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Saga of Lucimia Shrugging Off Single Player Content?

Posted by loghorizon01 Tuesday July 12 2016 at 6:34AM
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Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games (MMORPG) have come full circle more than once since the mid 1990’s. Once words on the screen became 2D static overhead graphics only to evolve into something bigger. Then 3D worlds with day and night cycles and more danger. Along the way developers forgot how to capitalize on the one thing that made MMORPG’s so damn interesting. Saga of Lucimia is bringing the focus back to what MMORPG’s should be- group based play. There is no solo battling in this one, folks, and that is a good thing.

saga of lucimia

My thoughts (I am simply an MMO player/fan, not a developer):

1) No solo combat

Yep, that is reason number one that Saga of Lucimia will rock. There simply will not be any single player quests available. That is one way to stop people from trying to solo their way through on a quest to basically become a “god” in the game. Here quests are broken down into smaller chunks. Say you find out that there is a camp of the enemy over a hill. You join up with a team and must take that camp down. Now, you may have the option to cross the hill directly or go around and come in from multiple sides or you might have a distinct advantage thanks to luring the enemy troops away a couple at a time. The choice is yours and your teammates to make. Everyone working together will bring the enemy down- try to solo it and watch as you are handed your butt and probably find it harder to get in with other teams later.

2) The back story is time tested

The story of Saga of Lucimia is based on a four part book series by T.W. Anderson (published in 2008). These books were based on a Dungeons and Dragons campaign Mr. Anderson created in the 1990’s. This campaign was tested, tweaked and played through by players for almost two decades before the story was printed in volumes for mass consumption. Yeah, time tested is a good term for it.

3) No Player vs Player combat

Some of you may be scoffing at this I myself am not too sure but it does have its advantages. By eliminating PvP altogether it forces people to work together rather than against each other at the last second (and hog all of the loot).

Bonus: Both class and classless characters available Ever play an MMORPG that had classes that simply did not match what you wanted to play? With Saga of Lucimia, you can pick from 40 unique classes and jump right into the game. If you prefer to build your character from the ground up then you can dive right in and tear apart every little trait of their abilities, powers and more to create the perfect character that fits your playstyle.


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To be honest, I don't expect SoL to be super good or anything. This is not gonna be a WoW killer. However, it does look like a promising niche, old school MMO.

Thank you very much for reading this blog post. This is all just my opinion and I would be glad to know what you think of it so please leave a comment below.

Revival, Lovecraftian Style MMORPG Cancelled! I am massively disappointed

Posted by loghorizon01 Friday June 10 2016 at 2:14AM
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I am so sad it isn't being developed anymore.

Original blog post - I was writing this right when the news came that the game has been cancelled or is in indefinite hiatus.

H.P. Lovecraft- an author that is either loved or despised, there is not much middle ground, wrote on many subjects in the horror realm of literature. Revival is an upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that pulls its visuals straight out of a Lovecraft story. There aren’t pretty little frilly angels flying around in Revival- no, here you will see half ripped open creatures of decay wanting your still beating heart in their hands. Yeah, this is not your dad’s Everquest. Revival is going to change MMORPG’s, one corpse at a time.

To make a splash in today’s gaming world, you cannot simply launch an MMORPG and hope gamers sign up. That is not going to cut it. Today’s gamer is much more astute and educated and has a plethora of online gaming options available to them. All at the touch of a few keys in a search engine- that is how quickly fans can be lost.

Revival is aiming to offer fans a full sandbox experience in an online role playing game. Towns will be completely and utterly destructible- if you have the manpower to accomplish the task, and the chip on your shoulder to follow through. The land will be completely run by players- this means it can be lawless or operated like a normal world with player imposed laws and rules.

Players will be able to purchase housing which is 100% unique to them, hand crafted and placed, and definitely requiring protection. This opens up the world of Revival to become a medieval Second Life. Other players that are quite powerful might offer protection to a town or a group of houses in exchange for a regular payment. What is unique with Revival is, housing will be limited in availability- this causes an urgency and need in owning a house- a sign of prestige if you will. What is cool with the housing is, you can even run an “inn” or a bed and breakfast out of it if you wish- charging other players to stay there. It doesn’t stop there though, owning a house also allows the owner an in on a political career in the town. Maybe your character becomes the sword wielding bad-ass king in the style of King Arthur.

Later, after the world of Revival has been expanded (it is continually growing) there will optional forms of transportation such as boats. Players will be able to purchase boats and sail the seas. If housing is any indication, players will be able to operate their boats as they wish- want to fish? Go ahead and recreated Deadliest Catch with some Lovecraft inspired fish (not sure I would though). Want to do tours or transport adventurers around? Why not, go for it! Want to run a trade route or two like you are an economics major? Sure, knock yourself out.

The world of revival will be open and with that openness comes danger, intrigue and opportunity. This is one exciting MMORPG that I look forward to playing.