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No More Fantasy MMORPGs Please!

Posted by lordaltay1 Tuesday June 24 2008 at 10:30AM
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Developers need to start turning on their creativity switches and start to move away from the generic fantasy MMO theme. There’s nothing wrong with fantasy games, but that particular market is so incredibly saturated now. As an avid MMORPG gamer I want to see new games that aren’t fantasy themed. Believe me; I’ve slain enough Orcs for two lifetimes. Games like Neosteam and Age of Armor are both breaths of fresh air in the realm of MMORPGs. I’m not claiming that Neosteam and Age of Armor are great games, but they’re at least something different.

Neosteam is a “steampunk” themed MMORPG. Steampunk may be a genre you haven’t heard of before, but in simple terms, it means a mix of sci-fi and fantasy, usually featuring large steam powered buildings / robots. Neosteam isn’t exactly a unique concept, as it plays like every other MMORPG, but the game does change the environment around, and that’s definitely a welcomed change. Another interesting game that I’ve recently played was RF Online. The game marketed itself as a sci-fi game, but for all intensive purposes it played just like every other fantasy MMORPG, but with a few distinctions; most notably, the game’s environment. The sci-fi environment and sci-fi weaponry was a welcomed change, even if the game’s core mechanics were almost identical to every other MMORPG.

Another non fantasy mmorpg game which I found to be interesting is Age of Armor. The game actually looks and feels like a drastic change from your average fantasy MMORPG. You actually get to kill space aliens with guns and huge robots. Unlike RF Online, all the environments and weaponry in Age of Armor are sci-fi themed. Once again, Age of Armor doesn’t reinvent MMORPG genre, but the environments are different than your average MMORPG game. The reason I actually went out and downloaded Age of Armor was because the game was sci-fi themed. I simply wanted to try a genre other than fantasy.

Unfortunately, with the massive success of World of Warcraft, developers will continue to churn out fantasy titles, as they want to stick with a model that has worked in the past, and the fantasy genre has been the most successful. I would however, like to see developers get a bit more creative, as nearly every fantasy environment looks identical these days. I’m not claiming that fantasy games aren’t good, but I would like to see some new non-fantasy games released.


Anofalye writes:

Actually, I want more fantasy.  But I am open minded to any style.  I am not going to play any MMO forcing me to PvP or Raid (better rewards = forcing), so look like I have still quite a long break before a good MMO hit the shelves.

Tue Jun 24 2008 10:47AM Report
JB47394 writes:

The theme is not the issue.  The game mechanics are the source of entertainment in any game.  I'm not tired of the stock fantasy theme.  I'm tired of the stock fantasy game mechanics.  Fantasy gaming does not have to mean Everquest game mechanics.  Take the game mechanics of any other game that is not fantasy-themed, adjust them to operate in an MMO, wrap them with a fantasy theme and you've got a brand new fantasy MMO.

Chess, Checkers, Bridge, Cribbage, Go, Halo, Civilization, Tetris, Spore, Pin The Tail on the Donkey, Kick the Can.  Just examine the game mechanics and adapt them to a fantasy theme in an MMO environment.

Me, I like the fantasy theme.  It's organic and friendly and doesn't get caught up in excessive reality.  Kinda like a game.

Tue Jun 24 2008 11:31AM Report
Majinash writes:

While I agree that we need more steampunk (for a wonderful artistic example of steampunk, search for Girl Genius, its a webcomic) thats only because I think steampunk looks AMAZING and can be so deep.


I care car more about the mechanics of a game than the setting.  Give me a good game and it could be hello kitty online.  I really don't care if its orcs or kittens, as long as the game plays well I don't care who is in it or where its set.

Tue Jun 24 2008 12:43PM Report
lupisenparis writes:

steampunk has an original look but not original gameplay so however it may look, it plays borrowed.

Tue Jun 24 2008 2:13PM Report
Hexxeity writes:

I'd love to see a Shadowrun MMO.  Cyberpunk + Magic = WIN!

Tue Jun 24 2008 3:54PM Report
Brialyn writes:

I personally like Fantasy and have never got much out of a sci-fi themed game or the like.  Its not my thing but different strokes for different folks!  I can see how those who enjoy the sci-fi stuff would like to see something come out relating to it instead of the "slay the orcs" fantasy games. 

A refreshing game play would be ideal for any theme!  However a game that forces pvp or raiding is bad!  I personally dislike PvP and enjoy raiding but I know others who don't so a happy medium is needed for both.

Tue Jun 24 2008 5:10PM Report
Stormreign writes:

I'm a big fan of sci-fi, and I agree that the MMO market is being overrun by fantasy games.To me, the theme is a big deal. Because the theme creates the story. I don't play games to spend hours clicking the mouse, hitting the same keys on the keyboard and killing the same types of monsters over and over again. I play games for the story... So, story is important. So theme is important. To me, anyway.

Tue Jun 24 2008 5:22PM Report
daltanious writes:

Well I guess despite quality I would never play Hello Kitty (lol) ... but I agree that game mechanics count a lot, how well are additional activities well build (i.e. gathering, crafting, ...), ... etc etc ... 

I love cartoon style of  WOW, but I love also very realistic AoC. I however now I have lost all my interest to LOTRO, which is far from AoC realism, it is not well done cartoon style as WoW ... and movement, jumps, ... of characters there now look to me just grotesque, ugly. They should redesign completely this part of game. Not to speak about crippled movements of that damn bear pet for lore master.

 But I'm also one of that kind of players that would play some "realistic" game only if there would be absolutely no alternative. For me sci fi (for now this is not realism) and fantasy rocks.


Wed Jun 25 2008 2:57AM Report writes:
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