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Author: lordaltay3

Exclusive Interview with Tantra Global

Posted by lordaltay3 Saturday November 22 2008 at 9:43PM
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MMOHub Interviews

Interview with Vincent Haoson of Tantra Global

1. Hello and welcome to MMOHub. Thanks for taking a moment to answer a few of our questions. First off, would you please introduce yourself and your company to our readers?

Hi! My name’s Vincent Haoson and I work as a Game Operator for Game Networks. Our company handles the overall operations of Tantra Global.

2. Can you please tell us a little bit about Tantra Global and what the game is all about?
Tantra Global is a Neo Oriental Fantasy MMORPG. The story is that the three gods of Tantra, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu had a conflict and the trimutri, which is what we call the unity of the three gods was shattered. Leaving the humans to fend off for themselves. With the protection of the three gods now gone, Kali the god of darkness released his minions to spread terror and destruction. The 8 leaders of the 8 strongest tribes of Tantra then banded together with the help of the gods who are still at each other’s throats, they defeated Kali and banished him for eternity in the darkness.

The game then fast tracks to the time now, where it seems monsters have started reappearing and causing mayhem in Tantra. The people are desperately looking for the descendants of the once great kings and you (the player) is one of the few remaining remnants of Tantra’s great past.

3. When can we expect Tantra to officially launch? It’s in Open beta right now I believe.

Tantra Global is already officially Commercial Launched last October 31, 2008.

4. How does PvP Work in Tantra?

There are three types of PvP systems that players could use in Tantra. The first and most common is the Player Killer System. Killing players just for the heck of it rewards you karma points, and if your karma points reaches a certain amount, your character wouldn’t be able to do the most basic of things. Next would be the Duel System where players can invite people to have a duel match with them, the system would then inform the players online who won the duel and this would serve as their bragging rights so to speak. The Last PvP system is the Kruma Maps players can attack other players who are not under the same god, players here would then earn master points of MP for a successful kill, MPs would later on be converted into God points where players could learn God skills.

5. What do you think is Tantra’s single most defining feature? What makes Tantra different from other MMORPGs?

The God War, a pop up message will appear in every players screen in its scheduled time for all the players go automatically to Kruma. Players from Different God will compete for 1 hour by gaining points while killing the other players of the other Gods, the God with the highest points or the God that will break the Center Symbol wins. The price for this War is opening the portal of the Karya Dungeon where players can gain very high experience points in killing monsters to gain level quickly. This War is scheduled everyday and this is one of the Game Features always awaited by all the players.

6. Can you please outline some of Tantra’s other features for our users?

- Enjoying Story Based Quest.

- Unique Character Job/Classes to Choose from.

- New Exciting and Strong Monsters and Boss Monster in every Dungeon and Maps.

- Multiple War that mainly affects the players and the game.

- Hard but Satisfying Upgrading and Crafting System.

7. Does Tantra have a crafting system? What sort of trade skills are available to players?

Tantra has different Crafting Systems. One is the Upgrading Stone Combination which allows you to combine your upgrading stones to make higher upgrading stones for easier upgrading of equipments. Another is the Accessory Crafting System that needs a certain list of items that a player needs to hunt to Craft Special Accessories such us Earrings, Bracelets and Rings.

8. Is there a cash shop in the game? if not will there be? What sort of items will be available in the cash shop? Some people believe that cash shop items can ruin the game for others if they are too powerful. How do you keep the balance between the players who choose to buy cash shop items and those that don’t?

Yes there is and its called Tantra Web Mall, Currently we already release items that is very need by players such as charms that increases HP, Chakra (Stats) and Attack Damage other items are Experience Orbs that will let them gain level a little faster and items that will support them in upgrading their equipments. We survey players what are they need in-game then carefully selects the items that we put in our item mall so that we don’t mess with the game economy and balance.

9. Are there any major updates coming out for Tantra in the near future? If you have anything else to say please say so here.

We have a lot of events lined up this coming month, and episode 2 of Tantra would be out soon. So you guys better watch out for it!


Learn more about Tantra on our game page here. writes:
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