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MMORPG Translations Suck!

Posted by lordaltay1 Friday June 27 2008 at 11:31PM
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I’ve played countless free MMORPG games and I’ve noticed that almost every single one has something in common; garbage translations. Free MMORPGs released in the United States and Europe avoid this problem but it’s upsetting that so many good MMORPGs are plagued with poor translations. Games like Holic Online and RF Online would be a lot more fun in they had better translations, as both games try to incorporate some sort of plot within the game, but the broken English makes users want to skip it. When I played Holic Online, I would find myself trying to decipher the NPC dialogue, as it was so poorly worded.

The single best example of a game with poor translations is Magic World Online. There are so many things that got lost in translation that I don’t know where to begin. Two of the final job advancements for a Magician are called “Dragonbaking Master” and “Freezing Uranus”. What in the world is a Dragon Baking master? Is it supposed to be some sort of chef that specializes is preparing dragons? I can’t remotely fathom how that class title could at all be intimidating or even sensible. I’m not even going to start with “Freezing Uranus”. If you go ahead and pick “Freezing Uranus” you’re going to be ripped on by both your friends and everyone in the game. I’m not even joking; these are two different job advancements from Magic World Online.

Magic World Online Classes

The fun doesn’t stop with the classes in Magic World Online; the game also has some ridiculous quest dialogue. The game definitely has the most absurd dialogue I’ve seen in any other game.
Actual Quest Dialogue:
NPC Name: Mysterious Beggar

Let me get this straight. This BEGGAR is offering to trade me a “GOD’S created stone” for a piece of fried chicken? How on Earth did a beggar manage to get his hands on a gem created by god? If this guy can find a God’s Gem, he shouldn’t have too much trouble selling it and buying his own fried chicken! Couldn’t the developers have spent an extra minute and rewrite the quest dialogue so it doesn’t sound so absurd? They should have just called the gems something like “attack stones” or something else that wouldn’t make the quest dialogue sound so silly. Please publishers, if you’re going to spend millions bringing a game to the United States, please don’t cheapen out on the game’s translations!


Gishgeron writes:

Dude, Fried Chicken is the nectar of the gods.  Did you not get that memo?  Jesus, get with the program!

I chuckled when I read that myself.  I hadn't noticed "Freezing uranus" since I chose Warrior (long story short, in hack and slash games, warrior is always the easiest to jump into)......but I HAVE been given some...odd, requests.

Fri Jun 27 2008 11:53PM Report
Mr.Reaper writes:

LOL "Freezing uranus"

Sat Jun 28 2008 6:17AM Report
Anofalye writes:

If you ever see a game saying "Drop a spell" to means "cast a spell", it comes from France!  :P

Sat Jun 28 2008 7:24AM Report
wolfmann writes:

What do you expect from the asian MMORPG factories?

Expect them to hire translators?

Expect the minicompanies or asian companies that hope for some €, $ or £'s in their pocket to hire a translator?

They allready know that their target playerbase don't read, but spend their time grinding away and buying things in their cash shops.

Just look around you on these here forums. The same playerbase is on here, chippering like birds in heat about how great the games are, and how cool it is to stand in one spot grinding 1000 mobs every day is, and how fookin uber it is that the game is free and only need to buy a few things in the cash shoppe now and then...

And if you mention the bad translation to them, they become a BIG ??? and go "you read the ingame stuff? laaameo!"

Sun Jun 29 2008 1:11AM Report writes:
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