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Paradox, Humor and Change.

games, life and geekrage.

Author: mOoK

Role Playing Servers: Whine In-Character?

Posted by mOoK Thursday July 9 2009 at 6:59PM
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This article posted on MMORPG today was basically a gasoline soaked rag, but I have a couple of points here:

Its seems to me that if given a public forum to post opinion anonymously, you're bound to have people trolling, complaining and basically ruining it for whatever demographic the espouse to represent. In this case, RPers.

For every person you mention who's MO is to whine, the overwhelming majority are playing their game, the way they see fit. This is true for any service.

However, I will say that MMORPGs are not conducive to Role Playing.

They are systematic, controlled and are basically the antithisis of what Role Playing really is: Collaborative Story Telling.

I play table top every other week. Some times we role play, sometimes we just bash against the NPCs. As, Dungeon Master, I am as much a part of the game, working for the common goal with the players to have fun, build the world and occasionally tell a story about some characters we imagined.

The fact that individuals are able to get together, focus and RP together in these heartless online worlds, in spite of the rude, the ambivalent and the sarcastic points the heart of the issue:

The issue isn't that Role Players are the problem, but that there has yet to be a game worth their time and investment.

If you'd like to see some of the ideas I have about presenting a format for real online RPGs, check this out.

DubaVampe writes:

Yeah, okay. Let's see a major developing company make a game focused around true roleplayers. The reason why it's so absurd is how many people do you think would play the game? Do you really think it would be worth it?


I don't. I feel for you roleplayers. Believe me, I do. However, there are just so few of you that making a seperate gaming universe just for you would be like burning cash. What company wants that?

Thu Jul 09 2009 7:45PM Report
mOoK writes:

I think you should read some of my earlier posts, but I'll give you the cliff notes.

When EQ was released, the world thought 250k subs was a LOT of people.

WoW was released, showing that this was in no way the cap, it was just that a demographic was yet to be tapped, i.e., the casual gamer.

Does this mean that EQ and DAoC and EVE and a slew of others have ceased to exist?  No, just that the market has room to not only grow, but shift.

This is where reading my previous blog posts really come into play.

A game tailored to RP needs to be smaller in scope, larger in flexibility and here is the big one: More expensive.

RP is a niche, just like PVP is a niche.

Time is money.  My time, your time, the dev's time.  We as consumers, want different different things to do with our time.  A per son who wants a collaborative story man not want 1000 quests to choose from, that are being done by 5000 people.  They my want 1 or 2, that are maliable, changeable and unique to just a few.

Some people are willing to pay for more interaction and a callaborative story tellng environment, that is funded by a smaller group of individuals that ISN'T available 24/7 because the group they play with is not playing, 24/7.

Please read my previous posts if you are wonder how I feel these could be accomplished.

Fri Jul 10 2009 5:39PM Report writes:
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