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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

planning, dreaming

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 22 2012 at 2:11AM
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As our Guildhouse is still closed - crafting once again.

Advanced my Gatherer to lvl.97 and made some 40-50% to level 98. It took 4 silos to fill and one crafting level now costs 2,5 silos. On the other side, mny Carpenter advanced from lvl.50 to lvl.58 - all thanks to those silos.

Then came to craft Cedar construction timber. Unfortunately, crafting structure near Bristugo was not operational: had to make several teleporter jums to store cedar and later produce timbers. Added all of them to one plot - but there is much more to do, some 200 cedar timbers to be made and added. I gain no xp for that, only feeling of being usefull to others. If I level Fitter and Weaver to some lvl.20 - I would be able to finish almost all of this plot myself.

Player D. came - his alt wanted to buy certain plot. The plot looks nice, but the alt did not have enough money. I have him money...only to realise he was not allowed to buy plot. In Istaria, if you pay 15$ a month, you are eligible for 1 plot of land. If you want second - either add another subscription or participate in "spread the word" program (for paying customers only, therefore not for me). Well, I will regain money and maybe Player D. will find a way to buy that nice-looking plot.

At the end of the day I was called as healer to help some hatchlings. Resurrected one of them (was killed before I arrived). Healed some of them...but the hunt was a bit spoiled by one big Dragon. He just was too strong and every monster attacked him, paying no attention to me. And I was supposed to help hatchlings/younger players grow: I kill, they hain xp.

Later I returned to craft cedar. Already have 100 construction timbers, need only 95 more...

The day was a good one. Today I will have almost no time for crafting and adventuring.

EDIT: I dreamed a bit. About me and my ideas about MMORPGS. About being usefull to any new online game, be it fantasy or space (just not steampunk / pokemon type!). New races, some new concepts. Maybe it was a typical dream that would never come true: companies have enough players and fans and I am just another unknown free-to-play gamer. writes:
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