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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Finishing touches

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 31 2014 at 6:05AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz were active in Lotro this weekend.

Vytautaz did very lazy things:turned in task items and used Moria reputation items sent to him. This way he reached lvl. 47 and 15 Turbine points worth reputation. At least some return of investment…

NaktiesKarys was over-active. Soloing all sololable content. Running one instance after another. Finishing Forges of Khazad-Dum. Last slayer and exploration deeds in Urugarth and Carn Dum (used 1 slayer deed accelerator there). Even fighting in Lumul-Nar, though this proved to be bad experience.

Kinship was helpful, as always. After my request we attacked Vile Maw and now I am close to last deed there. Also, folks helped greatly in finding specifc locations/monsters in Carn Dum. At the other hand – I was happy enough to help one kinnie with reputation items and for some others – with questing/instancing. A pity, one time had to abandon helping: PC slowed down, I got stuck and had to wait for some 2 hours.

Xbae, my new alt, was active: used 3 sets of reputation items and started TP grind in Ered Luin. She will finish her career today.

I am waiting for Update 13. Saving every single Turbine point. Not distracting myself with sales. When Update is released, I must have enough TP for everything. Currently we are discussing the price (and guessing it may be around 795 Turbine points).

And son weekend has ended, I had 4510 Turbine points and felt life was just superb in Lotro.

Update 13:soon!

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 28 2014 at 7:22AM
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Lord of the rings online

We are waiting for Update 13. Finally, wheels if history turns and the fortress of Saruman would be destroyed, evil pits flooded. announced more details: session play as an Ent (entirely optional, thanks to God!), taking care of the rabble.

And a pet Ent. New kind of daily quests that would keep players busy.

New inventory bag system. Unsatisfied with 6 bags? Buy more, each 5 slots for some TP amount.

New crafting instance. New meta-deeds (at least in Bullroared they were). Maybe even First age lvl.95 Legendary weapons.

I am excited about this. New things, new quests, new dailies (since Hytbold I like dailies) and opportunity to re-design your own inventory bags. It would mean only one thing: return to Army of TP Grinding Minstrels and grind for more Turbine points. All my toon need is more content and more space in vault/bags.

Meanwhile NaktiesKarys did some instances in Carn Dum and Urugarth, slayed trolls and orcs and completed 2 slayer deeds. Later got a bit bored. Kinnies asked if I was willing to do Big Battles, but I was too scary of all this turmoil. Refused (although our Kinship organizes BBs very often). Later we did some traditional instances: The Watcher (at my request, since I need to kill some 40 arms of the watcher), Skumfil and tier 3 Deep Way. Things were great, in the Watcher my AoE were needed, so I went shing-shing. Deep way skirmish raid went a bit hard, we were killed many times, but always did all main and side quests. Once again we were victorious.

Vytautaz was almost inactive: received lots of mails with task items, turned then in…and waits for next day. I will grow him up this way to some lvl.49.

Once again I will repeat how I feel: excited about my Kinship. We are active and really helpfull, should someone need something – there are more than enough kinnies willing to help.

And so the day has ended I had 4210 Turbine points, had much fun. Life is good and seems to be exciting after update 13 in Lotro.

epic & forges

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 27 2014 at 6:52AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the only one active, once again. This time I was dedicated to finishing Epic Volume I. Did every single quest, including some evil session plays. Yes, I do dislike them – at the same time yes, Turbine made them doable (unlike “we cannot get out”). One just have to think a bit and study new skills. Book 14 was done so I immersed into book 15, which proved to be the last. I ran throughout the land, from Trollshaws to Evendim, was auto-transported, spoke with prisoners and their interrogators, battled with monsters and their illusions. Result: monsters killed, illusions killed, history of Sauron learned. Poor Amarthiel returned to her Elven form, destroyed one of the Rings, led a force (of me and herself) against Angmar and killed one of ANgmar leaders. Then, she died, at last as hero of thge Free people. Nice story and the end of the first two books.

Then I finished some deeds in Moria instances: nameless slayer (advanced), orc slayer in Forges of Khazad-DUm (adv), Goblin slayer of Khazad Dum (adv). Did not care much about finishing these instances though. Finished Sambrog with lvl.55 kinnie. When meating monsters, I always /mock them, to show who is the boss there – now tought my kinnie to do this. We were victorious and I had much fun in owning monsters.

At the end of the day Kinship organized – following my asking – Stoneheigh tier 2. I needed to finish challenge (kill one mob and within 10 seconds – another one). First 2 times we were un-succesfull. One monster ran away and we could not make it. Also, they do stun which did not help too. Finally, I told we needed Minstrel to nuke them out, one kinnie logged a minstrel, we re-took the instance and were victorious. Yet another victory, another stack of Turbine points and some medaillions. Fighting was spectacular. I saw Hunter raining arrows from far away and many monsters did not make it to us – they just fell on the ground. I saw nukes – pillars of white light – by Minstrel. I saw impressive heals of Minstrel, impressive hits by Captain…and not so impressibe AoE of my own.

And so the day has ended. I had 4200 Turbine points. I had much much fun in my active Kinship – could not think about creating yet another TP grinding Minstrel. I was more than prepared for Update 13. And I finally see some deeds are more thsan doable if one has will and patience to fight and learn. The day has been excellent in Lotro.


Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 26 2014 at 8:07AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the most active, all other toons received things by mail, used/deposited…and waited untill next mail.

And NaktiesKarys initially killed giants and serpents (gilberths?) in Enedwaith. Then, Kinship form raid – if I remember correctly, Barad Guldur. Then, it began. We had some challenges, like “kill A and B with 10 seconds pause maximum”, “kill C and 10 of his bodyguards”. Entered a room with a mob, then somehow I was one-shotted. Someone entered room too early. We returned. Tactic was over-complicated. Fight main boss, but don’t nuke it too soon, because we need his guards. And boss gave “an eye” – a symbol that player was about to explode. Folks told me I got an eye several times, exploded…and of course, killed other players.

It was a turmoil: we were running, monster was running, our attacks flashed the room, 25% of space was behgind raid participant nicks, I had to look at boss’ health, my own health and power + fervour and to see which powerfull attacks were active. We failed almost each time and finally raid was over. I was very dissatisfied with these fails, some of them were only “thanks” to me. Disappointed. Lost. Angry on myself. It was 23:00 Lithuanian time, I told “Grumpy Nak logging off”…when kinnies asked to stay. One finall skirmish, they told, let us end the day in victory. I was reluctant, but agreed on one condition: skirmish should not take more than 30 minutes.

We took “Way of Smiths” and then it was kind of quick. Monsters appeared, our group smashed them and waited for another wave. One time I stood to oppose a group of mobs without any support:was killed quickly. Lucky, our Minstrels (the best class!) resurrected and I could continue fight. I used all my favourite devastating AoE attacks, trying to do as much damage as possible. Looks like it worked, we slew every enemy…and finally, rewards. Loot was 1 Flawed symbol, 1 Eorlingas crystal and some relics. Now I have 3 Eorlingas crystals, ready to use on Eorlingas 1st Age weapon, when Turbine introduces it.

I also got help from one kinnie, a Champion. He greatly helped me with my setup while others adviced about Legendary items. Got quality armour from yet other Kinnie. This Kinship is just great sand active, more active than I could imagine. Sometimes raids are organized just to equip me, sometimes just for fun…but almost every day we have a marathon of raids.

And so the day has ended, I had 4070 Turbine points (somehow 20 TPs earned). Thanks to Turbine’s sales policy, I have nowhere to spend and am more than ready to purchase new content when it shows up. Life was very good and promising in Lotro.

serpents, giants, epic

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 25 2014 at 6:53AM
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Lord of the rings online

Had not so much time to play:real-life interfered from time to time.

Vytautaz turned in some task items and went to sleep.

NaktiesKarys was active. He did not make it into skirmish raid, but finished Moria exploration deeds. Located two places with auto-bestowed quests. it was quite interesting, I have to admit. Did several epic quests, earned 2 Trait points (and now have serious question where to invest them to: I have full yellow tree and the rest is in blue one. Folks advice red for some reason).

Epic quests brought me outside dark and grumpy Moria to more bright areas. Ended in Enedwaith. Witnessed how Isildur cursed Men of the Mountain to never witness death – this is how Oathbreakers appeared. Isildur’s session play was more user friendly than “We cannot get out”. Easier to do and understand. Perhabs Turbine is learning from past mistakes. Overall book III quest line is a success. It teels story, is interesting, has good rewards (including Golden tokens and legendary items). Also, it introduces some mysterious characters too.

Questing brough me to “Giant slayer” and “Gwilbereth slayer” deeds of Enedwaith. Giants are doable with deed accelerator (and I have some 25 of them). Gwilbereths are harder to do, but I will grind them anyway: it’s 15 free Turbine points.

And so the day has ended. I had 4070 Turbine points (nowhere to spend, all thanks to lack of good sales) and now am eagerly awaiting Update 13. It promisses noew adventures, quests, rewards…and flooded Isengard at last! Life was just good in Lotro.

Crystal & fun

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 24 2014 at 7:01AM
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Lord of the rings online

A real-life virus caught me, had to be home…and play Lotro.

DunedanMule was crafting and is near level 22.

NaktiesKarys was active all the time. Finished Hytbold rebuild and not I proudly bear “Thane of Hytbold” title. Grinded reputation with Helmingas, so I could finally purchase Flawed symbol for some Westemnet coins.

And with the help of the Kinship – did lots of instances. To be honest, can’t quote numbers. Just starting, winning, taking some time for repairs and starting anew. School, Library, Iobar’s Peak to name a few. Kin is also active in Helm’s Deep, but so far I am sceptic about it. Now, I am finally have activity I have always wanted to. Also, I was helped with Dark Delvings – it is there that I saw Captain in action, he soloed last boss, where two Champions failed.

Kinship Jewellers made quality shinies for me, so now my Champion is well equipped, only few pieces of armour lacking to all teal. Of course, I had to give some Emerald Shards, but I have enough of them.

I was happy enough to help one player with levelling and craft him a lvl.75 legendary weapon.

By accident have purchased Eorlingas crystal (some 230 gold). Next day, there were enough crystals in Auction House for almost same price. I hoped someone will over-bid me…but it did not happen. Now I am preserving it for Update 13.

And so long weekend has ended. I was very happy with Kinship activity. Turbine points were just flowing, I had 4050 of them, some of Moria deeds completed. Life was superb in Lotro.

grey hunting

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 19 2014 at 7:14AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the only active. Helped one kinnie with instance, but as there were 2 tanks…Sambrog hunt at some lvl.52 turned into massacre. Undead had no chance versus my AoE and Minstrel’s nukes. Sambrog could cheat as much as it wished – it did not help him to survive a second longer.

I went to hunt and do my class deeds. Hunt was kind of success – finished Warg slayer (adv.), Boar and bear slayer (adv.) and Troll slayer (adv.) deeds on Western Rohan. Harvested Eorlingas ore and earned some 4 Emeral shards this way.

Otherwise there was a grey day. Somebody organized Big Battle (and I do hate it), but almost no activity other than this. I tried to run Sambrog for my Vytautaz, but got only lame Crossbow instead. And I do need lots of instances for my lvl.95 Champion to get all good equipment.

However, soon I may be stuck in the middle of Nowhere – again. There are deeds I could finish (I’m good at grinding) and one day I will finish these. But one day I will run into almost impossible deeds. What’s then? So far, no ideas.

Bright side of these grey days: since Turbine store offers nothing of interest, I am collecting Turbine points so that one day I could allow many many usefull purchases.

And so the day has ended, I had 3570 Turbine points. Life was grey in Lotro.

Re-fighting, re-grumpying

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 18 2014 at 6:58AM
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March 17:

Lord of the rings online

Double experience weekend was active for NaktiesKarys and Vytautaz…and 2 grinding alts.

NaktiesKarys was very happy to do instances with Kinship, I can’t even remember how many of them wew have done. It’s just simple – someone drops idea, group is formed, instance assaulted and just as we finish we are thinking about another instance…The only problem is time, sometimes it is almost midnight when I need to go to sleep. Was also happy to help kinnies with lvl.60s Great Barrow instances. I was strong enough to wipe everything. One kinnie helped with Moria exploring (additional 10 TP gained).

I have finally, finally rebuilt Hytbold! It took me to one quest to see yet another Rohirric “we win yet the loss is great” thing…but now I bear title “Thane of Hytbold”. I am really proud of it.

There were downfalls too: tried to solo Dark Delvings. Went all the way, killed everything untill last boss. Initially was able to take some 10.000 hp from it and the became immortal, I was killed. Unfortunately, I did not find any company for assaulting and offer for help came too late. Also, I am having difficulties with warbands: if it is with adds and main monster is >99.000 hp strong, then I am doomed. Slowly-moving monsters are not such problem, one time soloed Troll group.

Vytautaz was a bit active in Angmar. He took every task item from vaults and now is just waiting for level 47: then, many many task turn-ins and xp. However, most quests are forced fellowship only.

Alts hah to be renamed: Turbine won’t allow such as “Xbb” (“sorry, this name is gibberish”), so had to call “Xbab” instead. I really enjoyed my Minstrels – they were growing quickly, outperforming Champions and losing mainly to higher level Hunters. I finished basic deeds in Ered-Luin, then teleported to Archet, did spider slayer and brigand slayer deeds. Yesterday sacrificed some time, did Ered Luin deeds without deed accelerator…and then accelerated killing in Bree. Spiders, Brigands, Neeker-breakers – all these were completed and I even had 7 or 8 minutes left. Cartographile deed (+10 TPs) is worth every second I invested into getting those maps.

Things are becoming really cool in Lotro for me. I do Hytbold, I do Wildermore dailies, then I hunt for Wargs and other beasts in Western Rohan (slayer deeds + class deeds), then I turn in tasks, then have some hunt in lvl.95 instances or just helping friends.

And so great weekend in Lotro has ended. I had some 3655 Turbine points, not sure how many Hytbold tokens and re-equipped my Champion with quality gear. Life is just great in Lotro.

March 18:

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was the only active yesterday. And almost all day went wrong.

Initially things were good: I helped kinnies with Sambrog, noticed lvl.69 Minstrel in action (performed better than me; one shot – one kill) and only in crowd arreas did my shing-shing help. There were 2 Sambrogs, then another kinnie asked for help with Rottenheart, an awfull Wildermore warband.

Oh, he received a quest? That means my chance, I rushed to Forlaw, tried to take that quest, no such one, hurried without quest (if there is no quest, why to look for it?). Evil tree was here, I had very hard times with it, sometimes almost killed and only some miraculous heals helped me from defeat. Later I was asked if I needed to kill another warband, I declined. Since it is not soloable, it is not for me. Returned to Forlaw. Took Wildermore recovery quests…only to realize I picked wrong NPC and these cursed 2 warband were on my list. Then, found another hard quest, “Scylfig, target shooting”. I had 4 flags, 2 green, 2 blue, had to shoot when near to them, some time was spent and quest was failed. I cursed it yet another time, left intansce, chose easier quests (done them hundreds of times), when one kinnie offered help. I rejected: I do not believe this quest is doable at all.

I was really angry. I asked in kin chat, using many masked F words, what the ***  is wrong with my Champion, where did I *** it up so that anyone outperforms me? There was no answer that would answer my questions. Outdated equipment? Yes, it is, but not that outdated, sometimes I feel I would perform same with, say, lvl.50 armour. Weapons with some wrong statuses on it? Maybe, but other things are absolutely right on them, they have good DPS and are maxed. War steed is good, though his LI is outdated (lvl.85 one). However, I use all offensive skills on it. Someone pointed to virtues: yes, these are a bit outdated, but that’s all thanks to Turbine. They tied some virtues with Moria deeds and all I have are impossible deeds or taking too many time to finish. Plus, since it is Moria, you won’t find any fellowship here. So, there was no answer that could point out to problem. And where am I expected to get quality armour if I do not extremely hard Big Battles? To do Big Battles, I must have good equipment and be high tier Enginner, and to have good equipment and be high tier Engineer, I need to perform good in Big Battles.

Thus, I did some simple quests, turned in some task items and left being angry. Once again I feel my toon out-dated, under-equipped with zero chance to get any quality items. What’s the good of talks, when equipment I need just do not drop even from lvl.95 instances? Crafted one is told to be no match for instances (and yesterday we had no lvl.95 instance).

And so the day has ended, I had earned zero Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens and felt just grumpy. Day was kind of bad and uninspiring in Lotro

Warbands, instances:rise and fall

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 14 2014 at 6:25AM
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Lord of the rings online

Only NaktiesKarys was active – there were no times for other toons. Initially – daily quests in Hytbold, 30 tokens, one more Cliving quest completed, maybe soom I will finish all its quests and receive +25 tokens.  Result: Norcrofs cottage rebuilt, now only one cottage remains and I could celebrate victory.

Then, daily task items things, reaching Ally reputation with Helmingas, hunt for more task items, Wildermore dailies. There I faced first serious defeat. Voz warband the name. Main monster – over 200.000 hp and has few adds. Tried to fight solo (“me Hulk, me smash”), was killed, rejected Kinship offers for help. Tried easier monster with only 100.000 hp and 3 adds (all ranged), killed too. Despite Kinship’s opinion, I am absolutely sure that any warband with >90.000 health with adds is unsoloable. Thus – several defeats, many disappointments, too many questions about what was I doing wrong. Mount is good, mount traits are good, my weapons are good and I use all of my mounted attack skills. No, I do not use healing skills (+1700 hp won’t help much if I need at leas +100.000 hp) or “ride me directly to the enemy” skills. A mistake.

Prospecting gave me yet another Emerald shard. They drop not often, I get hundreds of Eorlingas ore I do not need (but may need in the future). Advancing my slayer deeds in Western Rohan as well as class ones.

And then we did School instance at lvl.95, I felt very good there, using all my AoE attacks, feeling what was Champion worth. A pity, we failed challenge when you should kill a bos without damaging his birds. Then we did one Annuminas instance, loot was not equipment, but lots of Legendary item settings and relics: maybe some 15. Deconstructed them all, it would help me one day. Looted one Eorlingas lootbox, but it gave lame stuff: one legacy tier upgrade and 5 scrolls of universal crafting.

Then it was almost midnight, I had to go to sleep, but Kinship organized “skraid” (skirmish raid) in Moria. Was pursuaded to join, but couldn’t – looks like I did not finish something in grumpy Moria. It would be a high time to do something there.

And so the day has ended. I had 3315 Turbine points (a pity no sales that could interest me), maybe 5 Hytbold tokens and felt very satisfied with my Kinship. At least 2 instances daily – that’s THE activity! Life is excellent once again in Lotro.

Fighting the world

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 13 2014 at 6:36AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active, though lacked time. At first – traditional Hytbold dailies. One kinnie was kind enough to help me with “Catch wild horse” at Cliving. I wish Saruman makes sausages/steaks from these evil wild horses…but the quest is finished and I won’t repeat it. I almost finished cottage of Norcrofts, only 1 more house remaining…and Hytbold will be done.

Then it was high time for instances. Kinship does them for me, so that I could get a normal gear. We ran Sambrog several times, enemies were hard, but we prevailed. Only one time was I killed: impolite monster, I did not attack you, but your add! Overall, it was a huge success for me, I got one nice pocket item and looted quality leggings. There is more stuff to battle for, but I am decided to run any instance available. Unfortunately, too often I receive weapons that are inferior to ones I have.

At the end I finished Warg slayer of Western Rohan deed, turned in task items advancing very little with Helmingas. This faction has only one soloable warband and task items (I could turn in 10 times only), so 3500 in a day. When I finish Kindred – well, then I could just hunt for Rohan coins to purchase Flawed symbols at reputation vendor. One kinnie made my a new lvl.95 rune, so that now I would be stronger.

I am very satisfied with my new Kinship, the Family. They do help, they do care, they tell the truth (even if it is very unpleasant: but hey, no one would be stupid to be angry on truth). The question is – how would I repay Kinship? I am not good instancer, the only things I could offerr is my weaponsmith or prospector.

And so the day has ended, I had 3285 Turbine points, did not touch any of my alts and felt very happy. Days are just superb in Lotro.

Paradise re-found

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 12 2014 at 6:51AM
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Lord of the rings online

4 days of extensive playing. Vytautaz quested in Angmar, killing wargs, dunledings, doing some quests. DunedanMule acted as mule and crafted armour for Minstrels (lvl.7 and lvl. 10 ones).

NaktiesKarys was very active. Initially days were grey, either no instances or ones I did not have. And then things became really fast. One day – 3 instances, one after another plus me aiding one kinnie in Great Barrow. Next day – succesfull crafting grind in HD region, including valuable Emeral shards. Yesterday – yet another instance and it was only thanks to late time that I did not take part in second instance. I can’t remember correctly, but this is perhabs more instances per day than I had in whole February. This is what makes me feel happy. I get clear commands. I get support. I try my best to do my designated role and enjoy shing-shings.

Had one hard talk with one of our Officers – a talk on my equipment. It may be very outdated and that’s why I am performing not so good. Advice – to take lvl.95 instances which I am starting doing. Of course, it’s not pleasant, but better harsh truth, than sweet lies. Yet another talk – about Big Battles, but this is very complex question.

NaktiesKarys is starting to grind deeds in HD. Finished troll slayer, advancing Warg and Boar slayer as well as class ones (use “Clobber” and “Mercyfuyll strike” many many times). This gives me many task items: will use them to get Kindred with Helmingas. I do need that Kindred to purchase Flawed symbols for local tokens. I also hunt local warbands and in only few times I had to run: otherwise, killing, enjoying being powerfull. Some warbands are killed several times in a row. Rewards are typically Marks or some outdated equipment. NaktiesKarys also rebuolds Hytbold: Library, Lumber mill are rebuilt, only 2 houses (100 tokens) remain.

In this turmoil of activity I completely forgot to grind TPs with my Xa…toon. But this is what I could do at any time: currently, just having great fun with my Kinship.

And so long weekend has ended. I had 3280 Turbine points, zero Hytbold tokens, several newly found Emerald shards, finally made full stacks of Eorlingas ore. Life was like a paradise in Lotro.

Leaving & organizing

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 7 2014 at 5:48AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys said farewell to Edhel-Annon kinship. It was good to be with them, to fight hand to hand, but I do need more activity (and well, acitivity is not common on Withywindle). And I would feel much better being a member of one, not two kinships. Loyalty cannot be divided.

Besides leaving, did traditional Hytbold dailies, this time – rebuilding stables. Only 2 deeds remain and stables would be at their best. And then – grindy Houses (some 50 tokens), library and lumbermill. All require huge grind, but I am determined to do it, no matter the costs.

Meanwhile Turbine announced another sales, but once again – nothing worth purchase. Great River region, Trollshaws, North Downs…and some legendary weapons crafting stuff. All un-needed. Positive side: it will help me to save Turbine points for some valuable purchase.

Vytautaz did few quests. The Family kinship is very quick to organize skirmishes, yet my toon is too low for lvl.95 ones. One Moria run was organized in a light-speed, I typed I could aid…and was too late. The Family is very organized in this way and does things faster that I could sometimes react.

DunedanMule was crafting. The armour she makes is better than vendor, yet status is almost unsuitable for Minstrel and design is just ugly. Level 10 Armour has better status and I hope would look better. Now I am supplying my Minstrels with equipment so that they fight better.

XaaZ, my new Minstrel, did all the runs she was expected, provided DunedanMule with crafting materials (hides, fibres) as well as some 600 silver coins…and was deleted. Xaa…series are finished, new Xb… series toons are born.

And so the day has ended. I had 2930 Turbine points (and yet nothing to buy with them), 0 Hytbold tokens, left old Kinship and looking to find my place in new Kin. Life was good in Lotro.

Grey day

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 6 2014 at 7:01AM
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ord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, repaired “Lightning and fences”…and then stopped. I had only 5 tokens and the smalles thing required 10, while rebuilding Library and Windmill – 15 tokens. Long grind ahead, since I have to rebuilt lots of things, most requiring 10 tokens. Fortunately, did one quest that was impossible to do untill lvl.95:catch some evil frogs.

Xaax did every quest, sent equipment to Xaaz and crafting materials – to DunedanMule.

Vytautaz was not so active – did some quests in Angmar and that was all.

Game was half past dead. No activity in kinships. No signs of anyone being alive in the chats (of course, I do not count recycle bin, called “global”). Almost no answers to my questions about “is there any activity being planned for today/this week?”. Only some invitations to kinships – all alike. Every single, even yesterday established kinship is user friendly, helpfull, social, supporting and active. My answer is always “no”, I am already in Kinship. The problem with our kinships is their in-activity. I look at regional chat: no advertisiments about any activity. I look at Lotro forums, Withywindle: very very little activity.

The only thing I could think of was finishing some deeds in 3 instances, but that was boring. Thus, I had nothing to do, just stand somewhere and look at landscape.

And so the day has ended, I had 2825 Turbine points, 5 Hytbold tokens. Life was a bit grey and uninspiring in Lotro.

Fashion disasters

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 5 2014 at 6:50AM
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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was active in Hytbold: did dailies, then used all his 30 tokens to repair “Lightining and fences”. One moree rebuilding deed will be completed today. Took some instances, including Carn Dum. Fought Mordirith and  it was really hard to solo it…but I did it. Yet some Carn Dum deeds remain to be done.

Vytautaz did very little – just chatted, found little activity of his own level. Then, went to hunt poor lvl.7 wolves for light leather. Gathered 102 of it, gave to DunedanMule.

DunedanMule advanced her tailor/forester crafting and tried to produce some lvl.7 light armour. As with some crafted items, it was a disaster. No armour that fits Minstrel. Added morale, power regeneration…and no Vitality, Will, Agility. Finally, crafted something, sent to XaaX.

And XaaX saw Archet burned and then tried her new dressing. It was a complete fashion disaster. Robe looked like a rag from second-hand shop. Tried to colour it with Olive colour, but things got worse. Hat was terrible. Only less visible things, like cloak and boots were not that bad. Poor girl, she has to use this unless monsters drop something usefull. However, this armour would protect her for most of time better than vendor one. XaaX managed to ride to Bree and use 2 sets of reputation items. Ride to Celondim, then waiting untill today.

And so the day has ended. I had 2720 Turbine points (though nowhere to spent them), 0 Hytbold tokens. Life was good and interesting in Lotro.

Instances and Turbine points

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 4 2014 at 6:50AM
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Lord of the rings online

Lucky me – almost all toons were active doing positive things.

NaktiesKarys did Hytbold dailies, restored house of Norcrofts. Then one kinnie asked to craft lvl.75 Second age Burglar sword. Teleporting to Thorins Hall, purchasing recipe, waiting for symbol to arrive…and sword is done. At last I was needed as Weaponsmith. Later, I took some old lvl.50 instances: Urugarth, Library, Carn Dum, killing monsters, doing side quests. Some deeds were done this way, some were bestowed, but all of them were soloable. Well, except one monster (Urugarth?) – I needed to stay in some spot and then attack mob. I did not…and was killed. Next time I should take more care…or bring someone who has done this before. Looted some valuable items which could sell good on Auction House or just form a very nice present to someone.

Vytautaz was active in Angmar, finishing some slayer deeds. Of course, there are many more things to do there (exploration, instances…), but all of them require time. The Family kinship was active – within short tine formed a 6 man group to Helms Deep and when one kinnie asked for help in Garth Agarwen, someone immediately offered help. I was too late to offer it, though wasted maybe 10-20 seconds. Vytautaz is close to lvl.46, but still needs to grow…without quests (Angmar now offers only forced fellowships). My dream territory is Eregion. No vault (a pity), but nice inviting landscape and all quests are doable, except 1 that requires at least one experienced player.

Vytautaz thought about taking some crafting profession…but declined everything. Too late for Armorer (would be a real long way to go). Then maybe – some crafter that could equip Minstrels with light armour? Nice choice, but it does depend upon forester and I have no free foresters. Hence Vytautaz is not becoming a crafter.

Overall the day was a success. I was active, was needed and my new Kinship was active too. I had 2610 Turbine points – and life was just superb with Lotro.

Happyness + Family

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 3 2014 at 6:57AM
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Lord of the rings online

Turbine has compensated me 20 TPs and has given 10 TPs as abonus. The answer was quick and I was very satisfied of it. Kudos, Turbine!

XaaW was finally active, grinded for her 105 Turbine points, deposited 600 silver to the bank and was deleted. XaaX and XaaZ were born.

NaktiesKarys grinded for reputation items: rings of numenor, Cordolan trinkets, mathoms. One time met level 19 Champion in one of the barrows. We ran together, me having fun with monster slaying, he – just collecting loot and xp, sometimes fighting. Within one not-so-long run he advanced to lvl.22. Call it power-levelling or whatever, but this was good. Also, helped one person to kill drakes in Angmar (after all, 16.000 health is not a little problem). As a Minstrel, he should have no problem, but together it was just faster. Another run was in Great Barrows, we ran, we killed, then started Defense of Gondamon. Things are just great there.

Vytautaz  has joined a Kinship! Now, he is a member of The Family. I think everyone knows it is a Kin that was nominated for Dragon Slayer awards. I am using to know kinnies better. They have some rules that I have been following since my first steps, meaningly – not charging for items I craft. “Free for friends” as I call and usually I do not craft stuff for sale. Was doing it in Istaria, am doing this in Lotro. Kin is planning some activities and I would take every of them. I do need activities – raiding, questing, deeding…

Meanwhile Vytautaz did some quests in Rivendell, then went to Angmar. Finished class deeds, received 1 trait point. In Angmar, found Halls of Night (10 TPs) and finished Warg slayer (5 TP). Looks like my investments are returning…Now just need lvl.48 to go to Eregion, one of my favourite regions.

And so weekend has ended, I had 2565 Turbine points, missed 1 Hytbold rebuild on Sunday. Days have been excellent in Lotro.