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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Re-fighting, re-grumpying

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 18 2014 at 6:58AM
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March 17:

Lord of the rings online

Double experience weekend was active for NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz…and 2 grinding alts.

NaktiesKarys was very happy to do instances with Kinship, I can’t even remember how many of them wew have done. It’s just simple – someone drops idea, group is formed, instance assaulted and just as we finish we are thinking about another instance…The only problem is time, sometimes it is almost midnight when I need to go to sleep. Was also happy to help kinnies with lvl.60s Great Barrow instances. I was strong enough to wipe everything. One kinnie helped with Moria exploring (additional 10 TP gained).

I have finally, finally rebuilt Hytbold! It took me to one quest to see yet another Rohirric “we win yet the loss is great” thing…but now I bear title “Thane of Hytbold”. I am really proud of it.

There were downfalls too: tried to solo Dark Delvings. Went all the way, killed everything untill last boss. Initially was able to take some 10.000 hp from it and the became immortal, I was killed. Unfortunately, I did not find any company for assaulting and offer for help came too late. Also, I am having difficulties with warbands: if it is with adds and main monster is >99.000 hp strong, then I am doomed. Slowly-moving monsters are not such problem, one time soloed Troll group.

Vytautaz was a bit active in Angmar. He took every task item from vaults and now is just waiting for level 47: then, many many task turn-ins and xp. However, most quests are forced fellowship only.

Alts hah to be renamed: Turbine won’t allow such as “Xbb” (“sorry, this name is gibberish”), so had to call “Xbab” instead. I really enjoyed my Minstrels – they were growing quickly, outperforming Champions and losing mainly to higher level Hunters. I finished basic deeds in Ered-Luin, then teleported to Archet, did spider slayer and brigand slayer deeds. Yesterday sacrificed some time, did Ered Luin deeds without deed accelerator…and then accelerated killing in Bree. Spiders, Brigands, Neeker-breakers – all these were completed and I even had 7 or 8 minutes left. Cartographile deed (+10 TPs) is worth every second I invested into getting those maps.

Things are becoming really cool in Lotro for me. I do Hytbold, I do Wildermore dailies, then I hunt for Wargs and other beasts in Western Rohan (slayer deeds + class deeds), then I turn in tasks, then have some hunt in lvl.95 instances or just helping friends.

And so great weekend in Lotro has ended. I had some 3655 Turbine points, not sure how many Hytbold tokens and re-equipped my Champion with quality gear. Life is just great in Lotro.

March 18:

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the only active yesterday. And almost all day went wrong.

Initially things were good: I helped kinnies with Sambrog, noticed lvl.69 Minstrel in action (performed better than me; one shot – one kill) and only in crowd arreas did my shing-shing help. There were 2 Sambrogs, then another kinnie asked for help with Rottenheart, an awfull Wildermore warband.

Oh, he received a quest? That means my chance, I rushed to Forlaw, tried to take that quest, no such one, hurried without quest (if there is no quest, why to look for it?). Evil tree was here, I had very hard times with it, sometimes almost killed and only some miraculous heals helped me from defeat. Later I was asked if I needed to kill another warband, I declined. Since it is not soloable, it is not for me. Returned to Forlaw. Took Wildermore recovery quests…only to realize I picked wrong NPC and these cursed 2 warband were on my list. Then, found another hard quest, “Scylfig, target shooting”. I had 4 flags, 2 green, 2 blue, had to shoot when near to them, some time was spent and quest was failed. I cursed it yet another time, left intansce, chose easier quests (done them hundreds of times), when one kinnie offered help. I rejected: I do not believe this quest is doable at all.

I was really angry. I asked in kin chat, using many masked F words, what the ***  is wrong with my Champion, where did I *** it up so that anyone outperforms me? There was no answer that would answer my questions. Outdated equipment? Yes, it is, but not that outdated, sometimes I feel I would perform same with, say, lvl.50 armour. Weapons with some wrong statuses on it? Maybe, but other things are absolutely right on them, they have good DPS and are maxed. War steed is good, though his LI is outdated (lvl.85 one). However, I use all offensive skills on it. Someone pointed to virtues: yes, these are a bit outdated, but that’s all thanks to Turbine. They tied some virtues with Moria deeds and all I have are impossible deeds or taking too many time to finish. Plus, since it is Moria, you won’t find any fellowship here. So, there was no answer that could point out to problem. And where am I expected to get quality armour if I do not extremely hard Big Battles? To do Big Battles, I must have good equipment and be high tier Enginner, and to have good equipment and be high tier Engineer, I need to perform good in Big Battles.

Thus, I did some simple quests, turned in some task items and left being angry. Once again I feel my toon out-dated, under-equipped with zero chance to get any quality items. What’s the good of talks, when equipment I need just do not drop even from lvl.95 instances? Crafted one is told to be no match for instances (and yesterday we had no lvl.95 instance).

And so the day has ended, I had earned zero Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens and felt just grumpy. Day was kind of bad and uninspiring in Lotro