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More Character Classes Please!

Posted by lordaltay1 Wednesday June 25 2008 at 1:24PM
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Every time I download a new MMORPG game, I pray that the game has a large selection of classes, as I’m tired of playing games that only have 3-4 different classes. The more classes a game has, the more unique each person is in the game world, as if there are only three classes, a third of the game’s population is the same class you are. Aside from adding individuality, a game with a large selection of classes also has a lot of replay value. If I enjoyed an MMORPG game, but got tired of it after some time, odds are I’ll go back and create a new character and choose a class I haven’t played yet to experience the game in a new way.

One game with very few playable classes is definitely Eudemons. Eudemons currently has three playable classes; Warrior, Mage and Paladin. The third class, paladin, was actually just released within the last month or so, so the game had only two classes for most of it’s existence. Having two classes wouldn’t be a problem if the game has unique character development and growth, but unfortunately Eudemons lacks any sense of individuality, if you play a mage every other mage in the game will be almost exactly like you. To be fair, Eudemons isn’t a terrible game. The game is unique in the sense that it has incredibly fast paced leveling and a unique pet system. TQ Digital, the company Behind Eudemons is notorious for churning out unoriginal clones of their older games with revamped graphics. Crazy Tao, for example, is another game made by the same company as Eudemons and for all intensive purposes is the same game as Eudemons, but with more anime graphics.

If adding more classes to a game is too difficult, I urge developers to at least add more “job advancements” to their games. When I’m playing an MMO I don’t want a third of the entire game’s population to be exactly like me. One game that had an excellent job advancement system is Magic World Online. Although the game only had four playable classes, the game more than made up for it by having four job advancements. I’m not claiming that the game with the most playable classes is the best game out there, but having more classes in a game definitely adds to the game’s enjoyment and replay value.

Magic World Online’s Job Advancement system:


Hexxeity writes:

Games you actually pay for tend to have better character systems.

Wed Jun 25 2008 1:49PM Report
Savage16 writes:

LOL freezing Uranus.

Wed Jun 25 2008 2:44PM Report
samuraislyr writes:

Sort of hate a large selection of classes especially in MMO's where they are so time-consuming. I want to try them all and am never sure which class I want to be.

Really MMO's should start moving towards I think the Elder Scrolls model. You have the three basic archetypes.. warrior, mage, thief and then as a player you can create a multiude of hybrids. This opinion is probably just mine though.

Wed Jun 25 2008 3:43PM Report
BudliteBard writes:

I completely agree with the idea that the more classes a game has the more interest I will likely have in it. I personally love class based games and hate skill tree games, like World of Warcraft. I am sure I will be flamed for this but IMO Everquest is still the best MMO out there. You pick from one of a dozen or so base classes and then later on in the game you get to earn new skills (alternate abilities) to further power your character. Everquest 2 had a really neat idea when it first released, starting from 1 base class and working your way through it's ranks with the choice of how to specialize further. The other thing that made EQ2 so unique (even though I dislike the game mechanics) is "heals" his team by placing defensive wards that absorb damage on them. Not a completely new concept, similar to EQ1's enchanter spell: rune, but new enough to breath life into an entirely new class. In closing I agree that if a game only has fighters, wizards, healers and rogues, it most likely wont hold my attention beyond a week.

Wed Jun 25 2008 9:32PM Report
BudliteBard writes:

Edit previous post: after (even though I dislike the game mechanics) I intended to explain a new twist on the old shaman / healer archtype. The Defiler class "heals" his team through the use of wards.

Wed Jun 25 2008 9:35PM Report
craynlon writes:

i always tought a class system is kind of a limitation of itselve.
like in fable or dungeon siege i prefer people starting out as "regular joes" and pick up skills as they go.

even the archtypes seem unnatural to me since a fighter could very well be trained in lockpicking imho as well as a mage in fighting with a 2hd sword

Thu Jun 26 2008 2:28AM Report
Hydrawolf writes:

I was actually thinking about this myself one day and I believe there shouldn't just be a "mage" or "fighter" class but you should be able to choose to be light,dark, or neutral.... such as if you are a dark person and a mage you would be a death mage or necromancer or something like that.... light mage would be more on a priestly side and then neutrual is just something inbetween.... of course thats just my opinion.... and the only game I've seen do this is the original Baldurs Gate games >.> (not MMOs sadly)

Sat Jul 05 2008 5:21PM Report writes:
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