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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

strange, yet positive, feelings

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 30 2012 at 1:06AM
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Had an interesting day in Istarian world.

First of all: my feelings. I felt I got tired from instant levelling up. To chop yew tree, fill 5 silos with logs, then make boards, finally make tools from boards, then deconstruct tools, get logs...and repeat many many times untill I reach new level...after I reach, repeat once again.

I took up a simple works that gives almost no reward in experience or money. Went to Dalimond sandstone quarry, crafted several hundreds of sandstone keystones. Deposited part of them in my vault - and went to help with one plot. I went satisfied when I added last resource and one wall emerged. I continued to do these runs: first sandstone (no xp), then slate (very little xp). At the end of the day I helped to finish some walls, since they required only sandstome and slate. There were other structures left, but they require skills I do not have yet.

I shared my feelings with folks in Universal Soldiers chat. Earlier it was great for me to advance by some levels...and now I am just tired. They understood me and promised to take to one dangerous (yet rewarding in terms of xp) dungeon, the ill-famous Doom, full of the most deadly monsters in Istaria.

Then went to relax to New Trismus, but found no one I could help, so retreated to scout Island of Fire.

This proved to be very challenging. I was running, surrounded by agressive monsters instantly attacking me. Finally reached relatively safe cave with several resources. For some reason, harvested Fire Opal motherload only to realise I could not craft this resource efficiently. I needed normal (not Fire) opal. Overall there were fields full of resources...and guarded heavily. But that's what I understand: if you wanna such lucrative resources, prepare to fight or even die for them.

And thus the day ended. I found myself thinking about new plots I could help with, be it Mason or Carpenter. One day I will gather a lot of crystals and possibly switch to Armorer only to free my vault from some tier 1 armor formulas.

Well, things are going rather good, I'm satisfied with it.

fun with crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 29 2012 at 1:23AM
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After my rather sad post - some light in Istaria.

Went to harvest marble, advanced by one level, so that now am lvl.61, on my way to lvl.62.

Later went to Sandstone quarry near Dalimond. There are little resources: mostly simple veins and a rich one. Managed to produce hundreds of Sandstone blocks and keystones - all were added to one plot. When I got tired from sandstones -went to Snowfall settlement, to harvest slate.

And there the fun began. Met one high-level player near some tier 2 resource. There was a very funny dialogue: I asked Player1 what was she doing with slate (since she is a high-levelled crafter). She told she needed to finish something with her plot and re asked "what are YOU doing with slate??". I told honestly - getting xp and helping one plot. Then some other players interfered and we got almost roleplay, ending with asking Player3 - she answered "I am a good girl and will never do anything like slate".

It was very funny and nice. After my slate was finished, I went with some 100 slate blocks and managed to finish 3 structures at the plot. Of course, there are much more structures to finish, but I will contribute with every resource I could add. It does not matter if I get experience or any coin for that.

I also re-read (in istaria wiki) news about Blight update/revamp. Not all that was very bad, some bright moments too...but their revamp of resources almost always end in worsening conditions for the players.

Overall, I got some fun yesterday. Yes, I got a bit tired from grinding marble and advancing slowly. But I will regain confidence and advance, be it craft or adventure.

Losing my faith (?)

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 28 2012 at 2:28AM
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Maintenance day took not so much time, so I was able to return to game quickly.

Went into harvesting marble and advancing, although not too effective, my Mason. It goes slowly, just because there are no motherloads of Granite (at least I saw none), while Granite is optimal for me and marble is too far from storage silos, while marble crafting is ineffective. The best ratio I receive, working in an Expert structure with advanced tools, is 3:1. Managed to advance to level 60, but I need to reach some level 80 (!) to have at least some progress. At the meantime, I had some free time and helped one plot in one town.

Then one of developers came to Marketplace chat (and heared they fixed glitch with disappeared Elm treants). I went to ask too, although having very little hope to be answered. My question was about Massive oak trees, whether their absence was the way it is supposed to be or it is a glitch/bug. The answer was: "I can check it the same way as you - by running around". Of course, it was not the answer I hoped to hear. And the last part frightened me: "We need to revamp this region this year".


They do post about revamps and each time they revamp any region situation just gets worse. Mithril had only one relatively unguarded place. Revamped, now it should be heavily guarded everywhere. Iron and steel had relatively safe place, although it meant long long runs: now they are revamping region so that the best region would be heavily guarded. Is a good crafter – dead crafter?

Some revamp goes still further (and still on Blight server): one NPC begins to sell "social hats". Some Ogres are renamed so that their named should be too hard to pronounce: Aghkuks. We already have Nahkuks, Thankuks, Bhalkuks...Why was "Sand ogre" bad - no idea, except one - revamp.

Yes, I do know opinion of veteran players: there were days when all materials were guarded and big groups were required: one part gathered, another guarded. It's ok to have such regions: now Island of Fire functions as very heavily guarded region with very lucrative resources. It's ok to have high tier resources guarded (now Travertine and alike tier 6 resources functions this way). But it's not ok to make almost any resource dangerous for beginner: please, leave at least some safe areas.

If they revamp region - I am afraid it would become just worse. So far the only resource revamp that was positive was eliminating double metal system. It's like you needed 1 iron and 2 nickel  to produce steel. Now you need 2 steel to produce steel, 2 mithril to produce mithril. Initially I was against it, but now it became clear I was wrong: this system made crafters life a lot easier.

I am afraid to tell myself that my faith in the game isn't as strong as it was earlier. I am not scared by not so huge population or bugs: population may increase, bugs will be eliminated. I am not scared by "outdated graphic", just because community and content matters more than number of pixels. What frightens me - are the updates (or, I should say, downgrades). I am frightened each time I hear phrases about revamping. I wish my voice could be heared by developers, but it will not happen. I wish hardcore players could understand there are softcore players - but it's unlike to happen.

End of rather sad post.

Free Mason (again)

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 27 2012 at 12:58AM
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Once again crafting day. Massive oaks are still not seen ("possibly  a glitch" as I was explained in the chat)...and I found that I do not know what to do.

I got a bit tired of crafting Yew. I could not  craft Oak efficiently. Fighting without trophies would be pain in the *** and our GH is still inacessible. Then, folks in the chat adviced to take Mason. And yes, it was a good idea. As a Mason, I could help with one person's plot that needs lots of stone - therefore went to gather slate.

Once again, was kindly offered to use some 4600 pieces of marble which gave me much xp. Unfortunately, my Stoneworking skill is not high enough, so I could make 1 Marble brick from 4 slabs (worst ratio being 5:1, best 2:1). Later, I harvested Marble myself, advancing a little and collecting Marbe bricks: will use these a bit later when my skills are higher.

The only positive thing was during my relax visit to New Trismus. Found one player, he told he needed a new bow. It took little time for me to make a new one for him, ask if he needed any other tool/weapon and, after negative answer, recall home.

The day was good. Maybe today developers would fix at least some bugs (including elm treants and massive oaks) and I could have a better game...

crafting weekend and some bugs

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 26 2012 at 12:41AM
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Since our Guildhouse is still inacessible (and hardly will be accessible) - there was a big crafting weekend.

Reached Gatherer lvl.100 so now I am finished with this very grindy school. On the other hand, it is usefull and provides an excellent background to other schools like Blacksmith, Fletcher, Carpenter. At the moment, I am levelling Carpenter. Doing this is easier, since I already have all the needed skills and by now am some lvl.72.

Being Carpenter gives me some advantages: 1) all the production circle (make boards from logs, make tools from boards, deconstruct tools to make logs...and start over) gives xp to this one school only; 2) i can add items to the buildings of other people and gain xp this way.

I also aided other players: killed some monsters to get their skin (needed 12, got 14), harvested iron ore for use by their alts.

Problems began, when I decided to help one player with her plot. There are 14 silos (all tier 4) that needed Oak and Maple timbers and bracers. Excellent place to gain xp and help other player! I hurried to Heather, where they had a big Oak forest and two Massive Oak trees. To my dismay, there were far less trees than used to be and no massives. I ran throughout forest, avoiding fighting with Oak treants (if they want to be killed, they have to wait; not now, please)...with no results. Asked other players and the answer was "it is possibly a bug".

A bug.

Istaria now has at least 3 official known bugs...and it looks nothing is done to correct them. And now (possible) the oaks. One could hope tomorrow maintenance could correct anything, but for me it is unlikely. They have these 3 bugs + one quest bugged and for months they do nothing about the quest (although developers were informed in the forum).

Overall, the weekend was good. Maybe tomorrow they will correct anything...

helping day

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 23 2012 at 12:22AM
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Problems with our GH continues.

Made some crafting yesterday - added  about 200 cedar construction timbers to one plot and still there are more timbers and construction braces to be done. In fact, I could do about 75% of materials to that plot, the rest requires Fitting, Weaving and Essence Structuring. Of cours,e no xp for cedar, since my crafting level is "too high to recieve experience".

Went to New Trismus to relax or just help someone. Found one fellow Cleric with some kind of funny wooden weapon/tool. Well, it was refurbished weapon. I never used that,. Asked Cleric why was he using it - he told that he just bought at Consigner. Well, use of refurbiushed items is not a good choice - made him a pair of weapons he may use. At least some good work done.

And thus the day ended.

planning, dreaming

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 22 2012 at 2:11AM
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As our Guildhouse is still closed - crafting once again.

Advanced my Gatherer to lvl.97 and made some 40-50% to level 98. It took 4 silos to fill and one crafting level now costs 2,5 silos. On the other side, mny Carpenter advanced from lvl.50 to lvl.58 - all thanks to those silos.

Then came to craft Cedar construction timber. Unfortunately, crafting structure near Bristugo was not operational: had to make several teleporter jums to store cedar and later produce timbers. Added all of them to one plot - but there is much more to do, some 200 cedar timbers to be made and added. I gain no xp for that, only feeling of being usefull to others. If I level Fitter and Weaver to some lvl.20 - I would be able to finish almost all of this plot myself.

Player D. came - his alt wanted to buy certain plot. The plot looks nice, but the alt did not have enough money. I have him money...only to realise he was not allowed to buy plot. In Istaria, if you pay 15$ a month, you are eligible for 1 plot of land. If you want second - either add another subscription or participate in "spread the word" program (for paying customers only, therefore not for me). Well, I will regain money and maybe Player D. will find a way to buy that nice-looking plot.

At the end of the day I was called as healer to help some hatchlings. Resurrected one of them (was killed before I arrived). Healed some of them...but the hunt was a bit spoiled by one big Dragon. He just was too strong and every monster attacked him, paying no attention to me. And I was supposed to help hatchlings/younger players grow: I kill, they hain xp.

Later I returned to craft cedar. Already have 100 construction timbers, need only 95 more...

The day was a good one. Today I will have almost no time for crafting and adventuring.

EDIT: I dreamed a bit. About me and my ideas about MMORPGS. About being usefull to any new online game, be it fantasy or space (just not steampunk / pokemon type!). New races, some new concepts. Maybe it was a typical dream that would never come true: companies have enough players and fans and I am just another unknown free-to-play gamer.

having fun with crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 21 2012 at 1:39AM
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Standard maintenance day - played a way less than usually. Our Guildhouse is still not accesible, once again have to focus on crafting.

This time it was helping other people with low-tier construction items. Initially - finished adding elm construction timbers to our storage silos in Bristugo. And then - went to some big crafting.

I noticed a big plot that needed lots of low-level resources. Started to write down what did they need: it became clear that at least 240 elm timbers and >100 elm bracers are required. I had to go to the forest, chop any tree and make these. It was a long run, but finally I did almost half the work. Experience received was little, about 4500 xp for 40 timbers/bracers made. I am still lvl.49 Carpenter, very close to level 50.

The other thing I have noticed with the same plot: I could help build some structures myself. My Masonry and Carpenter skill are heigh enough for some buildings to be finished. So, should I decide to return to Mason - it would be a good work and a good practice.

Today I will probably focus on levelling up my Gatherer: need to fill many silos with yew boards and then jet-level Carpenter. It was very good to help others. If only logging structures would be close to Bristugo - it would be just a paradise...

(non evil of) fair crafting

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 20 2012 at 1:39AM
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As our Guildhouse is still closed (all thanks to one player who does not show in the game ( wonder if he would be back this year) - crafting saga continues.

Once again - running to chop Massive Yew trees, fill silos with logs, prepare boards...and then switching to Carpenter. This time I made some 10.000 yew boards and immediately switched to my lvl.36 Carpenter. After recycling all the boards I was lvl.46 Carpenter, able to buy Journeyman level construction formulas.

For Carpenters in istaria can help with buildings. Masons can add some keystones and construction blocks from stone; Carpenters can add wooden construction braces and timbers. It was my chance to be of any use to the community...and of course, to gain some free xp. So I just went, initially to our plot in Bristugo, wrote down how many resources were needed...and began crafting. It was not too easy: 1 construction brace is made from 15 elm boards and 1 elm board is made from 2 elm logs. Therefore - 30 logs for 1 brace, and I needed some 22 braces and 80 timbers. But finally, after long runs, I made it - contributed to our Guild structures, gained xp for that. Next step would be contributing to other plot in Bristugo, it does need many braces and timbers. I am usefull as crafter, once again.

Of course, I was thinking about other schools too. Need to advance Miner (lvl.75), then - Mason (lvl.57), finally - finish Gatherer (lvl;.96). It is going harder with Gatherer, since I need 2 full silos to advance by one level.

I think it is fair crafting: yes, I do grind, sometimes getting no xp for what I am doing, but I am doing it to benefit the community. Yes, getting xp for that is cool, but I would do it even if I gain zero xp. It is even more fun to be a kind of  "invisible helper" - gather resources, help everyone in sight with building...and disappear so that no one would know who helped.

Crafting day was great. Today I will calculate resources needed for help and continue growing up Carpenter. Well, and if our Guildhouse owner shows up - will take up all trophies to my vault...

Cool weekend in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 19 2012 at 3:29AM
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As usual (?), our Guildhouse in Bristugo is still unavailable: I cannot grow my adventure schools and use my own hundreds of trophies.

However, it turned out to be benefitious - I went to craft. It was a standard scheme:1)  chop Massive Yew trees untill you fill every free public silo; 2) make boards from logs and gain experience; 3) switch to any wood-using school; 4) make tools from boards, deconstruct it to gain xp.

And it worked. I made boards as Gatherer and tools - as Blacksmith. Result: levelled Gatherer to some lvl. 96; levelled Blacksmith from lvl.95 to lvl.100. Then switched to Carpenter and used all 4000 yew logs I had. Result: within few minutes reached Carpenter level 36.

Double-crafting tactic worked. Now, not only I would level up my Carpenter - I would be able to help other people with buildings. There are 5 builder school in Istaria: Carpenter (levelling now), Enchanter, Fitter, Mason (levelling), Weaver. Not only would I be able to help others - I would also gain xp for this which is great too.

Had one strange experience too. When i got bored - went to New Trismus to observe what's going on and possibly - help others. Noticed two Dragons, fighting monsters and decided to help them as I saw their health declining. I followed one Dragon and when I saw him dead - killed enemies around him, resurrected him...and then he went to some lvl.13 monster. He was killed again (being some lvl.5 or 6), I resurrected him again. And he asked why was I doing this. I told i wanted to help and if he feels he does not need it -he may just tell it. He told my help was not needed. Well, a lesson for me: first ask, then interfere.

Helped Player D's alt to level up, but it was too short of fight: his main character - powerfull Dragon- was called into battle.

Overall weekend was great. Crafting is going almost excellent, I would be level 100 Gatherer very soon and then it's just a matter of time when I am level 100 Carpenter.  The future is bright with Istaria.

Shamaning, powerlevelling (crafting?)

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 16 2012 at 3:23AM
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Our GH is still inacessible, therefore I can do little about advancement. And I can't use my trophies too.

Went to have some fun in New Brommel deadlands. Fought lvl.99 monsters there, was quickly surrounded, but still was victorious. Experience was not so hight (some 11.000 per kill). Later went to continue owning Sand Scarabs.

They offered xp and some trophies, as they always do. Big beetle - some 9000 xp, small - some 3000 plus they spawn fast. The only bad situation was when I was surrounded by 2 big and 1 little beetles - had to retreat from the fight. However, I managed to be victorious when fighting 2 big beetles. Result: level 60 in Shaman school reached and some 50-60 silver coins earned.

In the chat we talked about power-levelling (I was power-levelled...) and that it is not too fun. However, growing on trophies is not considered to be power-levelling. In fact, it is the best way to advance, especially on higher levels. I remember Player S. and how I helped her to kill enemies. It was power-levelling, but she quickly learned how to fight and asks for my help on a rare occasions.

Player's D. alt asked for some advice which I was glad to offer.

One player asked what I would do when I finish every school avalaible. The answer is natural: then I would be "Mister-Know-It-All" and I would just help newbies with anything, be it bronze armor or tier 5 healing spell. Now I can help new players with armor or tools only.

Then I understood there was nothing more I wanted to do. Maybe it is a sign I should return to crafting and quickly advance my Gatherer (lvl.95) or Blacksmith (lvl.91).

Helping, fighting, growing

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 15 2012 at 1:40AM
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Maintenance troubles continues: our Guildhouse is still inaccesible and all my trophies, hundreds of them, are unabailable for me. A pity - although folks explained me all the stuff was safe.

Went to fight Sand Scarabs: I gain some 3000 xp for lvl.71 Scarab and some 8300-9200 for lvl.75-79 Scarab Harvester. Bearing in mind that I need some 300.000 xp for one level - I have to kill every scarab available.

Soon, Player S. came and asked for some help. First, she needed some healing person to help fight one monster Dragon. We went to Northern Deadlands: lvl.100 Player S., lvl.100 another Dragon, me (lvl.57 Shaman) and the hatchling, who was doing this quest. Player S. attacked monster, I healed hatchling. Due to powerfull attacks, hatchling died several (3? 4?) times, only to be resurrected by me. The fight was not short, but we were victorious.

Then was approached by Player's D. alt - he needed to advance by two levels, from lvl.18 to lvl.20 and asked my help. We went to New Brommel deadlands - he took safe position, I enjoyed killing lvl.70s spiders and zombies. Result: I reached lvl.58 in Shaman school, he soon reached lvl.20 in Mage school. It was a great fun to kill these monsters, easier than I expected.

...and Player S. again. This time her alt, a hatchling, who was killed by spiders. She went to early to them: being lvl.11, she attacked lvl.14 spiders. And spiders were social... Result: dead Dragon. Then she asked something, I was not happy to hear: to help her in killing spiders. Player S. is doing the same mistake as Player A: heavy relying on trophies and missing the fun. Helped her for some time, although she is very impatient and sometimes she pays heavily for that. Player D. alt (the same from N.Brommel) helped us too. Overall, it was a fun for me: enemy could not hit me and I enjoyed casting "slow death" curses on them so that Player S. would fight easier.

Then I returned to my Sand Scarabs. I knew I had little time before going to sleep, but I made to to lvl.59.,

Result of the day: formally 2 levels earned, some 37 sand scarabs trophy harvested and some 70 silver coins earned only by selling scarabs drops. A good day, I have to admit.

Maintenance day

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 14 2012 at 6:19AM
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A maintenance day - with its pros and cons.

Istaria went online very soon. I went to hunt my favourite Sand Scarabs, only to find they were not dropping any trophies. Abandoned it and decided to go and hunt some monsters for trophies. These were Lava oastics and Flame golems that reside near Dragon city of Dralk. Drop was good, but I found it strange that lvl.69 enemies still managed to hit me and hit seriously.

Game crashed at least two times - maybe due to maintenance. Also, there was a problem with Guild structures, I was not able to access it. Once again, due to maintenance.

Founding it impossible to hunt due to lags -went to New Trismus, where all new players start they journey. This time town was full of hatchling Dragons and some bipeds. At the top on one building, Player D., our ancient Dragon was sitting and observing.

I managed to help one lvl.2 Cleric. She needed some weapons and I made her ones. I also explained her some things about how Istaria works. I also met one player, almost lvl.2 Cleric trying to fight lvl.4 Gruok. Helped him with heals so that he may grow a bit.

Tried to purchase Expert Warhammer formula...but was unable. Our Guild members makes any purchase impossible: they just give stuff away for those who need it.

And so the day ended. I was satisfied since was able to help others. Maybe today I will grow up a bit.

growing, calculating

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 13 2012 at 1:57AM
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Once again - some hunts. As usual, I went to my own Sand scarabs to get some xp and for some trophies. Xp from them was not very high, only some 8000 for lvl.75 and some 3000 for lvl.71-73. I spoke with the folks at the forum, they adviced to hunt Fire opal golems (lvl.90s) for more xp. Went to these...and gained only 9000 xp. It's only a bit more than for lower level Scarab. It may be some (beneficial) bug.

Player S. wanted me to help her "to get some 50 crystals for my hatchie" which I refused. I was able to get these crystals for her (another) hatchling within 1 or 2 days. Being lvl.100 Dragon, she should be able to do this alone.

Later I resumed killing Scarabs and reached lvl.56. Then, exchanged trophies and reached lvl.57. After that went to kill Cobalt golems for trophies. Was approached by one player who offered one epic weapon. However, I already had this -our leader once gave it to me when I was just a low-level character. However, this approach may be typical for Istaria.

Wanted to help someone - but no one needed my help, be it crafting or fighting. A pity.

Not so bright sides: game tend to crash, especially when recalling/teleporting. It's not for me only, other players complained too. Another not so bright side - game forums. I left them after planned downgrades and had to log recently. Well, nothing changed - just player ranting goes on.

I do await level 61 - since then, I could use some trophies and advance, at least to lvl.80, quickly.

Great weekend and some math

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 12 2012 at 1:47AM
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At the begining there was a...fight. Yes, after all, one has to advance in combat school and so does my Shaman. I ended up in lvl.55, on the halfway to lvl.56. During the weekend, was fighting my own Sand Scarabs (now have >100 their trophies), some Obsidian golems.

Went to help Players S. and her formal game husband (Player D.) 'alts' to fight Magots. Player S. alt was helped very simply: I just gathered lots of crystals, she used them all, fought a little and within one hour she grew up from lvl.4 to lvl.11. The fight was easy and fun: I just casted curses, monsters died from curses, sometimes I used whirlwind to kill a group of monsters. In some cases I healed. Player S. then went to the seashore, met named Pygmy and was killed. Oh my, went to resurrect.

Later Player S. returned as Player S. and we hunted dangerous Wind Golems (lvl.99). It was a difficult fight, since I could do little harm to them with weapons. The only salvation were cursing spells: they worked and maybe made combat easier. Thanks to this fight I gained half of the lvl.

But the main thing was - crafting. One of my friend - Dragons was constructing new lair and needed resources. I asked if I could help...and received an answer that yes, bronze bars and sandstone bricks, as well as dim essence orbs were needed.

4760 sandstone bricks (that's some 9520 sandstone resource to gather). 9520 bronze bars. 840 dim essence orbs. That's was for one lair, to construct some 7 basic storage silos. For me it meant relax - just peacefull harvesting...and running forwards and backwards. At Sunday it was finished and all I had to do was some 840 dim essence orbs. Then, it became clear I could gather some crystals: well, went to harvest, got some 2000. The same evening was approached by Player D. - he asked for 2160 crystals. Well, I went back to gather.

The result: I helped 7 storage silos to be constructed. I also helped some other structure to be constructed. Even went to kill Sand ogres and got some spell one player was needing.

The weekend was great. I had much fun, I grew up, I was usefull for others.

"Do you know Youtube?"

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 9 2012 at 12:38AM
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My fast growing up continues: yesterday hunted. Initially - for Gold golems, gathering their trophies for upcoming lvl.51-56. Later Went to Sand scarabs - these offers quick growth as they spawn very quickly. And when I was level 51 - I just exchanged some 110 trophies into 2 levels of experience. Currently I am lvl.53 Shaman.

Player S. came and asked for some help. She was doing her quests and needed to kill some monsters. As Dragon quests require to kill 20 enemies -we went on killing. Initially - Island of ice, Giant ice beetles. In fact, Player S. killed, I just supported. Then -Kirasanct town, Jade golems. Finally -Yew treants and Forest oastics. After that I was asked to make some orbs and get one golem's component which I easily did.

Also helped other player to hunt for Greater Ice Blights. As one person told -I came, I saw, I conquered. Tgis player was lvl.33 Dragon and had some difficulties with the Blights. I and Player S. took care of everything, lvl.33 Dragon had just to loot.

In the middle of it went a rather unpleasant moment. Yesterday I left some 800 sandstone bricks and someone stole them. I hoped that our Dragons did take it (as it was for them) - alas, I was wrong. Was dissatisfied: theft was a very rare on Order. It would mean only one: keep it in Guild-only structures.

Player S. asked if I knew Youtube. And then - she uploaded video where she plays some game (unknown to me) and Istaria. Her Istaria dad, former husband. Yes, Player S. is little by age, but she plays like a normal adult. She recently has become an Ancient Dragon - the highest position Dragons can reach and now she just helps others.

The day was a good one. I am looking forward to my further growth and helping others.

Great day in Istaria

Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 8 2012 at 12:52AM
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At the begining there was a medium fight, just to gain one level. Killing all Sand Scarabs in sight, gathering trophies. Then - magic level 45 The one I gathered about 350 trophies to exchange into experience - mostly Granite golems (300), to lesser extent - some wolves and other golems.

And then it was jet-levelling. I managed to reach lvl.49 with trophies only. Then, just came to my own Scarabs, killed some of them and reached level 50. All this - in one lucky day.

I grew stronger. Learned new abilities, including famous one that attempts to dispell any positive buffs on enemy. Also, we discussed Shaman tactic on Universal Soldiers chat.  I told that in my own view - Shaman depends on weakening and debuffing enemy, making it bleed before actual combat; when it comes to melee combat, Shaman just finishes enemy off. This view was confirmed by most experienced player in Istaria.

And then I decided just to take a break from killing. Lucky for me, one Dragon wants to expand his lair, building new structures and he will need lots of resources. For example, some components for 7 storage silos would require 2400 sandstone bricks.

It was a chance for me to start relaxing. I made some 1000 sandstone bricks and have just to store them in some silo so that Dragon may take them. This is my chance to be usefull to others.

I did enjoy yesterday in  Istaria. Great day, good achievements - and I hope today would be great too.

less is more:teamwork learned

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday March 7 2012 at 12:31AM
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Was volunteering after work, so had only some 2 hours to play Istaria.

The day began not so good: lvl.95 monster gave only some 9000 xp and I needed about 150.000 xp for next level. I think it is something going very wrong with the game: in theory the enemy was over my own combat rating (this one was 83), so I should gave get a maximum xp, i.e. 10% of my level, which makes some 1500 or 1400. And instead, I got only 9000. Or maybe they downgraded the game. Or it is me that does not understand game mechanic.

I went to kill Sand Scarab harvesters, when one powerfull Dragon's alt asked how should he advance his own character: level 13 Mage, combat rating 31 (clearly multiclassing). I invited him to come to me and fight together.

And there the fight began. There are many Sand Scarabs, they spawn quickly and they have about 3 Scarab Harvesters that gives the most xp. Our strategy was very simple: I fight, Mage heals or supports with fire. Fire support was tricky, since monsters seem to evade even my spells. Healing support was a kind of efficient and let me to defeat enemies quickier than I expected. Initially I was thinking to kill Harvesters only, then switched to every Scarab.

Of course, there were some dangerous moments: me fighting Scarab and Harvester at one time; Mage being attacked by Harvester and making his way to the safety. But we never lost nay fight, the only sad moments were seing Harvester fleeing from us - or waiting few minutes for enemies to spawn.

Result: almost 2 levels for me and 2 levels for Mage. He came as level 14 and it seems like he ended as lvl.16. Very soon I will reach magic level 46 - and then turn in some 350 trophies I have. It won't be enough for 5 levels (some 500 are needed), but still - at least 2...

Lesson learned: although I gained less xp from Scarab (some 3 or 4 thousand), it took me less time than hunting higher lvl enemies. Teamwork, once again, proves to be more efficient than "lone wolf" strategy.

The day was good and I am looking forward for today's hunt.

3000 and 10.000

Posted by Lithuanian Tuesday March 6 2012 at 1:11AM
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A day when I was lost again. I still did not find 'my' monster to level on. Either low experience or very hard to kill. Went to Sand Scarabs, but these offered only 3000 xp per kill and only some Sand Scarab Harvesters donated me some 10.000...but there were very little Scarabs. The only good thing was that I managed to collect some Sand scarabs trophies - it would help to level me up.

Went to Dralk, killed one Lava oastic...only to notice it was lvl.67 and same 3000 xp.

I felt lost. Fortunately for me, helped Player S. with crafting: filled two silos with Slate slabs, but then Player S. just disappeared and I do not know what happened to this slate. Hope no one took it away.

The I was approached by Player C. Sad news: she is unable to pay for the game and therefore won't be there for at least 3 months. It's bad, she was such a good and friendly Dragon. I remember hunting with her and helping her. There are some players that seem to disappear for some time (and some, like me, that hang on every day).

At the end of the day I stood understanding I have done nothing. No one to help to, no monster to kill. Even people in the chat could not advice anything, just because I am too strong for lvl.60s-70s and too weak for lvl.80s.

Finally, went to kill lvl.95 flies. These offered medium resistance, although almost immune to my tier 2 spells. Experience was good (some 10.000 per kill), so that I need only ~15 for one combat level. Dark side is that after each fight I have to spent at least 2 minutes in order for all my spells and special abilities to be active again.

Such was the day in Istaria. Today I won't be able to play much - going to volunteer in real life.

hunting the world

Posted by Lithuanian Monday March 5 2012 at 2:03AM
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Weekend in Istaria: as always, interesting and fun.

Was levelling up. Fought some enemies for experience. And then, I was kindly invited for some hunt with Player S. Yes, the same Dragon I helped to hunt. She was helping one hatchling to level up, hatchling was killed by Golem and I was needed to resurrect. Of course, I deleted resurrection tier 1 spell, so had to buy again, scribe...and go to help.

Resurrection was fast and I asked Player S. if I was needed. She invited me to hunt for some xp. And there it began. Two powerfull Dragons, one hatchling and me - everyone hunting Platinium (lvl.74), Mithril (some level 94) and Mithril Boulder (lvl.99) golems, as well as my enemy - Mhedon, named Mithril golem, lvl.103. It was a good teamwork: hatchling just kept away from trouble, since all he needed was xp. Dragons did almost all job, I tried to help with support fire, some heals and sometimes - invite monsters for fight. It was a good fight - we searched for enemies and killed them, all of them. Hatchling was killed 1 or 2 times only to be resurrected and healed by me. Yes, I had some problems with healing as I can use only 2 low-level spells and 1 high level.

We killed Mhedon several times. Well, Mhedon's hits were hard, my low-level Shaman had to run, but I still did everything I could: casting all available curses, life thefts, attacking with every attack I had, provided Dragons did not kill enemy before.

Then, our hatchling had to leave and I left the group. At some moment, went to hunt other enemies - level 91 Fire opal golems with other player, but eventually was killed when three of them attacked us.

Result: 1 death point and reached level 41. Then I just took all trophies I had and gained almost 50% advancement to level 42.

And then...then our famous Player A. was back to chat (someone should have unbanned him). Once again begging for help with crafting and receiving negative answers. So far no new player managed to turn everyone against himself...Player A did. Later he told since no one is going to help him, he leaves. I tried to explain - but he already left.

And there I could only compare Player A. and Player S. Both are of young age in real life, just with different attitude. Both asked me to help with hunting, both at some point lacked patience. Just Player S. grew up and the more she grew, the less she asked for help. Of course, she still asks, but mainly about NPC location and crafting (she is lower in crafting than I am). Player S. grew to level 100 very quickly. And Player A. - he keeps asking for help on almost everything as he grows. Help me get as much trophies as you could. Help me find NPC (when all he needed to do was to look at the map). Help me with crafting. He just keeps asking for help almost all the time. Player S. helps others now, smashing almost every monster lower than lvl.100 in her way. Player A. does not help others and is afraid to explore the world himself.  All I wish (what I told in chat) is to tell Player A: it's ok to ask for help, be it new weapons/armor or some resource location, it's ok to ask advice on various things, be it resource location or multiclassing. Almost everyone would help him in serious questions (as was I helped when I needed to defeat several, typically named, monsters). What is not ok - it's asking for help in every situation. We have Istaria's wiki - in basic things it is reliable source of information. All Player A. needs to do is to read our wiki.

At the end of the weekend I helped one of our players to find some rare tier 1 resource. Had to find Greymane Alpha wolves and loot their tales. Found two, later - four. I am usefull for the Guild and that makes me feel good. I also hunted -for my own pleasure- some lower level monsters to get their trophies. Have some 300 of them while I may need 500: it means some extermination.

The only question I ask myself is to find suitable monsters. I may hunt level 60-72, but the give only some 3000 xp. I may try to hunt level 80 Marble golems, but these does hurt even my Cleric. So, I need something between 70 and 80, just to grind 4 more levels...and then all the trophies would advance me very quickly.

The weekend was good. I am glad to help others, to grow up, to understand others and to be understood by others.

jet-levelling once again

Posted by Lithuanian Friday March 2 2012 at 12:46AM
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Yesterday managed to level up. And it was quite interesting.

First, I went to kill lvl.49-59 golems. There is a place near Tazoon where Golems always are holding parties. All I needed was to come and kill every golem I noticed, loot everything I can and just wat my experience bar growing up. After some time I managed to reach level 26.

Well, it meant new set of trophies can be exchanged to xp. I took every trophy I had and went to Dalimond, a nice-looking Human city to pay a visit to local trophy hunter. And then it went jet-like.

Level 27 - without any problems, some 5000 xp for each 5 trophies. Level 28 - same. Level 29 - stopped. And all of this was done by just standing and exchanging. Since trophies were used, I went for a hunt.

Decided to pay a revenge visit to Topaz golems (level 67). A fight was interesting one: if I managed to hit them with all stealing spells, fight was rather easy. If not - I had to use tier 1 healings spells quite often. However, this was compensated by rather good xp (some 3000-3500 per kill), as well as trophies and sellable items. The only time I had to run was when I faced named lvl.74 Topaz golem and he hit me by some 300 hp. At higher levels it would be little problems, but now I can heal maximum 150 hp per all three spells.

Active hunting was over. I decided to relax a bit and went to kill level 31-37 monsters. They won't give any xp, but they did not offer any real danger as well. It was only two or three times when I faced a horde of them and was hit by some 20-100 hp per group. Managed to collect some trophies for future levels and even gain some 400 xp for killing lvl.41 named monster (once again, named one).

I also gained new abilities (since in Istaria, new ability is gained almost every 'pair' - i.e. dividable by 2 - level). Decay II, for instance, or one of my favourite - Steal Dexterity. Now, I can try to steal enemy's strenght (he loses 36, i gain +36) and dexterity (same numbers). Folks in chat alos explained I should use immbolizing spells: monster is passive for some 30 seconds and I can hit him all the time (or heal myself). It's pretty good, all I need is to get these spells one day.

At the end of the day, I managed to store trophies I found and even exchange 10 trophies into 10,000 xp points.  However, I am in position, where there are too little trophies for levels 31-40, which means I would be forced to fight all my way.

But that's not bad, it's Istaria, where I feel happy and understaning strategy for every class I use.


Posted by Lithuanian Thursday March 1 2012 at 12:51AM
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It was supposed to be a rather easy day. 1,5 levels - should not be too hard or too grindy.

Well, it wasn't.

It is first time I ran into problems with multiclassing. I was level 24 Shaman and neede to advance. Tried various enemies and failed to found ones. Of all enemies I choose Golems: although they do use Bleed (and I can't dispell anything), they are not too social and don't use any harmfull special atacks. Went to kill some Topaz golems, but these were difficult: I hardly survived duel, and golem's combat level (some 67) was lower than mine (lvl.78).  Went for Cobalt golems (lvl. 60)  - these were not easy too.

Of course, I could try lower level ones, but these give too little xp and one combat level now costs some 47500 xp points. It ended with me going into combat with multiply enemies (Istaria gives bonus xp points for that) and that unlucky lvl.25 was now reached. I tried to level on crystals (kill monster, use crystal, repeat step 1-2), but it was going too slow.

However, the future is not too bright. I just collected too little trophies for levels 26-35. Yes, it is possible to earn some xp by killing some monsters, but it is only level 46-50 that I would be able to rely completely on trophies (maybe due to fact I have >300 of them).

My combat was also a bit hard due to the fact that use tier 1 spells and my enemies are at least tier 2, if not tier 3. Therefore they easily avoid most of my curses (but not my hits with melee weapon).

Bright side: I gained new abilities and some of them are really cool. I can cast Decay - enemy would suffer some hits even if I do not fight enemy; I can cast Corrosive rain that devours my enemy; and finally, I can Steal Strenght - if it succeeds, enemy losses 36 strenght and I gain it. It should be the strategy of any Shaman: make your enemy weakened and bleeding before he enters combat and then just finish him off. With higher level spells that should not be difficult.

I was called to help resurrect one Dragon...but untill I figured out how to get there, he was already resurrected.

I was also helped in Universal Soldiers chat. People told me what to do, told about spells I could use...but I could not benefit from Warrior's abilities so far. Crystals are not effective (well, they are of some use at level 1-10).They told me to use Nature spells, but I could find no serious offensive ones. At level 31 - I would be able to use heavy shield (so far I use none) and at later levels I would be able to use my heavy armor again.

I do hope today I will find some...cooperative monsters and finally make some combat levels.