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MMO Questing

Posted by lordaltay1 Friday June 20 2008 at 8:42PM
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Most MMORPG games today offer an alternative way to gain experience other than grinding; questing. The problem with questing in MMORPGs is the lack of creativity and effort put forth by the developers. Almost every MMORPG has the standard “Go outside town and kill X amount of Y Monsters”. Replace X with a quantity and Y with a type of monster. Another very common quest you’ll find in most MMORPGs is the “Take this letter and hand it to the guy standing next to me”. Why do quests have to be so dull? There are only two MMORPGs I know that actually have a well thought out questing system; World of Warcraft and Maplestory.

It’s no surprise that World of Warcraft actually has a well designed and interesting quest system, as the game does has 10 million subscribers worldwide. The game’s quest dialogue was always very well written and the quests weren’t always go outside town and kill some monsters. Completing a chain quest also made you feel like you accomplished something and each step along the way, you were fed bits of information that kept you interested in the quest. When I first completed the Defias Brotherhood quest line In World of Warcraft It actually felt like I was in the game, as the quest actually kept me engaged with the game.

Maplestory also has a surprisingly good quest system. The quests in MapleStory aren’t good because they’re well written or tell an epic tale, but they’re incredibly fun because they’re so unique. Players can get together and participate in party quests where players get to work together to solve puzzles and defeat monsters. The puzzles are all actually very unique, as players get to actually do something other than grinding. MapleStory also has a series of incredible platforming quests where you’ll have to try to get to the end of a stage by jumping on platforms while dodging electricity and other obstacles. MapleStory also has all the “Go out and kill X of Y monster” type quests, but the fact that the game actually did some unique was definitely a welcomed change.

I’m looking forward to seeing what developers come up with next as far as questing goes. I’m a bit disappointed that the latest MMO games haven’t created anything new, as it seems like developers are too scared to try something new.


Nineven writes:

Let me just say that the World of Warcraft questing system is no different than most others. If anything, they modernized the, "Kill X amount of Y monsters."


Before I tried that game out, I was playing a game that didn't have quests at all. You got experience (all different kinds might I add), from simply killing things. Yes, it got bland, but it's really no different than what you're talking about.

A quest, or quest chain can be well written and have a great story all day long. In the eyes of the players it will always be, "Go here and do this, then return; or deliver this to X in the town of Y; etc, etc."

If you want an experience questing, I suggest you go out and buy Baldur's Gate 1 & 2. The quests in those games are in-depth, fun, and extremely immersive.

There are tons of ways to give players experience; not just questing. Unfortunately, as you say; there is a huge lack of creativity in the industry right now; and it's killing the game.

Fri Jun 20 2008 9:28PM Report
mike470 writes:


That is the next big questing game IMO.  I am tired of the go kill X of Y, or go take this dog to the lady 5 km away with no mount..

Fri Jun 20 2008 9:56PM Report writes:
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