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How to look cool and get the chicks while playing MMO's

Rants, wild speculation, unfounded theories and general poor quality humor.

Author: MacScarfe

MMO's the last great bastion of Communism

Posted by MacScarfe Friday August 28 2009 at 10:08AM
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Okay so a title so full of hyberbol it's almost beyond belief, but really there seems to be a set of unwritten laws and expectations for western hemisphere players of todays MMO's.

1) The level playing field.

No i get it, i really do. Trust me i've always joked when people or paperwork asks me about religion i answer 'devout socialist', i was brought up such and it has formed many of my opinions on how life should be.

And yes in life i see how everyone should have an equal chance to attain their goals and dreams, irregardless of their financial or environmental upbringing, but that's not how life is though is it, lets be honest.

Point of Order: I do not suggest, infer or even dream that ALL current MMO's should conform to my way thinking, neither do i think it should apply to ALL future MMO's.

You see i think (and can i get a stress on the I) what the MMO industry needs is variety, variety and innovation, variety innovation and realistic financial goals, no one expected the spanish inquestion ..... oh wait sorry went off track there.

There is a place for games, in the industry, for games aimed at a niche market. MMO's are afterall above and beyond everything else buisnesses, so games willing to reward players for spending stupid amounts of cash are inevitable.

Now here is where the howling banshees will decend upon me, their point of view is simple you open the door, even the slightest crack, and all of the tradional MMO's will fall to this evil. And yes there are a number of companies who i guess would love to take as much money out of your pockets as quickly as possible. I for one would like to know who these companies are so that i can avoid them because if there only aim is to facilitate your economic downfall then their games are probably gonna suck and suck big time.

But doom and gloom is not the invitable conclusion of letting the money grabbers grab money, because players will vote with their feet/subscriptions and plenty of companies, if not the vast majority, will see how they cam make more than enough money from the tradional MMO model.

2) All playstyles must be accomidated

Okay, show of hands, who has played a PvE centric games and hasn't seen a large thread on the games forums entitled something like "This game will fail without full loot, open world PVP!!!11!!!!"

It seems to me, and probably only me, that one of the main barrier to creativity in the MMO industry is this insane belief that a game must try and accomidate everybodies playstyle. This idea is backup up by the many many posts we all see day in and day out on virtually every games forums calling for radical changes to the basic game design so that a specific playstyle can be included.

It seems to have become a mantra that most game devs recite everyday, and most game devs fail to successfully acomidate in there product. This simple model of get as many subs as possible, irregardless of how long they start subbed, rules the roost mainly because of the WoW factor.

Point of Order: I do not hate WoW, i have never played it, i never will as it holds no interest for me. It's a prefectly good game that appeals to a vast number of players, and i have no opionion on the caliber of human beings that play WoW.

The WoW factor being CEO's and/or the money men saying if Blizzard can do it, then so are we and second place is for losers.

It's a dream i know but i would love it if just one company ceo would decend onto his/her forums and post the following in one of those irritating thread "Thanks for your support for our product, but clearly this game isn't for you and were not about to change it for your benefit, it would be greatefully appreciated that at the end of your current subscription cycle that you cancel and take your buisness to some other game that you will enjoy more than ours." Or words to that effect.

3) All content should be accessable to all players

Again i can see how this seems logical you've bought the game and you've paid the sub fees and you've built your character up to be the greatest thing since sliced bread, so why shouldn't you be able to access all the games content?

Gimmie a sec here, i just need to finish bludgeoining my head against a brick wall..

Secondly, and you'll need to read carefully cause this point is real small ... Why not?

There i said it and i'll do it again, Why not? Why should the instance with the super duper weapon/armor/bunny rabbit reward at the end be soloable? Why should the soloist have access to everything? Don't get me wrong i spend a lot of time playing solo in a lot of games, but since when did that give me the divine right to access everything.

And what would be wrong with an instance which couldn't be grouped? And what about that gear hidden in non-consesual PvP zones that the purist PvE player complains about because they get ganked trying to get it, why not? I'm sure you can come up with a million other examples of this but really can anyone explain Why Not?

Okay lets get the financial argument out of the way with 2 real quick points. 1) (The knucklehead answer) Okay dude show me where on the box it says you'll have complete access to everything ingame? 2) (The pragmatist approach) A standard game designed for the solo player is often advertised as having x amount of hours gameplay, so lets do the maths one PS3 game $60 for 20 hours of gameplay, one PC MMO game box price $40 plus $15 per month for .... how many hours have you played this game? Do the math please.


Okay so it was rant, did you expect anything less? But come on, this approach to MMO's is killing the genre, it needs variety, innovation and WoW being reclassified as a movie or something so that companies and players don't continually draw stupid and irrelavent comparisons to it for every game released or envisioned. It needs a differnet approach to game design and these three rules seem to me to combine together to make an unescapable philospohy which is stifling the industry.

P.S. I'll edit for spelling, grammer and reality later when i give a damn.