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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

multiclassing:investment and pay-off

Posted by Lithuanian Wednesday February 29 2012 at 1:15AM
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Your friendship with Chancellor Palpatine seems to have paid off.

Obi wan Kenobi

An interesting day - or the remnant of one, just because I could play for some 3 hours only.

Spiritist was finally over. I found one good (although giving not too much xp) place: a mix of various golems, from lvl. 46 to lvl. 60 so that that there were always some enemies to kill. Tried almost all attack options, especially life leaching. Once again got disappointed: in most cases my tier 1 spells tend to miss and even if they do hit, they return me up to some 60 health + hits enemy by some 12-13 ethereal damage. Not so serious. And finally - magic level 20 in Spiritist school. My journey within Spiritist school was over and I was happy of that.

The time has come to start long-awaited Shaman school. I went to Sslanis (very interesting town), found my trainer and voila - I am lvl.20 Spiritist. This school is considered to be Prestige one - so when you join, you are level 20.

And then, "payday" began. For some time, I have been gathering trophies. Sometimes tens, sometimes hundreds of them. Grouping by every 5 levels (like "lvl.21-25 trophies"). Getting almost all I could find and have a patience to find. I felt it was a kind of investment: if I have nothing interesting to do, except craft, I may hunt these monsters for trophies.

Now, I took away my first load of trophies and exchanged them all. Result being good: 3,5 levels at once + some coin too. So - my time spent on trophy hunting has paid off. Of course, now I would have to hunt for some time to reach lvl.24, lvl.25 and possibly - lvl.26. Then - turning some trophies into new xp and a little hunting again. I should be levelling fast.

The only problem is to find monsters that give good xp and are non-problematic to kill. My mix of golems is not a good option, since they offer (sometimes) 600-800 xo, while I will need ten of thousands xp points. But I will find my own enemy. Yesterday tried to kill Topaz golem (lvl.67), but it turned to be disastrous: having no real offense and no good defense, I barely survived.

Then we had some discussion in the Universal Soldiers chat concerning Spiritist. I am very sceptic about it, while others are not so. We also had a talk with one person about quest and I am happy I told him about New Brommel deadlands: they offer big xp, but at the cost of very social monsters.

The day was a really good one. I look forward to testing my Shaman in serious combat:make enemy bleed before it reaches you and then finish him off. All I need is just some more combat levels.... - and then, trophies would be just addition.