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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

adBlock, Istaria buildings and Lotro hunts

Posted by Lithuanian Friday September 28 2012 at 3:40AM
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Got a surprise - header with text mmorpg is a free service, it costs money and money comes from ads. I never clicked on ads since I do play games I want to play. And when I am at work, the last thing I want my boss to see is half-nude Pamella Anderson-style woman with big sword advertising some Asian MMORPG. My boss may have a very wrong impression about what sites am I browsing. And my work PC is very slow: if I want to browse, I have to disable any ads on any site.

So - I will continue to block ads, even on Hope site admins won't be angry about that.


Started to gather iron (which is a bit complicated since it is guarded by Iron golems), when Player S., my good impatient Dragon, asked for some help. She needed to kill lots of Gold golems, so we went for some killing.

Initially golems were greedy:dropped anything except trophies. We hunted and hunted, killing any golem when there was a kind of sabotage: electricity in my house went off for some hour. When I returned to Istaria, I met with Player S., gave her trophies I have looted. She had nearly 90 of them - I think enough for at least one level.

Then returned to iron, harvesting it, avoiding golems and making construction stuff. Teleported to Player's D. plot only to find "my" Guildhouse was completed, tier 2 silos were built and others - nearly completed. I was lucky to find some use of my iron construction stuff. All that remains are to finish some tier 2 structures (silos, guildhouse) and then slowly start some Obsidian/marble stuff.


Was played very little: turned in last part of trophies; tried to use my alt to pay for house upkeep (50 silver), but could pay only on Saturdays, so just left my alt standing in the house. When I finally remove gold cap (i.e. buy removal from Lotro store spending TPs) - I possibly will purchase a larger house, costing 7 gold and use my alts to pay for upkeep.


And so the day ended, I left satisfied, thinking about buildings in Istaria and the fact that I will contribute to them. I am usefull and amongst my friends: life is just good.