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Nakties Karys of Istaria

Biped warrior adventures in vast world of Istaria.

Author: Lithuanian

Wiki, patience, Dragons

Posted by Lithuanian Monday February 6 2012 at 1:47AM
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A long weekend in Istaria.

First of all - crafting. I am almost lvl. 69 Gatherer and lvl.82 Fletcher. Of course, this means instant chopping, teleporting, filling silos and when all silos are filled - making boards from logs. But it is worth of grinding. Gatherer school will greatly pay off later, when I will switch to other organic schools, it is only now that I grind in the name of grinding. I can see how more experienced players play: they have high levels in craft, they just gather some 50.000 resources and then make stuff from them, advancing by tens of levels per day.

Tried to chop some Yew trees, but these proved to be less efficient than standard maple. Conclusion: will stay with maple.Alas, now it takes me 3 full silos to get one level and I have 32 levels to advance. So -I must have some patience. It will pay off.

Player S. asked for some help and I was happy to do so. One time we fought Lava golems, another time -a long fight with some Dire wolves. I am still hit by them and could not survive alone against a horde of wolves. She had some really tough times...but we survived. Only one time I had to run, feeling ashamed. Later Player S. told me to run and I refused. I told a phrase I did not expect myself to - that it would be a shame for Cleric to leave group. In fact, as a Cleric I see it as my duty to heal others even at the expense of my own health and life. After all, it is Player S. that must gain experience, and I at level 100 cannot gain it.

Later we went to most deadly territory - Spirituos swamp. Had to make some trophy hunting (for some reason Player S. is a huge fan of it). Hunting was hard. The enemy we were hunting was not problematc; level 82 Shrunken purple spiders. However, they were protected by lvl. 84 and lvl.92 Spiders. To make things worse, there was one named monster and few Bloodskulks around.

We hunted. Killed several bloodskulks by the way, including Bloodskulk Bloodmage and Soothsayer. The last two are real evils. Soothsayer can dispell any positive enchantments and castg powerfull curses. Bloodmage is like all bloodmages - powerfull to fear in one-to-one combat. And they do stun.

The problem arose and it was this named monster. 8000 health is some kind of problem. Killing me or my Dragon with 3 hits is a big problem. Finally, we had to call another Ancient Dragon to kill that named evil and continue our peacefull carnage.

Player S.was killed one time and finally, named monster killed me. The hunt was over. I could return to my maple trees.

Later, was approached by one lvl.55 Dragon to be his healer. We went to New Brommel deadlands and killed tons of monsters. Once again my healing was superb. Player S. noticed it and now I saw it in action. Unfortunately, one time I 'invited' too many monsters and Dragon died. Not a problem - resurrected him and we continued a fight untill it was a time for me to go to sleep.

And finally - our Player A. Once again asking things he could easily found on our wiki. People are starting to answer him: read wiki (in cases where the answer is clearly written). Maybe it is bad to ignore him, but he would beg for helping anywhere (thanks to God, no more direct commanding) or state "I would reach lvl.100", although he can't advance withour help from lvl.17 to lvl.18. If only he could read wiki before asking - things could be better. I too ask question in chat, but they are not covered in wiki. It is natural. What is not natural - is asking for help every second.

I am planning some hunting - need to gather some components for myself and help one Dragon. It won't be soon, but it will surely be done. I also took advantage of the Guild structure taking one crystal for my tools. Added some of  my crystals to compensate.

Weekend was good, full of impressions. I was usefull to others once again and my time in the game was not pure grinding. Good.