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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

a time to park, a time to craft

Posted by Lithuanian Sunday February 8 2015 at 3:08AM
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Day began with crafting – some 200 slate blocks, then running to add them to one player’s plot. There should be nice flooring and I was willing to aid…but was not able to find an “adding spot”.

In Istaria, building has 4 hotspots, but only one allows you to add things. Good, when building has corners and is not too large. A curse, when building has no visible corners or is large. I looked, I even stepped inside future flooring…and no results. Plot owner tried to locate – and after long searches found the evil hotspot. Then, he quickly added slate.

I continued harvesting to finish one more silo. It required some 300 marble stuff and frew obsidian keystones. Later, I was allowed to use some 6000 obsidian bricks: went to craft missing materials for nearby silos. After all, silos are mostly needed.

Went to Falathien to test local cobalt fields: very, very lame. Too long distance, no chance to understand where to run once you are back in Falathien. Why? Because you have only empty spaces around you, wherever you turn, you see empty lands.

Crafting and aiding made me feel good. Of course, plot owner works very hard, running from field to field, gathering tons of materials. Other Guild members are helping him with this great job. And I will grind my way.

Lord of the rings online

Yeap, we have now “roving threats” – lvl.100 monsters roaming around. Of course, it is logic that lvl.100 monsters are in appropriate lands. They are, indeed – in mostly lvl.40-45 territories. Turbine’s logic is just great and I wonder: what, if I order some purchase from them for 100 $ and pay 40 $ – would they sell me? Or would they explain that forty does not equal one hundred? No doubt, this year we will see lvl.100 near Bree. Ruling 100 players won’t object, opinion of all others does not count (never did).

I am very glad I am not paying customer of Lotro. Would curse myself 100 times for paying a cent. And it can mean only one thing: time to move all toons to a safe grounds (vaults of big towns) so that they are safe.

Kinship was active, doing Deepening wall and later invited me to some Ost… Ost Elendil, if I am not wrong. I declined thinking it was evil Gondor. Well, it wasn’t, but it was still lvl.100 instance where my poor “champion” would be one or -two shot. Declined.

And so the day has ended: kind of good in Istaria and a bit sad in Lotro (but hey, game will experience more decline this year: this is just the begining).