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The Mac Side of Massive

Whoever has chosen to embrace the Mac as his desktop platform of choice but uses to rely on other platforms for his gaming needs, may feel the lack of some native massive online gaming titles sooner or later. This is my decayed observation post.

Author: macpete

Lineage Episode 6 and U has been released ... now what?

Posted by macpete Thursday October 23 2008 at 10:21AM
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 I'd like to add a few fresh infos to my previous post:


- NCSoft West (moved from Austin to Seattle) has launched a new official webstite for Lineage (and a new BBS too)
- they have announced the release of Episode 6 and Episode U to US live servers yesterday, October 22nd
- Lineage One - the most popular community fan site - has launched a brand new web portal too 
- after more than three years ... Mac users have received a new client!


Some useful links:

Lineage: Popular Fantasy MMORPG from NCsoft
LineageOne - The Community Portal

Official CG trailer


The Mac client

Episode 6 Launch Day - Information

Announcement in the official BBS

patch notes


Mac Client Fixes:
We’ve made many improvements to the Mac client.
Links are now aligned with text.
Briefly disconnecting from the game will no longer cause a crash when you reconnect.
The calculator now functions.
Links will highlight when they are moused over.
There is sound when you equip or unequip items.
Using triple arrow with Sayha’s crossbow when you only have 2 arrows left will no longer cause the game to crash.
An environmental sound slider has been added to the Game Options menu.
The command /ver will now function.
Mac users will no longer move slower than PC users.
Lag fixes have been made to several areas including Fire Valley and Lair of Valakas.
The character select screen is now animated.


If someone here is playing Lineage I would appreciate some feedback from the game ... for example, is it too full of vets nowaday for the gamers that would like to start playing now?


kodath writes:

no way man lineage one is great if ncsoft cared about hackers and bots its the best game ive ever played everything was perfectly balanced and the community is great but the BOTS omg the botfest that has become lin1 its sad so sad

Thu Oct 23 2008 5:16PM Report
sonicwhip writes:

i dont think i wanna pay 15 bucks a month for such an old game if it was f2p or just 5 bucks i would play it.


Thu Oct 23 2008 8:02PM Report
macpete writes:

I agree,  5-7$ a month would be a fair price for games like Lin1, EQ, AC ... but I don't think that these companies are going to turn them f2p ... they're old, yes, but pretty well supported (new content, events, technical support, community management,  marketing)  and supporting an MMO is quit expensive nowaday.

Maybe oone of these days NCSoft will freeze Lineage content-development ... but instead of shutting down the servers they might turn it f2p.


I mean, a free MMO like Dungeon Runners (and, I suppose, the upcoming SOE's Free Realms) may be fun for a few months but they are so dull and uninspired ... give us some classic titles of the nineties, instead :)

(today my English is rustier than usual, be patient)

Fri Oct 24 2008 11:03AM Report
mxmissile writes:

Still a "click to move" grindfest?  Do the dark elves still hunch over like they have serious back pain?

Fri Oct 24 2008 11:28AM Report
macpete writes:

 Ehe ... hey, it's ten years old (and completely hand-drawed).

Fri Oct 24 2008 11:33AM Report
Boogz writes:

It doesn't matter, it's still the same boring click-and-move/kill grindfest and PK scrubs, it still has it's main problem: a horrible PvM

Fri Oct 24 2008 11:56AM Report
macpete writes:

 Maybe you're right, I've only played it for a few days a couple of years ago ... but my goal here is to give exposure and visibility to the games that are available for the Mac platform and that aren't usually covered by the specialized media.

Lineage may be an outdated grindfest but - imo - deserves more respect than most current Asian titles  ... most of them will be forgotten in a matter of two years but there are gamers that have played MMOs  like Lineage, EQ and UO for most than 6-7 years and still enjoy logging in ...

Fri Oct 24 2008 3:11PM Report writes:
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