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Author: Limitations

Blog #64 Returning To Middle-Earth

Posted by Limitations Wednesday November 20 2013 at 7:38PM
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Holy moly. What a week it's been for me. Since my sleep pattern has been messed up for the billionth time, i've been doing a lot of late night gaming, which means... Switching back and forth between games. Been playing Skyrim while deciding what MMO I should play. I hate having a lot of options, and the new MMORPGs coming out, aren't here right now, so I can't play them. /sadface I don't like change...

I heard the new Expansion launched for LOTRO, and as you know, I have played that game for years in the past, and quit because of other games. (I blame my friends). The problem here is, I am going to be re-rolling a new character, and possibly a new server, and my account is not going to be a sub. I have unlocked all the quest packs, and the only expansion I do not have is Rohan, and Helm's Deep. What does that mean? I PLAN on playing the game until I get to the content that I need to purchase. I'm not one to do every deed, or everything that will get me Turbine Points, I will spend money on the expansion if it merits it. If I feel like it will do me some good gameplay wise. Helm's deep has already gotten some really good reviews, and I am stoked because of that. Like I said, if it merits it, I will purchase it. Alas, I have every quest pack, and there we go, I'm on my way to the expansions. If I can get there. There has been a LOT of changes since I last played... Back when Moria launched? So yeah, that's been a long time. Am I super excited? I am in a way, because of how much time I put into the game last time I played, and how much I enjoyed the adventure. The game is vast and deep as the story Tolkien wrote. I love the story of LOTR, I have all the books, and I've watched the movies like a billion times over. I will delve into the story line just like I did last time. I don't remember much of what I played to be honest. I remember some classes, and quests, but nothing that amounted to anything that I can remember. I can remember the adventure, and the exploring, which was really important to me.

I'm also glad the game is on Steam. Basically all of my friends use steam and are always on there. Chit chatting while playing is always a plus for me. I'm installing the game again, and I assume it will be a long process, so that's why I'm writing while I can, because i'm waiting. As for the Secret World, I will probably not post my review on the game, because of the little time I put in it. I didn't appeal to me like I thought it would. So, sorry about that. I don't really make promises about what I can write on here anymore, because of how my gaming habits have changed, and what I want in an MMO. I can say with 99% that I will be posting one or two more posts on LOTRO, and we will go from there. LOTRO is really easy to write about, because it's so deep. You are always doing something, while doing something else. I remember spending an hour not even questing, just going around and seeing the beautiful game. I hope the community is still the same, and very helpful. I am going to be a little hopeful that the game has changed for the greater. We will defiantly see what is going to happen, and i'm excited, and hopefully I won't be disappointed. 

The return to Middle-Earth will start soon. With my recent sleep schedule, I will probably be playing into the late night. I am going to give at least two days, until my next post. Unless I have some solid SOLID stuff to write about earlier. I'll give some time to attach myself a little bit, and get a feel again of the game. We will defiantly see what happens. Stay tuned for part II. Like I said though, I am re-rolling probably everything, so it's defiantly scary. Cheers