the other, pretty soon, you have nobody to play the game with.

And that is DEATH to an MMO.  Without players, there's no point to running a server, is there?

Sun May 31 2009 9:28PM Report
Mystik86 writes:

It sounds to me like you're referring to AoC and Darkfall, though I could be quite wrong. You're right in any case with regards to more "hardcore" MMOs out there and I agree that skilled players need to stop and think about the new people arriving in their world.

I believe a lot of "veteran" players of any given game are threatened by newcomers and thus will attempt to harass them into submission so as to reduce the possibility of the newb ascending to their level of play and taking up yet another spot in a raid or mission or whatever.

There needs to be a healthy balance for the new and old players alike. This could be represented by a safe-zone for newbs (I say newb because I feel "noob" is more of an insult term than the latter), or a mentor system or whatever else (AoC has something like this). In the case of Darkfall I think new players would benefit from a guide system with special marked players out there to help them (yea maybe it sounds hardcore but they'd still be vulnerable to getting ganked and the like).

My advice to any potential new player to ANY of the MMOs out there is to research your chosen game and decide whether you want to weather the storms or not before you play. Understand that everyone has to begin somewhere, because even those so-called hardcore veterans were newbs once...

Mon Jun 01 2009 4:17AM Report writes:
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