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Nefarious Means

I'm up to no good. I want to get that out of the way right from the beginning, just so there are no questions later.

Author: madeux

Danielle Steele and John Grisham collaborating on the ultimate WoW Killer!

Posted by madeux Friday May 29 2009 at 10:06AM
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A few hundred years from now, someone looking back at our generation could easily come to the mistaken conclusion that Danielle Steele and John Grisham represent the best literature that our age has to offer. They push out book after book, and the public snatches them up every single time.

I won’t argue that the works of these authors do not offer some kind of entertainment, otherwise they would not sell. However, sheer volume does not in any way equal greatness. They cater to the largest common denominator. Newspapers, in order to capture this audience, are said to be written at a 7th grade reading level.

What about the likes of Tom Robbins and Christopher Moore? Or even Douglas Adams and Robert Jordan? Sure, they’ve had a moderate amount of financial success, and they have a solid fan base. But dollar for dollar, they can’t compete with Steele and Grisham. As a result, future generations may completely miss out on the clever satire, the intelligent humor, and the amazing worlds offered by these masters.

No one will argue the popularity of World of Warcraft. Their subscription numbers are outstanding. But we cannot make the mistake of believing that this makes them the best. I played WoW for a long time, and I am in no way trying to offend it’s fans or start a flame war. I’m just saying that I’m tired of the fluff, it’s not enough for me any more. I want some real substance.

Perhaps no other MMO will reach the popularity of WoW. The best developers out there know this. The companies behind them want to make money, and that will always be the driving force, but there are plenty in the industry who simply want to express their creativity. They want to build a world that a few hundred thousand people can completely lose themselves in.

It’s completely possible, if not highly likely, that the best games out there will never be the most popular. And I’m fine with that.

The world is full of choices, and that’s what makes it so great. As far as I am concerned, The Firm really has no solid foundation, and Matters of the Heart simply does not matter to me. If anyone is looking for me, I’ll probably be passing my time between The Eye of the World and the Island of the Sequined Love Nun.

daltanious writes:

Wow is most complete world in single package. Incredible quests, air, underwater, .... gathering, crafting, ah .... are world per se. It is the most addicitve game I have ever played. I had my problems before starting it because of "cartoony" graphics ... but they are in fact incredibly good as are realistic in AOC.

About your comment "I want some real substance" I'm going back from time to time to wow exactly for this reason. It is still the best game out there (of course imo), but despite I love pizza, i can not eat pizza for whole life, for breakfast, dinner, .... So I'm playing also many others. And despite it looks AoC (and many other games as well) is played mainly by wow haters (suffice to follow chats) I'm one of that players that love "cartoony" wow but also realistic (especially characters and combat) AoC.

Sat May 30 2009 4:36AM Report writes:
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